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Serious Privacy8.1Paul Breitbarth, K RoyalTrustArc privacyprivacy pros136445 min45 is no "ish" in privacy: GDPR 3-5 years laterOn this week of #SeriousPrivacy, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal discuss the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, because three years ago from the day this episode was released (May 25, 2021), the GDPR went into effect. And that was a world-changing event. In this episode, they talk about the changes seen in the past three years, including the two years before that when the GDPR was passed. They discuss penalties and amounts known, but also the most frequent violations. Companies can learn alot by looking at enforcement to know where to prioritize their compliance activities - or at least what to check to make sure it is properly in place. They discuss the that has been in the news lately, including for not appointing a European representative, and the challenges the data protection authorities faced to investigate the complaints across the ocean. In addition, they discussed how the GDPR impacted US legislation, such as the concept of controllers and processors, and the definition of sensitive personal data. The GDPR influenced the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or more so the California Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) and the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) - the latter two take effect in 2023. There is discussion of the importance of EU representatives - and there is a passing mention of the upcoming standard contractual clauses. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at In addition, if you like our podcast, please do rate and comment on our program in your favorite podcast app.Data Diversity: Not just 1s and 0s (with Shoshana Rosenberg) Back to our Roots - A Week in Privacy with Paul and K In my free time: Podcast and data broker analytics (with Ralph O’Brien and Jeff Jockisch) From Frozen to Ultron - the hot privacy topics (with Ralph O'Brien‪)‬ A Work in Progress: A View Inside the Irish DPC (with Helen Dixon) The Best of 2020: When Privacy Got Serious Oh Canada: on DCIA, CPPA and PIPEDA (with Jennifer Stoddart & Constantine Karbaliotis) Taking Data Protection out of the Ivory Silo: Sophie Kwasny (Council of Europe) and Michael Donohue (OECD) on Fundamental Rights Protection The Need for Speed: Huge New Privacy Deeds (with Prof. Paul Schwartz) Data Science and Privacy - sugarcoated or straight up? It Depends (with Katharine Jarmul of Cape Privacy) Extra! Long-awaited Guidance and Draft SCCs from the EU Privacy Connection: Election, Protection, and more Fast & Furious: About Start-ups, FinTech, Cars, and Privacy (with Filip Johnssén) Ferociously Imperfect: Consumer Tracking (with Rob Shavell of Abine) Privacy’s Perfect Storm: A Technical Tempest in a Teapot - or Not? (with Stuart Brotman) Wicked Privacy: A Frank Discussion on Thorny Topics (with Michelle Dennedy, Ruby Zefo, and H... One of Us: Notorious RBG plus some hot privacy topics The Present State of Privacy: A Gift that Keeps Giving (with Chris Foreman of Merck), unscripted w/ privacy prosTailored for professionals who want to learn more about privacy or those who are just getting started. In-depth information on serious privacy topics. This podcast will feature open, unscripted discussions with privacy professionals (those kitchen table or back porch conversations), deliver webinars in a convenient listen-only format, and capture events such as conference panels. Real information on your schedule - because the world needs serious privacy. Follow us! Twitter: or LinkedIn:
Privacy Please8.1Cameron Ivey and Gabe GumbsSpirion privacycybersecuritycompliance226945 min45, E68 - Blogcast - Automating Data Discovery and Data Classification for Enhanced Privacy, E61 - Luca Cosentino, Product Lead at Oasis Labs S2, E60 - Ryan Smyth, Managing Director at FTI Consulting S2, E56 - Michael Santarcangelo, Part II - Conversations S2, E55 - Blogcast - The Risk Associated With Unstructured Data In The Cloud S2, E54 - Scott Giordano, Part II - V.P. & Senior Counsel, Privacy and Complianc‪e‬ S2, E53 - Nishant Bhajaria – Author, Privacy Architecture and Strategy at Uber S2, E52 - Avishai Ostrin – Head of Privacy at Asserso‪n‬ S2, E51 - Jack Jones, Co-Founder at RiskLens - Data Privacy Day 2021 - Expensive Noise S2, E50 - Kevin Coppins, CEO at Spirion S2, E49 - Top Listeners Choice Ep. 48 - 2021 Data Privacy Predictions Ep. 47 - Blogcast Holiday Edition - Data Privacy needs Data Security Ep. 46 - Robert Hansen, CTO at Bit Discovery - Company Series Part 2 Ep. 45 - Jeremiah Grossman, CEO at Bit Discovery - Company Series Part 1 Ep. 44 - Daniel H. Gallancy, CEO at Atakama Ep. 43 - Ellison Anne Williams, CEO, Founder at Enveil Ep. 42 - Chris Grundemann, VP of Strategy and Client Success at Myriad360 Ep. 41 - Wally Bitaut - Data Security Guru at Seclore Ep. 40 - Thomas Besore, Esq - Certified Privacy Advocate Ep. 39 - CEO, Eric Bednash & CTO, Jonathan Halstuch at Racktop Systems Ep. 38 - Babak Pasdar - Founder, CEO & CTO at Acreto Ep. 37 - Michael Oberlaender 😉 - Author - Global CISO, data privacy, compliance, breaches, interesting infosec storiesJoin Cameron Ivey, Gabe Gumbs and interview guests from around the cybersecurity world as they keep you informed around the topics of cybersecurity, data privacy, compliance, breaches, interesting infosec stories, and much more! Learn why it’s more important than ever that we protect what matters most.
U.S. National Privacy Legislation Podcast8.1Jerry Buckley, Jody WestbyAssoc for Data and Cyber Gov privacypolicydata governance133140 min40 Around the Corner: The What, How, When (and If) of National Privacy and Data ProtectionThis week, Jerry and Jody take a look around the corner at what lies ahead for privacy and data protection in the U.S., exploring what needs to be done to protect data and speculating on why there is not more urgency in addressing this issue. Why, in the face of increasing cyber threats and proliferating state privacy laws, is there no coherent national legislation? Where must the impetus for action come from? What exceptions are needed for small businesses? What tools and economic incentives, including tax credits, might jumpstart the implementation of strong privacy and data protection measures to protect our digital infrastructure?The "Private Right of Action" Question (with Mark Rasch) National Privacy Legislation Viewed through a Wider Lens (with Carlos Solari) The Nexus Between Privacy and Cybersecurity (with Jody Westby and Jerry Buckley) A Consumer Advocate's View (with India McKinney) The Potential Role of Financial Regulators in Showing the Path Forward for National Privacy Legislation (with David Cotney) The Evolution of Privacy Principles and Practice in the Public and Private Sectors (with Jamie Danker‪) The Impact of Schrems II and Threat of Data Localization (with Peter Swire) Strategies for Readiness and Compliance in a Fast Changing Data Protection Landscape (with Jill Reber) Former FCC Commissioner Calls for a Presidential Commission on the Future of the Internet (with Michael Copps) Data Governance: EU Moves While U.S. is Stalled (with Jody Westby and Jerry Buckley) Pondering Preemption of State Privacy Laws (with Peter Swire) Pros and Cons of National Privacy Legislation (with Jurgen Van Staden) EU Offers Valuable Insights for U.S. National Privacy Debate (with Maarten Stassen) EU Data Protection: Any Lessons for US? (with John Bowman) NIST Privacy Framework Plays Role in National Privacy Discussion (with Naomi Lefkovitz and Dy San Francisco Fed Report Looks at National Privacy Policy (with Kaitlin Asrow) Nicole Booth and Elizabeth Young LaBerge Kate Flocken and Tyler Griffin Daniel Solove Jim Dempsey Welcome to the U.S. National Privacy Legislation Podcast national privacy law?Should the U.S. implement a national policy… or should regulations be left solely to 50 states? How will each impact our success on the national and international business/trading spectrum? Will our treatment of data be in accordance with EU and other trading partners laws? With leaders in this space who are close to the issues, we explore how this may unfold.x
