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Privacy Podcast Rankings

PSRank does NOT indicate the quality of a podcast’s content.

Rank is a subjective judgment. It is based primarily on a five-point score indicating my determination the podcast’s purity of focus on data privacy. Up to 3 additional points are awarded based on the longevity of the program. Apple Star score can add up to .75 points if enough reviewers have scored the podcast. Episode recency can add a small bump to the score or detract points if the show goes into hiatus or off the air.

Finally, I adjust scores based on my personal preference: Are they interesting? Are they covering topics I care about? Are their guests adding value? Are they innovating and bringing value to their audience in other ways? Your milage may vary.

Data Privacy Focus 1-5 pts
Episode Count Up to 3 pts
Episode Recency .2 to -3 pts
Apple Stars/Revs Up to 0.75 pts
PrivacyStan Bonus Discretionary

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