Privacy Consulting

◈ Are you in compliance w/ Data Privacy regs?
◈ Have you minimized Breach Risks in your business?
◈ Need fresh eyes on your business processes?
◈ Suspect someone is stealing your data or leads?

Data Privacy Expert, CIPP/US

PrivacyPlan Can Help

Risk Audit

Let us assess your level of risk with a quick or comprehensive review of your business.

We’ll look at everything, not just privacy: data breach risk, business disruption risk, legal risk, brand risk.

Privacy Impact Assessement

PIAs are industry standard, for large organizations but may be new to you.

A PIA can be performed on an entire business but is generally done when launching a new initiative, venture, or relationship.

Catch Employee Data Theft

Employees are involved in 1/3 of data breaches. While most of that involvement is unwitting, some of it is intentional.

Protecting your data from people you have given system credentials is particularly problematic. Tracer Records are a great solution.

Employee Training Courses

We can improve your workforce by training training them to better care for data using your industry guidelines. Special courses for HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, FCRA, TCPA/TSR.

We also offer employee and executive training on password hygiene and anti-phishing education..