Caveat8.1Dave Bittner, Ben YelinCyberWire privacy608345 min45 pay or not to pay? Ransomware negotiationGuest Leeann Nicolo is a ransomware negotiation expert from Coalition who joins Dave to discuss how they determine to pay out a ransomware gang, Ben takes a look at President Biden’s executive order on cyber security, Dave shares a story that has news of a bipartisan bill that would ban warrantless location data purchases. While this show covers legal topics, and Ben is a lawyer, the views expressed do not constitute legal advice. For official legal advice on any of the topics we cover, please contact your attorney Links to stories: Biden administration releases ambitious cybersecurity executive order 'Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act' Would Ban Clearview and Warrantless Location Data PurchasesBreaches are a near certainty. Virginia privacy law and what it means for you. Microtargeting as information warfare. Privacy has become almost a fundamental right. Covid's effects on medical privacy. The new US Administration should focus on these data privacy points The intersection of law, technology and risk The attempted insurrection, Congressional cybersecurity, and data ethics. Diversity has to be part of the mission in cybersecurity Encore: EU-US Privacy Shield invalidated Interim cybersecurity compliance rule prior to CMMC with some privacy thrown in A pandemic is a perfect environment for disinformation to thrive Playing into the hands of our adversaries Elizabeth Wharton: Strong shoulders for someone else to stand on. [Legal] [Career Notes] IoT device risk: can legislation keep up? The tools have changed, but the tactics have remained basically the same. No fruit of the poisonous tree. EU-US Privacy Shield invalidated. U.S. COVID-19 research efforts at risk. Generating more data with value we don't understand. law and policy, surveillance and digital privacyA weekly conversation on cybersecurity law and policy, surveillance and digital privacy. Hosted by the CyberWire's Dave Bittner and Ben Yelin from the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security. They break down important current legal cases, policy battles, and regulatory matters along with the news headlines that matter most. It’s not just a podcast for lawyers and policymakers; security professionals, businesses, and anyone concerned about privacy and security in the digital age will find the discussions accessible, relevant, and thought provoking.x
Privacy Advisor8.0Jedidiah BracyIAPP privacypolicyprivacy pros5210045 min45 emotion-detection technology: A conversation with Ben BlandArtificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are rapidly developing across virtually all sectors of the global economy. One nascent field is empathic technology, which, for better or worse, includes emotion detection. It is estimated that the emotion detection industry could be worth $56 billion by 2024. However, judging a person's emotional state is subjective and raises a host of privacy, fairness, and ethical questions. Ben Bland has worked in the empathic technology space in recent years and now chairs the IEEE's P7014 Working Group to develop a global standard for the ethics of empathic technology. We recently caught up to discuss the pros and cons of the technology and his work with IEEE.The Privacy Advisor Podcast: All things Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act with Odia Kagan The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Privacy engineering and design with Nishant Bhajaria What's ahead for US State Privacy Legislation? The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Carissa Véliz on privacy, AI ethics and democracy Privacy in 2020: A year in review with IAPP's Omer Tene and Caitlin Fennessy The Privacy Advisor Podcast: A chat with Alastair Magtaggart on Prop 24 The Privacy Advisor Podcast: How to know who's tracking your data Privacy in 2020: A year in review with IAPP's Omer Tene and Caitlin Fennessy Privacy Advisor Podcast: The SAFE Data Act, and the latest Senate hearing on federal privacy legislation The Privacy Advisor Podcast: How do we protect children's privacy in a COVID-dominated school year? The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Um, what just happened in Brazil? The Privacy Advisor Podcast: So Privacy Shield is invalid, what to do next?, public policyThe International Association of Privacy Professionals is the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource, helping practitioners develop and advance their careers and organizations manage and protect their data. More than just a professional association, the IAPP provides a home for privacy professionals around the world to gather, share experiences and enrich their knowledge. Founded in 2000, the IAPP is a not-for-profit association with more than 39,000 members in 100 countries. The IAPP helps define, support and improve the privacy profession through networking, education and certification. This podcast features host Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, editor of The Privacy Advisor, interviewing privacy pros globally about their job struggles and triumphs and everything in between.
Data Diva Talks Privacy7.9Debbie ReynoldsDebbie Reynolds Consulting privacycomplianceprivacy pros12940 min40 Data Diva E29 - Raghavan Chellappan and Debbie ReynoldsDebbie Reynolds, "The Data Diva,” talks to Raghavan Chellappan, Chief Technology Officer at ByteSafe.We discuss pressing privacy and technology issues, privacy is a collaborative effort that silos harm, human habits, and technology, trust to build a privacy program, bring a holistic approach to privacy, the privacy debate about the First Amendment, data privacy fines as a tax on businesses, ways to help businesses to understand privacy issues, a systemic not tactical approach to privacy, the confusion between privacy and security and his idea for data privacy in the future.The Data Diva E21 - Jay Glasgow and Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva Episode 17 – Marie-Claire Péroux The Data Diva Episode 15 – Tara Taubman-Bassirian LLM of Data Rainbow The Data Diva Episode 16 – Amar Kanagaraj of oneDPO The Data Diva Episode 14 – Memme Onwudiwe, Executive VP at Evisort The Data Diva Episode 13 – Gail Gottehrer Law and Emerging Technologie‪s‬ The Data Diva Episode 12 – Zaheer Allam, Ph.D. Smart Cities Urban Strategist The Data Diva Episode 11 – Beth Winters Solutions Marketing Manager at Aparavi The Data Diva Episode 10 – David Goodis Privacy Commissioner Ontario, Canada The Data Diva Episode 9 – Olga Kislinska Privacy Compliance Manager Nike The Data Diva Episode 8 – Mike Bryant of Knox Capital Holdings & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva Episode 7 – Rohan Light of Decisiv & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva Episode 6 – Patrick Kelley of Critical Path Security & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva Episode 5 – Dawid Jacobs of DAL-Global Inc & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva E4 – Leonard Lee of neXt Curve & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva E3 – Allen Woods The Data Wiz & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva E2 - Susan Brown of Zortrex & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva E1 - Jeff Salling of Novartis privacyDebbie Reynolds “The Data Diva” talks Data Privacy with industry leaders around the world about issues businesses need to know now.
Data Privacy Podcast7.6Thomas McNamara privacyGDPRcompliance43140 min40 Conflict - Part 1 of Tom and Robert Baugh in the Privacy KitchenIn this episode, Tom makes a guest appearance in the Privacy Kitchen to discuss DPO conflict with Robert Baugh. Tom McNamara’s experience in his Data Protection Consultancy, Apex Privacy, and Robert Baugh's experience as General Counsel, private practice lawyer and founder of Keepabl combine for an interesting discussion on this important topic.Leaders In Privacy Tech Apple vs Tracking Avishai Ostrin - Data Privacy Day - Culture Special Ted Harrington - Ethical Hacking and IoT Gilbert Hill - Rebalancing Power Using PrivTech Laura de Vries - How to create a GDPR Records of Processing Activities (ROPA)? Dean Shapero - What Facebook's Limited Data Use Means for Your Business Evan Rutchik - The Value of Consented Data Debbie Reynolds - Data Privacy threats in Biometric Technology Evan Rutchik - The Value of Consented Data Tom Pendergast - Effective Training & Awareness Charles Smith - Balancing privacy obligations and video innovation9real-world insights from data privacy thought leaders Real-world insights on all issues relating to digital privacy. We have brought together some of the leading figures in data privacy, so our audience can better understand data. We’re enabling listeners to better understand how businesses need to comply to data privacy rules, as well as discuss some of the challenges that data privacy poses to companies. Whilst data and digital are led by a whole host of different regulations, there are common trends that emerge out of best practices that we will discuss. Underpinning what these trends may indicate, how they reflect consumer behavior and what we can learn from them. We understand that some businesses and corporations may find it difficult to keep up with the seemingly ever-changing compliance rules and regulations. This podcast has been launched to help ease that burden and give business owners another route into Data Privacy, and understanding all that comes with it.
