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◈ Quarterly Post: July 1, 2021
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Top Ten Privacy Podcasts – July 2021

RankPrivacy PodcastPS
1Caveat Bittner Yelin privacy4.88345 min30-Jun-21Can individual liberties keep up with technology?
1U.S. National Privacy Legislation Podcast Buckley Westby for Data and Cyber Gov privacypolicydata governance53740 min30-Jun-21A Forensic Investigator’s View of Privacy (with Sheri Davidoff)
3Serious Privacy Breitbarth Royal privacyprivacy pros4.86445 min30-Jun-21Impatiently Awaiting the Colorado Privacy Act
3Privacy Advisor Bracy privacypolicyprivacy pros4.610045 min25-Jun-21Rethinking notice and consent - A chat with Jen King
3Privacy Please Ivey Gumbs privacycybersecuritycompliance56945 min30-Jun-21S2, E73 - Kelly Finnerty, Director of Brand and Content at Startpage
3Data Diva Talks Privacy Reynolds Reynolds Consulting privacycomplianceprivacy pros53440 min29-Jun-21The Data Diva E34 - David Kruger and Debbie Reynolds
7Decrypted Unscripte‪d‬ Shelton Leipzig Biderman Coie LLP https://www.perkinscoie.com privacypolicycompliance52240 min16-Jun-21Privacy, Genomics, Covid-19 and Vaccines – Episode 25
8She Said Privacy/He Said Security Daniels Daniels Clover Advisors privacycybersecuritycompliance53025 min1-Jul-21Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Online Safety
9FIT4PRIVACY Bhatia privacyGDPRprivacy pros56245 min23-Jun-21035 DPO And Its Challenges in the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast with Klaas Ghesquiere (Full Episode)
9Cyberlaw Podcast Baker & Johnson privacydata & tech4.631960 min28-Jun-21Episode 368: The Trustbusters Come for Big Tech
9Data Protection Breakfast Clu‪b‬ Dale Pavón privacydata protectionprivacy pros52545 min30-Jun-21Chris Hart - Co-Chair Privacy & Data Security Practice at Foley Hoag
9That Tech Pod Milstein Schulte privacycybersecurityeDiscovery515unknown29-Jun-21A Deep Dive into CRM Tech with Success Catalyst Gill Walker

Privacy Podcast Ranking System

PSRank does NOT indicate the quality of a podcast’s content.

Rank is a subjective judgment. It is based primarily on a five-point score indicating my determination the podcast’s purity of focus on data privacy. Up to 3 additional points are awarded based on the longevity of the program. Apple Star score can add up to .75 points if enough reviewers have scored the podcast. Episode recency can add a small bump to the score or detract points if the show goes into hiatus or off the air.

Finally, I adjust scores based on my personal preference: Are they interesting? Are they covering topics I care about? Are their guests adding value? Are they innovating and bringing value to their audience in other ways? Your milage may vary.

Data Privacy Focus 1-5 pts
Episode Count Up to 3 pts
Episode Recency .2 to -3 pts
Apple Stars/Revs Up to 0.75 pts
PrivacyStan Bonus Discretionary

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Top Ten Privacy Podcasts - 2nd Quarter 2021