Decrypted Unscripte‪d‬7.5Dominique Shelton Leipzig and David BidermanPerkins Coie LLP privacypolicycompliance82240 min40 and Cybersecurity: Working Together to Protect the Internet - Episode 23Dominique and David speak to Perkins Coie alumni, Jim Sfekas. Jim left Perkins to join Microsoft in 2012 and now leads Microsoft’s cybersecurity legal function. Jim talks about the tensions between protecting the internet, which requires tracking of criminals across the globe, and the goals of privacy to make data uses transparent. Through discussion, the group sees how the two goals of security and privacy can work together.Privacy and Professional Social Networking - Episode 17 Protecting Privacy for a Global Leader in Biotech - Episode 16 Technology, Privacy and Healthcare - Episode 1‪5‬ Society and Data—On Which Side of History Do We Want to Be? - Episode 14 AI and Bias—Methods of Math Destruction, Social Dilemma, and Beyond - Episode 13 Privacy and Professional Basketball - Episode 12 Free Internet in Jeopardy? Ad Tech at a Crossroads - Episode 11 The Federal Landscape: An Unguarded Discussion About Privacy From Inside the Beltway - Episode 10https://www.perkinscoie.com10regulatory developments, litigation trendsData is the new gold. In the era of COVID-19, companies that have mastered the digital landscape will lead the way to reopening economies across the globe. In Decrypted Unscripted, we examine the privacy landscape, from regulatory developments to litigation trends. Hosted by Perkins Coie partners Dominique Shelton Leipzig and David Biderman, we explore strategies for compliance with evolving privacy laws through unscripted conversations with C-suite execs, regulators, and leading privacy and data security professionals. These timely discussions are essential listening for anyone managing data as a pre-tangible asset and preparing vigorous defenses against the next wave of privacy and data security class actions.x
Cyberlaw Podcast7.4Stewart BakerSteptoe & Johnson privacydata & tech16331960 min60 363: Is Apple Storing its Dorian Gray Portrait Behind the Great Firewall?Paul Rosenzweig kicks off the news roundup by laying out the New York Times’s brutal overview of the many compromises Tim Cook’s Apple has made with an increasingly oppressive Chinese government. There is no way to square Apple’s aggressive opposition to US national security measures with its quiet surrender to much more demanding Chinese measures. I suggest that the disparity could not be greater if Tim Cook were Dorian Gray and storing his portrait behind the Great Firewall. Paul, Jamil Jaffer, and I note the tension between Apple’s past claim that it could not legally share data with the Chinese government and its new claim that it solved the problem by turning its data over to a Chinese government-owned corporation.; Ransomware hasn’t stopped making news, Paul tells us, Irish hospitals with the latest to go down. Nate Jones assesses the likelihood (low) that governments will effectively ban the payment of ransomware demands. And Paul points out that, while cryptocurrency may be facilitating crime, at least it’s also warming the planet, as an entire American power plant is taken out of mothballs to power cryptocurrency mining operations.; Governments are increasingly cracking down on cryptocurrency, and Paul gives us one week of news in new regulation: China has reiterated its opposition to unregulated access to crypto.; The IRS is threatening action against unreported transactions in cryptocurrency.; And Hong Kong plans to restrict crypto exchanges to professional investors.; Another 60+ pages from the FISA court approving the executive branch’s section 702 procedures.; With Nate on the job, you don’t need to read it all, or rely on the ideologically motivated criticism of privacy groups. Nate tells us that in approving the 702 procedures the FISA court has much less leeway than a court usually does in reviewing federal agency action (with a hat tip to a good analysis by NSA alum George Croner).; Jamil bemoans the enthusiasm sweeping Europe for sticking it to US (but not Chinese) tech companies under a variety of competition law theories. Google has been fined just over €100 million by Italy’s antitrust watchdog for abuse of a dominant market position in Android auto apps. Germany is readying big guns for an attack on Amazon’s market.; I point out that American policyholders seem to share this enthusiasm, at least judging from the questions the presiding judge in Epic v. Apple posed this week to Tim Cook.; Nate and I explore Apple’s apparent decision to let Parler back into the app store. (And, given the enthusiasm for regulating such dual-facing markets on antitrust grounds, that decision would be wise.) But Apple is still demanding that Parler block speech that Parler doesn’t think it should be.; We wrap up with a few quick hits:; Looking for a cheap way to defeat ransomware? Brian Krebs has a “might not work but what do you have to lose?” idea: install a Russian keyboard layout on your computer (although with my luck, the ransomware will translate all my files into Russian).; Andy Greenberg has a good retrospective on the seeds. OG supply chain hack: the Chinese theft of RSA’s core security.; Dangling the other shoe: The UK’s head of MI5 isn’t mincing words. Ken McCallum is accusing Facebook of giving a ‘free pass’ to terrorists by preparing to introduce end-to-end crypto on its messaging app. Sooner or later, this is going to end in tears.; And we all agree that the Biden administration was lucky to persuade Matt Olsen to leave Uber to become head of DOJ’s National Security Division.; And more!Episode 356: Who Minds the Gap Episode 355: Can Editorial Middleware Cut the Power of the Big Platforms? Episode 351: When will Cyberattacks on the Grid Become the New Normal? Episode 350: NSA's Pre-History is a Love Story Episode 349: This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends Episode 348: Well, Have You Ever Seen Dr. Octopus and Sen. Klobuchar Together? Episode 347: Cybersecurity – A British Perspectiv‪e‬ Episode 346: What Gives with Electric Grid Security? Episode 345: How COVID-Tracking Phone Apps Failed Episode 344: China and the CIA: A Wilderness of Mirror Imaging Episode 343: The Grim Lessons of the SolarWinds Breach Episode 342: Could European Privacy Law Protect American Child Molesters? Episode 341: It's Time to Pay Attention When Attention Stops Paying Episode 338: Trump's Multiple Re-Entry China Policy Vehicles Episode 337: Could Kim Jong-un Kill 90% of all Americans Today? Episode 336: Trumping Schrems II Episode 335: Digital Dunkirk Episode 334: Fight Like a Canadian Episode 333: Interview with David Ignatius Episode 332: Internet of Junk Episode 331: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't (Pay the Ransom) Episode 330: US-China Tech Divide - Where Will it End? Episode 329: Dumpster Fire in Cyberspace, security, privacy, and governmentA weekly podcast offering an opinionated roundup of the latest events in technology, security, privacy, and government and an in-depth interview of technology and policy newsmakers. Host Stewart Baker and regulars share their views - and not those of the firm. x
Data Protection Breakfast Clu‪b‬7.4Andy Dale, Pedro PavónAlyce privacydata protectionprivacy pros112545 min45 Zeledon - AGC Ethics, Compliance and Data Privacy at The Hershey CompanyDanger Mouse is often called the world's greatest secret agent—so secret, in fact, that his codename has a codename. His skills are of a wide variety, including the ability to shatter metal with his voice, perform military style push-ups on his index finger, and reach a 7th level of meditation. Danger Mouse seems fitting for Sonia Zeledon’s cross-functional success and wide reaching career success. It takes incredible depth to move from firms like Skadden/White & Case into the startup world and then to dive into leading corporate compliance at bigger companies like her current role running Ethics, Compliance and Privacy at Hershey’s.Heather Federman - VP Privacy and Policy at BigID Anjali Dahiya - Ads Privacy Policy at Facebook Derek Zolner - GC at Centro Danielle Sheer - GC at Carbonite Sachin Kothari - Chief Privacy Officer at Johnson Controls Trevor Hughes - CEO at IAPP Noga Rosenthal - GC at Ampersand Mark Kahn - GC at Segment Evan Bienstock & Jennifer Stanley - Partners at Fenwick & West privacy trendsStay on top of the latest and greatest about data protection and privacy with hosts Andy Dale, General Counsel at Alyce and Pedro Pavón, Privacy, Ads, and Data Policy at Facebook, we will meet up with our friends (revenge of the privacy nerds) in the data protection ecosystem to talk 80s, deep dive and ramble along on all things data privacy.x
FIT4PRIVACY7.3Punit BhatiaPunitBhatia.com privacyGDPRprivacy pros16245 min45 A Special on GDPR at 3 with Peter Berghmans (Full Episode) - The FIT4PRIVACY PodcastAs GDPR completes three years of being in effect, in this special episode of the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast, Punit is joined by Peter Berghmans who is a member of the Flemish Data Protection Authority and CEO of Data Protection Institute. Both of them have an open and honest conversation about the benefits and challenges of GDPR from organizational, regulatory, and consumer perspectives. Peter also shares how he sees the privacy profession evolving in the next 3-5 years. KEY CONVERSATION POINTS GDPR in One Word. The Challenges That Have Been Addressed By GDPR. The Challenges That Remain Unaddressed from Organizational Perspective. The Summary Of GDPR From A Regulator Perspective. The Wins Of GDPR Has Been Delivered From Consumer Perspective. The Evolution Of Privacy Profession In Next 3-5 Years. ABOUT THE GUEST Today, Peter Berghmans is CEO of Data Protection Institute and as a consultant, DPO, and coach with a strong focus on Data Protection in Health care. Peter is also a member of the Flemish Data Protection Authority named ‘de Vlaamse Toezichtcommissie’. Peter started teaching at the university of applied sciences in Mechelen, Thomas More. In 2003, Peter started working as an information security advisor and researcher in the domains of information security and privacy for flemish local governments. Later on, back in 2008, Peter started as a security advisor in healthcare In 2012, Peter started as a self-employed trainer and consultant just after the publication of the first GDPR text. His training company, the Data Protection Institute, started that year with DPO certificate training. In these years, Peter explored the role of a DPO, mostly in health care. With his consulting company, White Wire, he offered data protection services for hospitals and other care centers. White Wire is now part of Cranium. The website of the Data Protection Institute is FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Dawid H. Jacobs (Full Episode) - Identity Management and Privacy 025 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Tash Whitaker (Full Episode) - Open and pragmatic conversation on data protection matters 023 Data Protection Day Special (Part 2‪)‬ 023 Data Protection Day Special (Part 1) 022 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Punit Bhatia (Full Episode) - What is changing with Brexit? 021 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Raghavan Chellappan (Full Episode) - Privacy matters 020 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Corinne Herzog (Full Episode) - A Lawyers' Perspective On Privacy 019 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Ramkumar Ramachandran (Full Episode) - Privacy is here to stay 018 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Georges Ataya (Full Episode) - DPO Is A Catalyst 017 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Barry Moult (Full Episode) - Privacy views from ICO Award winner 016 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Marcio Cots (Full Episode) - Data Privacy nowadays is global 015 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Richard Merrygold (Full Episode ) - EU Representative 014 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Joanna van der Merwe (Full Episode ) - Use Data Responsibly 013 FIT4PRIVACY Podcast 🎙️ with Gal Ringel (Full Episode ) - Privacy from another dimension expertise and moreThe Privacy Podcast For Those Who Care About Privacy. This privacy podcast will help business leaders to get an insight into the world of privacy by understanding how influencers are thinking about privacy in business, innovation, and new technologies. At the same time, it will help the privacy professionals to learn by listening to fellow industry experts and influencers. This podcast is ranked #3 amongst GDPR podcasts by If you have suggestions, the idea for guests email
She Said Privacy/He Said Security 7.3Jodi Daniels, Justin DanielsRed Clover Advisors privacycybersecuritycompliance53025 min25 Basic Privacy and Security ControlsIn this episode of She Said Privacy/He Said Security, Jodi and Justin Daniels sit down with Sabrina Serafin, a Partner and National Practice Leader at Frazier & Deeter, to discuss her expert strategies for protecting your company’s privacy and security. Listen in as Sabrina talks about the importance of implementing basic controls, how recent privacy and security laws have affected her clients, and her biggest password management tip for listeners. Stay tuned!Building Effective IT Infrastructure for Your Business How Small and Large Organizations Can Identify and Prevent Common Privacy and Security Issues he Truth About Drones and Your Data Helping Tech-Savvy Children Understand The Importance of Security and Privacy How Your Company Can Identify and Mitigate Dangerous Cybersecurity Risks The Regulation Dilemma: How Can We Standardize Privacy and Security‪? What Marketers and Consumers Need to Know About Privacy, Security, and Cookieless Advertising Avoiding Common Cybersecurity Threats and Protecting Your Data Smart Cities: The Privacy Concerns We Should All Be Aware Of What Every Parent Needs to Know About The Social Dilemma and The Great Hack Navigating the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Are You Really Doing Enough to Ensure Your Company’s Privacy and Security? What Companies Need to Know About Third-Party Vendor Security and Privacy Issues Cybersecurity and Privacy Lessons from a 'Smart City Testing Lab' for Future Cities Identifying Cybersecurity Risks with Former FBI Special Agent, Michael F. D. Anaya Insights Into Cybersecurity and Protecting Your Business with Mark Sangster Investigating Cyber Crimes with United States Secret Service Special Agent, Marc Debrody Privacy Notices: Everything You Need to Know Marketing & Privacy 101 and privacyThis is the She Said Privacy / He Said Security podcast with Jodi and Justin Daniels. Like any good marriage, Jodi and Justin will debate, evaluate, and sometimes quarrel about how privacy and security impact business in the 21st century.
Tech Refactored7.2Gus HurwitzNebraska Governance and Technology Center & techdata governancedata privacy12145 min45 21 - How Should We Regulate Airbnb, Ride Shares, and Web Content?This is our final episode in our Regulation at Scale series, featuring research focused on the challenges that arise when new rules or technologies affect broad swaths of society all at once. In this episode we examine Section 230 and web content, short term rentals and the platforms that facilitate them, and the economics of the ride share industry.Ep. 13 - Joshua Tucker on Social Media and Democracy Ep. 12 - The Lifeblood of Satellites: Spectrum and How It's Governed Ep. 11 - The Texas Power Grid Failure Ep. 10 - The Basics of Facial Recognition Software: Bills, Bans, and Use‪s Ep. 9 - CRISPR's Cluster of IP: A Regularly Interspaced Short Podcas‪t‬ Ep. 8 - GameStop, Robinhood, and Stonks. Oh My‪!‬ Ep. 7 - The Currents of Changing Infrastructure: A Water Law Cross-Over Episode with the University of Nebraska Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute Ep. 8 - GameStop, Robinhood, and Stonks. Oh My‪!‬ Ep. 6 - Student Privacy in the Era of Zoom School Ep. 5 - What is Law and Tech? Pt. 2 Ep. 4 - What is Law and Tech? Pt. 1 Ep. 3 - The State of The Digital Divide Ep. 2 - Getting Cultured on Laboratory Grown Meat Ep. 1 - This is Tech Refactored, issuesThis podcast is a production of the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center. x
P3 - Project Privacy Podcast7.2Marissa WhartonActiveNav privacydata governancecompliance122325 min25 & Security By DesignDr. Ann Cavoukian, Executive Director of the Global Privacy & Security By Design Centre, joins the show to talk about the Privacy by Design framework, the importance of privacy as the default setting, her predictions for future data protection challenges, and more!The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) Making the Move to M365 Privacy by Design Owning Your Privacy & Respecting Consumer Data Non-Invasive Data Governance 2020 Year in Review Empathy & Information Governance Information Governance in 2020 Content Cleanup & Data Minimization Science Fiction & Information Governance Risk Management & Data Governance Change Management - Making a Privacy Program Stick Data Mapping as a Service (DMaaS) Leveraging File Analysis for Efficient eDiscovery landscapeWelcome to P3 - the podcast that helps you understand the constantly changing data privacy landscape. Tune in to Project Privacy for valuable, up-to-date insights on privacy, compliance, and governance - straight from the experts themselves.
Talk Data To Me!7.2Daragh O BrienCastlebridge privacydata governancedigital strategy1740 min30 Data To Me Podcast: From Fecked to FixedIn this episode, Daragh, Peter and Katherine take the news of ransomware attacks and discuss the importance of a data strategy and data literacy for organisations of all sizes. Topics addressed include data strategy, data literacy, and the value of data to organisations (and to criminals).Talk Data To Me - Episode 11: There might be some profanity Talk Data To Me - Episode 10 - Watch the Kid Talk Data To Me - Episode 9: Pooling Ideas Talk Data To Me Special Edition: The Northern Question: Honours Paper Edition Talk Data To Me - Episode 8: Turbulent Times governance, data strategy, data protectionCastlebridge helps people do great things with data. We are an Irish consulting and training company specialising in data governance and strategy, data protection, information ethics and information quality. Every month the team get together for a podcast round up of things that are happening, or just bothering us, in the world of business data management. Sometimes we'll have some guests on to share insights, experiences, or war stories. We aim to publish monthly. Sometimes we miss that.
That Tech Pod7.0Laura Milstein and Gabi Schulte privacycybersecurityeDiscovery810unknown30 In eDiscovery Deep Dive with Expert Amy JuersToday on That Tech Pod, Laura and Gabi talk to Amy Juers, CEO of Edge Marketing and Director of Internal Chapters of Women in eDiscovery. With 20 years of strategic marketing experience and global practice, Amy also offers a consultative voice for her team and clients. Amy serves on the leadership team of Women in eDiscovery, heading up new international chapters, she also is an ILTA Partner Advisory Council member, EDRM Global Council member and serves on her daughters' hockey team board. Follow That Tech Pod: Twitter-@thattechpod LinkedIn: website: thattechpod.com18data privacy, cybersecurity, eDiscovery, techWelcome to That Tech Pod, a podcast co-hosted by Laura Milstein and Gabi Schulte. Each Tuesday, That Tech Pod will feature in depth discussions about data privacy, cybersecurity, eDiscovery, and tech innovations with heavy hitters in the industry. Subscribe so you don't miss an episode! Visit for more information.x
Cyber Risk Management Podcast7.0Kip Boyle, Jake Bernstein Cyber Risk Opportunities mgt155035 min35 Insurance makes progress in the right directionCyber insurance companies are starting to figure out what practices actually reduce the risk of a major cyber incident. Walk through an insurance application with your hosts Kip Boyle, vCISO with Cyber Risk Opportunities, and Jake Bernstein, JD and Cybersecurity Practice Lead. AND: Will all attorneys please join us online for a free, one-hour CLE on June 23, 2021 at 12 pm Pacific where Kip and Jake will teach you how to answer client questions about ransomware?Negotiating the Data Security Addendum The Failure of the Cybersecurity Marke‪t‬ Learning from Latest in Cyber Insurance Claims A Trial Attorney Tells You How to Get the Most from your Cyber Insurance More Reasons to Not Pay Ransomware Demands Role of General Counsel in Cyber Risk Management Challenges for Cybersecurity Pros of Sudden “Work From Home” requirements due to COVID-19 Cyber Exploitation Through Supply Chains Current trends in Internet Freedom Quick look at the “Essential Eight” mitigations Going deeper into the 2020 edition of the DBIR The 2020 edition of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) LabCorp shareholder sues senior decision makers over cybersecurity failures riskThe Cyber Risk Management Podcast helps executives turn cybersecurity from a technology problem into a business opportunity. This podcast helps you learn how to manage cybersecurity in the same intelligent and thoughtful way you manage other areas of your business, including sales, order fulfillment, and accounts receivable. Your hosts are Kip Boyle, Founder and CEO of Cyber Risk Opportunities and Jake Bernstein, an attorney and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who practices extensively in cybersecurity and privacy as both counselor and litigator.
Data Privacy Detective7.0Joe DehnerFrost Brown Todd privacyprivacy tech46425 min25 66 - Phone Scams and YouThis is a true story of a phone scam of May 2021. The Data Privacy Detective got a call on the home landline. This scam will succeed in stealing money from countless Americans. It’s targeted particularly at older people who dearly love their television, especially during pandemic times. You can see the tricks and traps in this scam. Of course, the best defense is not to answer such calls at all, but then how can one know that a local number is not an old friend or acquaintance calling for a good reason. If you get a call like this, write down the details. Share them with the fraud hotline of the company being impersonated. Notify the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission if you have the time. This builds a file on these entities. Though it’s unlikely that law enforcement will be able to shut down the criminal syndicates and others active in this fund-raising activity, it will build the awareness that our privacy is attacked through such intrusions. Without greater regulation and defense against such increasing scams, there’s a risk that our communications systems become so riddled with such problems, that we’ll all retreat into a hole to avoid them. One definition of privacy is the right to be left alone. Anyone with a phone will find that hard to achieve. You can, however, work with your phone service provider to block calls in various ways. Check with your provider what restrictions you can put into place to limit calls from James Michael and Ralph Smith. Remember – protecting your personal privacy begins with you. If you have ideas for more interviews or stories, please email 63 - Your Face, Time To Scrub? Episode 61 - How Not To Get Phished! Episode 60 Cyber Insurance - What it Does and Doesn’t Cover Episode 59 - Taiwan: A Bridge For East-West Commerce? Episode 58 - Personal Privacy and Community IT Systems Episode 57 - Protecting Data Privacy Within Databases Episode 56 - Ransomware and Privacy Episode 55 - Differential Privacy and Academic Research Episode 54 - Contact Tracing Apps and Australia Episode 53 - Brazil’s New Personal Data Privacy Law Episode 52 - Data Brokers: How our Personal Information is Sold govs balance personal privacy with public security, public health and other communal goodsData privacy is the footprint of our existence. It is our persona beyond ourselves, with traces of us scattered from birth certificates, Social Security numbers, shopping patterns, credit card histories, photographs, mugshots and health records. In a digital world, where memory is converted to 0’s and 1’s, then instantly transformed into a reproduction even in 3D, personal data is an urgent personal and collective subject. Those who wish to live anonymous lives must take extraordinary measures to succeed in that improbable quest, while those who hope for friendship or fame through the spread of their personal data must learn how to prevent theft of their identity and bank account. If you have ideas for interviews or stories, please email The internet in its blooming evolution makes personal data big business – for government, the private sector and denizens of the dark alike. The Data Privacy Detective explores how governments balance the interests of personal privacy with competing needs for public security, public health and other communal goods. It scans the globe for champions, villains, protectors and invaders of personal privacy and for the tools and technology used by individuals, business and government in the great competition between personal privacy and societal good order. We'll discuss how to guard our privacy by safeguarding the personal data we want to protect. We'll aim to limit the access others can gain to your sensitive personal data while enjoying the convenience and power of smartphones, Facebook, Google, EBay, PayPal and thousands of devices and sites. We'll explore how sinister forces seek to penetrate defenses to access data you don't want them to have. We’ll discover how companies providing us services and devices collect, use and try to exploit or safeguard our personal data. And we'll keep up to date on how governments regulate personal data, including how they themselves create, use and disclose it in an effort to advance public goals in ways that vary dramatically from country to country. For the public good and personal privacy can be at odds. On one hand, governments try to deter terrorist incidents, theft, fraud and other criminal activity by accessing personal data, by collecting and analyzing health data to prevent and control disease and in other ways most people readily accept. On the other hand, many governments view personal privacy as a fundamental human right, with government as guardian of each citizen’s right to privacy. How authorities regulate data privacy is an ongoing balance of public and individual interests. We'll report statutes, regulations, international agreements and court decisions that determine the balance in favor of one or more of the competing interests. And we'll explore innovative efforts to transcend government control through blockchain and other technology. In audio posts of 5 to 10 minutes each, you'll get tips on how to protect your privacy, updates on government efforts to protect or invade personal data, and news of technological developments that shape the speed-of-bit world in which our personal data resides. The laws governing legal advertising in some states require the following statements in any publication of this kind: "THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT."
The Data Dro‪p‬ 7.0Data Collaboration Alliance privacydata ownership1183 min3 Drop News for Friday, May 28, 2021Go to our episode post to subscribe to our podcast and get all the story links: In this episode: - EU vaccine passport data framework - Calling for ban on facial recognition - "Cybervetting" privacy risks - Watching employees WFH? - Plus this week's drop shots controls our data? The Data Drop podcast shares news, opinions, and insights from the front lines of data privacy. The Data Drop is a production of the Data Collaboration Alliance, a nonprofit advancing data ownership and data-centric innovation through pilot projects and free training. Visit datacollaboration.orgxx
GrailCas‪t‬7.0Daniel BarberDataGrail privacyprivacy pros61715 min15 14: Paola Zeni, Chief Privacy Officer at RingCentralPaola Zeni, Chief Privacy Officer at RingCentral shares: - How privacy organizations have evolved in a changing environment - How accelerated digital change impacts privacy teams - Advice for executives seeking to staff privacy teams Episode 12: Sheila Jambekar, VP, Deputy General Counsel & DPO at Twilio Episode 10: John Phantis, Chief Privacy Counsel at ForgeRock Episode 9: Emily Heath, Chief Trust & Security Officer at DocuSig‪n‬ Episode 8: Kevin Paige, CISO at Flexpor‪t‬ Episode 7: Alexandra Ross, Director, Global Privacy and Data Security Counsel at Autodesk, Inc‪.‬ Episode 6: Ruby Zefo, Chief Privacy Officer at Ube‪r‬ Episode 5: Steve Zalewski, Deputy CISO at Levi Strauss & Co‪.‬ Episode 4: Alfredo Della Monica,VP, US Privacy at American Express Episode 3: Martin Rues, CISO at Outreach Episode 2: Anthony Stark, General Counsel at ZoomInfo Episode 1: Sarah Mattina, VP of Legal at G2 privacy insights from the voice of your peers.x
Data Democratization6.9Jeffrey Dobinmostly.ai privacydata & tech2840 min40 GDPR, the new European AI regulation, and the privacy landscape: Axel von dem Bussche data lawyer from Taylor WessingWe talked to one of Europe's most renowned GDPR and data experts, who shared his insights about the regulatory landscape in Europe and elsewhere and gave excellent advice for lawmakers and companies. In this episode, you will hear more about: recent regulatory developments, including Schrems II, GDPR, and the new AI-regulation proposal from the European Court of Justicewhy regulation is necessary and timely for AIwhat companies should do in light of these recent developmentshow, according to Axel's prediction, we'll end up with 20 GDPR-like lawshow to make regulation less complex and easier to comply withhow to develop a successful data strategy and to turn data privacy into a competitive edge through know-how, proactivity, and risk assessments why 95% of data transfers became illegal after Schrems II and that companies need to map all of their cross-border data transfers to comply with regulationshow synthetic data can help, since it's exempt from GDPR and Schrems II3. The digital transformation talk with Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, ex-Citi, ex-Well Fargo executive, Revolut board member, and author 2. Privacy tips and tricks from Nada Bseikri, VP and Privacy Officer of Apple Bank, New York 1. Celebrating Data Privacy Day with Shampa Chatterjee, Director of Data Privacy at Silicon Valley Bank stories centered around data, privacy, and data democratizationx
Darknet Diaries6.9Jack Rhysider breachescybercrime41009360 min60 is a wildly popular chat app. Their website says that 1 in 3 American teenagers use Kik. But something dark is brewing on Kik.85: Cam the Carder 84: Jet-setter‪s 83: NSA Cryptologists 82: Master of Pwn 81: The Vendor 80: The Whistleblower 79: Dark Basin 78: Nerdcore 77: Olympic Destroyer 76: Knaves Out24hacking, data breaches, and cyber crimeExplore true stories of the dark side of the Internet with host Jack Rhysider as he takes you on a journey through the chilling world of hacking, data breaches, and cyber crime.
Pad-cast (Privacy & Data Talks)6.9Anthony BrownClermont privacycybersecurityprivacy pros1330 min30 | Season 2 | Episode 5 | Avishai Ostrin (Privacy Team)Privacy Views From The Start-Up Nation In today's episode of the Pad-cast, I was joined by Avishai Ostrin, who is a privacy Lawyer & Senior Consultant, qualified in both the UK and Israel. Based in Tel Aviv, the heart of the "start-up nation", Avi has vast experience advising start-ups, hyper-growth businesses and several tech unicorns and shares fresh insights and perspective on global privacy and data protection matters, as we continue to live through a global pandemic. Episode highlights include: - Why he recently made a switch from privacy lawyer to Senior Consultant - Why Israel is known as the "start-up" nation and contributing factors - The differences between privacy issues in the US, EU and Israel - The impact of Covid-19 on privacy and fundamental privacy rights - How the global privacy discussion has been fast-forwardedPAD-cast | Season 2 | Episode 3 | Kolvin Stone (Fox Williams) PAD-cast | Season 2 | Episode 2 | Gemma Witham (Skyscanner) PAD-cast | Season 2 | Episode 1 | Rosemary Jay PAD-cast | Series 1 | Episode 8 | Robert Bond (Bristows LLP) on Privacy in the New World PAD-cast | Series 1 | Episode 7 | Mikko Niva on Privacy in the New World PAD-cast | Series 1 | Episode 6 | Vivienne Artz on Privacy in the New World PAD-cast | Series 1 | Episode 5 | Karima Noren & Neal Cohen on Privacy in the New World PAD-cast | Series 1 | Episode 4 | Bill Karazsia on Privacy in the New World PAD-cast | Series 1 | Episode 3 | Tamzin Evershed on Privacy in the New World PAD-cast | Series 1 | Episode 2 | Sarah Pozner on Privacy in the New World recruiter talks to top privacy playersChanneling Privacy, Data & Cybersecurity insights, opinion and ideas from global thought-leaders. Pad-cast (Privacy & Data Talks)
Voices of the Data Economy6.8NiMA Asghari, Diksha DuttaOcean Protocol economydata privacydata ethics11260 min60 Malik: Why We Need Data Unions to Support the Data EconomyIn the twelfth episode of Voices of the Data Economy, we had a conversation with_ Shiv Malik_, CEO at Pool Foundation and former Head of Growth for Streamr where he evangelized about a new decentralized data economy. During this discussion, he tells us how Data Unions work, its real-life use cases, and legislative regulations supporting the Data Union model.  Here are edited excerpts from the podcast. Note: The episode was recorded on April 9, 2021 -- when Shiv was working with Streamr. Voices of Data Economy is supported by Ocean Protocol Foundation. Ocean is kickstarting a Data Economy by breaking down data silos and equalizing access to data for all. This episode was hosted by Diksha Dutta and Nima Asghari, audio engineering by Aneesh Arora. --- Send in a voice message: Noble: How Search Engines use our Data against us Bruce Pon: Web3, the New Data Economy and Road Ahead Marielle S. Gross : Women Heath Data and Bioethics Healthcare Data: Federated Learning, Sovereign Identity, and Standardization Lauren F. Klein: Power Structures, Data Feminism & Inequality Alex Svanevik - Data, DAOs, and beyond Silvan Jongerius - GDPR : Business Impact, Data Privacy, and the Road Ahead Anouk Ruhaak - Data Trusts and collective consent Pelle Brændgaard - Self-sovereign Identity of the Data Economy is presented by Ocean Protocol foundation. Ocean Protocol is kickstarting a new Data Economy by breaking down data silos and equalising access to data for all.x
Priv8 (Follow the White Rabbi‪t)‬ 6.8Derek E. Silva previous host: Alex KehayaOrchid Labs privacysurveillance194940 min40 Rights and Building the Internet for Everyone with Dragana KaurinWhat happens when we design with equity in mind? Derek E. Silva joins Dragana Kaurin, a human rights researcher and Founder of The Localization Lab, an organization fighting for equal access to information. A deep dive into building the Internet for everyone, and the privacy issues surrounding digital identity. and privacyGoing down the rabbit hole with top experts on the race between surveillance and privacy, and its implications for human rights and democracy. Hosted by Alex Kehaya. x
Barcode6.8Chris Glanden privacydata privacy202845 min45 Crisis with Dr. Eric ColeAt this moment, more than 70% of us are currently compromised by cybersecurity attacks that we underplay, ignore, or simply aren’t aware of because of their hyper-stealthy and invisible nature. In fact, most individuals and businesses will have been compromised for more than 3 years before they realize what’s happened. It's vital to help other's understand the genuine threat of cybersecurity attacks while delivering steps they can take to quickly and easily develop a proactive plan to mitigate exposure and damage and ensure the security of their businesses, their families, and their futures. Dr. Eric Cole, AKA the OG, is a former CIA hacker, cybersecurity commissioner to the Obama administration, and advisor to clients including the Obama family, Bill Gates, Lockheed Martin, and McAfee. Eric stops by BarCode and we discuss translating the importance of cybersecurity to executives, the importance of technical aptitude needed for a CISO role, dealing with haters, risk taking, his new book and more! Tony the Bartender empowers us with the "Godfather". This episode is sponsored by Nucleus Security. Support the show ( with 1337% ABVCybersecurity with 1337% ABV. BarCode is a place where Cybersecurity professionals can unite in a relaxed atmosphere while getting to hear experts opensource their wisdom and insight....outside of conference walls. Untap the knowledge of an industry guru, find out what fuels their drive, or simply kick back, relax, and listen to their story. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, most bars are limited or closed for on-prem service. Therefore, each episode will feature Tony, a virtual bartender who will greet and walk us through making an exceptional yet easy-to-make beverage right from the comfort of your own home. It's Cybersecurity straight up, no chaser.x
Surveillance Report 6.8NathanTechlore privacydata breachesdata privacy1427varies's Planning to Snag Your Health Data - Surveillance Report 42Welcome to the Surveillance Report - featuring Techlore & The New Oil to keep you updated on the newest security & privacy news. This report covers Google's entry into patient data, data breaches, Apple updates, politics, and much more!Apple's New Proxy Will Stop Google Spying?! - Surveillance Report 30 Criminals Spreading Ransomware Through Dead People? - Surveillance Report 2‪8 Signal WENT VIRAL! Ft. The New Oil - Surveillance Report 27 Nicholas Merrill, Founder of Calyx Institute - Full-Length Interview Amazon Now Has Its Dystopia! - Surveillance Report 26 Apple & MacOS Big Sur Spy on Every App!? - Surveillance Report 25 Google Got a VPN! - Surveillance Report 24 Tutanota Pressured Into Backdoor & Fought! - Surveillance Report 23 Privacy & Security News (2 MONTHS GALORE) - Surveillance Report 22 Interviewing Pierre Valade: CEO of Jumbo Privacy We Need To STOP Privacy Gatekeeping. It Hurts Everyone Facebook Suing the EU & Microsoft Buying TikTok - Surveillance Report 21 and privacy news roundupA weekly security and privacy news roundup to keep you up-to-speed on important updates in our digital world. Uploaded every weekend! https://techlore.techxx
Debugger6.8Bob SullivanSanford School of Public Policy privacydata & techdata ethics1445 min45 to stop ransomware? Cut off the cryptocurrencyThe Colonial Pipeline cyberattack got the attention of U.S. consumers when gasoline stations started running out of fuel, but the ransomware crisis has been festering for a long time. What steps did the White House take to stop, or at least slow down, ransomware gangs? In this mini-episode, host Bob Sullivan discusses an executive order signed by President Biden -- what it says, and what it's missing -- with Duke University Professor David Hoffman.What is the Original Sin of the Internet? Part 1, democracyA podcast about technology and democracy, sponsored by Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy and the Keenan Institute for Ethics
Law Bytes 6.8Michael GeistCentre for Law, Tech and Soc privacydata & techcanada298930 min30 90: Fenwick McKelvey on Bill C-10, Discoverability and the Missing Representation of a New Generation of Canadian CreatorsWeeks into a high profile debate over Bill C-10, the issue of discoverability of Canadian content has emerged as a policy tug of war between supporters that want the CRTC to intervene by mandating the discoverability of Canadian content on sites such as Youtube and Tiktok and critics that argue the approach would raise significant freedom of expression and net neutrality concerns. Fenwick McKelvey is a communications professor at Concordia University who has written more about the discoverability and algorithmic media than anyone in Canada. He joins the Law Bytes podcast to talk about discoverability, his frustrations with its implementation in Bill C-10, and the potential consequences for Canadian creators.Episode 78: Jennifer Jenkins on What Copyright Term Extension Could Mean for Canada Episode 77: The Complexity of Internet Content Regulation - A Conversation with CIPPIC's Vivek Krishnamurthy Episode 76: Higher Consumer Costs and Less Choice - My Appearance Before the Heritage Committee on Broadcasting Act Reform Episode 75: The Digital Taxman Comet‪h Episode 74: Heidi Tworek on the Challenges of Internet Platform Regulation Episode 73: The Broadcasting Act Blunder - Why Minister Guilbeault is Wrong Episode 72: Emily Laidlaw on the Good, the Bad, and the Missed Opportunities Behind Canada's Privacy Reform Episode 70: "It's Massive Free Distribution" - Village Media's Jeff Elgie on Why His Company Opposes Lobbying Efforts to Establish a Licence for Linking to News Stories Episode 69: Bram Abramson on the Government's Plan to Regulate Internet Streaming Services Episode 68: Mike Pal on What the Canadian Experience Teaches About the Intersection Between Electi... Episode 67: Tamir Israel on Facial Recognition Technologies at the Border Episode 66: Ann Cavoukian on Why Canadians Can Trust the COVID Alert App Episode 65: My Ian Kerr Memorial Lecture - Privacy and Zambonis in the Age of COVID-19, technology, and policyIn recent years the intersection between law, technology, and policy has exploded as digital policy has become a mainstream concern in Canada and around the world. This podcast explores digital policies in conversations with people studying the legal and policy challenges, set the rules, or are experts in the field. It provides a Canadian perspective, but since the internet is global, examining international developments and Canada’s role in shaping global digital policy is be an important part of the story. Lawbytes is hosted by Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law and where he is a member of the Centre for Law, Technology and Society
Help Me With HIPAA6.6Donna Grindle and David SimsHelp Me With HIPAA privacycybersecurity5131860 min60 Points In Cyber Executive OrderOne of the biggest security problems on the Internet is a ransomware attack. Ransomware can impact all our lives. Just take the Scripps Health and Colonial Pipeline ransomware attacks that we discussed in recent podcast episodes. Last week we gave you 6 tips for planning for a ransomware attack. And today we are going to discuss 6 points from the recently released cybersecurity Executive Order. More info at Exposed Part 2 Supply Chain Cyber Threats Getting Real Smart Cyber Habits Phishing Test Repor‪t‬ OCR Enforcement News 10 2021 Predictions Plus 2020 Results Cyber Attacks Will Get Worse In 2021 2020 Blooper Show Erik Decker - HICP and Cybersecurity Outlook Get off the sidewalk! - Ep 283 What About Information Blocking? - Ep 282 Vendors included in lawsuits - Ep 281 Enforcement, Ransomware, and More - Ep 280 Effective Communication Skills Matter - Tamika Bass - Ep 279 Cyber Halloween Party - Ep 278 Right of Access Round 9 + Connected Devices - Ep 277 OCR Drops More + NCSAM Week 3 Healthcare - Ep 276 Athens Ortho Settlement + NCSAM Week 2 - Ep 275 If You Connect It. Protect It. - Ep 274 NCSAM Kick-Off starts next week - Ep 273 HIPAA changes coming in 2020? - Ep 272 Cybersecurity Tales with Gary Salman Part 2 - Ep 271 today's environment of data breaches, identity theft, fraud, and increasing connectivity, HIPAA Privacy and Security rules are a responsibility to your patients and your clients. HIPAA isn't about compliance, it's about patient care.
Privacy Paths6.6Helena Wootton, OthersPrivacy Laws & Business privacypolicyprivacy pros51325 min25 to respond to privacy regulation of adtechLaura Linkomies talks to two privacy experts, Marta Dunphy-Moriel, Partner at Deloitte, and Alexander Dittel, Associate Director at Deloitte about privacy issues with adtech. Learn what companies using adtech can do to be transparent and comply with the UK Data Protection Act.Clubhouse: Challenges of apps and data privacy law Creating successful Data Protection Champions China's data privacy law Global Privacy Control - The new web-based opt-out FutureFlow and further lessons from the ICO Sandbox COVID-19: The impact on wellbeing and the use of personal data in HR. Episode 8 - HR data in Covid times - 9 November 2020 Episode 7 - EU GDPR Controller Processor guidelines - 2 November 2020 Episode 6 - A privacy and tech innovation win-win in the ICO’s regulatory sandbox - 27 October 2020 Episode 5 - Adtech - Consumers are taking control - 23 July 2020 Episode 4 - Brexit and its impact on UK data protection law and international transfers - 14 July 2020 Episode 3 - Pubs and hospitality - dealing with data collected for Covid-19 tracing - 2 July 2020 Episode 2 - Covid 19 tracking apps - key data protection issues - 26 June 2020 Episode 1 - Privacy aspects of Australia’s CovidSAFE contact tracing app - 16 June 2020, analysisNews, legal analysis and management guidance on data protection and privacy laws around the world.x
The Virtual CISO Podcast6.6John Verry, Jeremy SpornPivot Point Security governance145160 min60 EDR & NDR Help You Make Better Security Decisions with Chris NeyhuisRemember those halcyon days when you could just stick an antivirus on your desktop and not worry — before all these confusing initialisms like EDR and NDR…. Well, turns out, they aren’t as complicated as you may think. And I can’t think of anyone more qualified to explain why than Chris Nyhuis, President and CEO at Vigilant, who joins the show to shine some light on why the old-fashioned AV is seen as a relic of the past — and whether the new tools that have replaced it are buzzwords or brilliance We discuss: - How EDR differs from AV - What NDR and ENDR are - The pros and cons of automating security - Why compliance isn’t enough FedRAMP: What You Need to Know How Data Privacy Standards Affect Your Busines‪s‬ Should You Invest in a GRC Tool for Security & Compliance? CMMC Compliance: The Nuances You Should Know GCC High Demystified: What CMMC Compliance Means for DIB Firms What DIB Firms Need to Know About the CMMC Interim Rule The Secrets to Keeping Your SaaS Secure 32. How IoT Is Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity 31. A Brief History of NIST Guidance 30. How to Beat the 6 Most Challenging CMMC L3 Requirements 29. How COVID-19 Is Shaping Security’s Future w/Reg Harnish 28. Why 800-171 Compliance Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon w/John Ellis 27. How DevOps Took Over (& Why You Should Care) w/Jon Bass 26: How to Optimize Your ISMS w/Rich Stever 25: CMMC Compliance & Continuous Monitoring Made Simple w/Chris Lank 24: Everything You Need to Know About ISO 27001 Audits w/ Ryan Mackie information security officerThe Virtual CISO Podcast is a frank discussion that provides the very best information security advice and insights for Security, IT and Business leaders. If you’re looking for the latest strategies, tips, and trends from seasoned information security practitioners, want no-B.S. answers to your biggest security questions, need a perspective on how your peers are addressing the same issues, or just simply want to stay informed and proactive, welcome to the show.Our moderator, John Verry, chats with industry thought leaders to ensure you have what you need to be confident in your security and compliance. John will keep you informed, and perhaps even mildly entertained through topics like ISO 27001, breach avoidance, incident response, dealing with pesky security questionnaires, data privacy, and managing vendor risk.Think of it as security… with a smilex
The GDPR Guy6.6Carl Gottliebcognition privacyGDPRcompliance1218varies Barday - CEO of OneTrustIn this episode I'm chatting live with Kabir Barday - CEO of OneTrust. We're discussing hyper growth, listening to customers, maintaining best-of-breed and what's next for OneTrust. Show notes and videos for this episode are available at Pavon - Senior Counsel at Salesforce Chat with Andy Dale, General Counsel at Alyce Chat with Joey Stanford of YouTube Meets COPPA Do Not Sell GDPR Guy - the podcast dedicated to helping your organisation comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Hosted by Carl Gottlieb, Data Protection consultant and Director of the Security Solutions provider, Cognition. Each episode Carl will be providing information, insights and inspiration to help you on your GDPR journey. You’ll find show notes and useful resources on the website, THE GDPR, as well as details for getting in touch with Carl directly.
Masters of Privac‪y‬ 6.5Sergio MaldonadoPrivacyCloud privacyprivacy prosdata economy1625 min25 S19: los niños y sus datos, fuera de controlUn porcentaje elevadísimo de niños menores de 13 años está usando redes sociales en España y otros países, con consecuencias aún imprevisibles. Se endurece la protección de sus datos en Estados Unidos y se estrechan los controles en la UE y Reino Unido, mientras que Facebook anuncia un “Instagram para niños”, Google Analytics sustituye cookies por estadística avanzada y Android empieza a seguir los pasos de iOS en el control a las aplicaciones móviles. Con Cris Moro y Sergio MaldonadoSille Sepp: MyData Global and the fight for Human Centricit‪y Elizabeth Renieris: On the illusion of control and the trade-offs of innovatio‪n Julian Wilson: Self-Sovereign Data meets Open Bankin‪g Andres Arrieta: Privacy, competition, and browser war‪s Gam Dias: On privacy, agency, convenience, and freedo‪m‬ Alessandro De Zanche: The Funnel of Trust for media owner‪s‬ Dr. Augustine Fou: How AdTech Harms Society And Violates Privac‪y John Marshall: Free is ba‪d‬, innovationHoping to better understand a human-centric, demand-led future, we have spent a few months interviewing entrepreneurs and pioneers at the intersection of Marketing, Data, Privacy, and Technology. This channel is our attempt to expand on this effort and share our learnings along the way. Masters of Privacy is hosted and maintained by PrivacyCloud, a Spain and US-based company that helps people, marketers, and publishers take control of their data, their money, and their experiences.x
KUCI: Privacy Piracy6.5Mari Frank, Lloyd BoshawKUCI privacydata privacy4606unknown KearseBina Ramamurthy Bob & Ben Siegel Darren Patrick Danny O'Brien April Falcon Doss Mark Pribish Rebecca Herold STEVE MCCHESNEY Nate Birt DAVID STEBENNE privacy issuesProtect Yourself in the Information Age (KUCI 88.9fm in Irvine)
AT -> GO AI6.5ForHumanity / MLdata ethicsdata privacy310 min10 -> GO AI | Accountability, Transparency, Governance and Oversight of Artificial Intelligence AT → GO, a short form podcast from ForHumanity. This series is about the recent draft EU regulations for AI. The ForHumanity fellows, leading international experts on AI will be interviewed by international hosts, and the fellows will share their thoughts about the regulations. The draft #EUAIRegs mandate classification of high risk AI and also require specific approaches to ensure that such AI systems do not harm people. This regulation has proposed a penalty of 6% of global revenues or Euro 30 million for violations. Adam Lyon Smith is a specialist in software quality, continuous integration, and AI. He has held senior technology roles at several multinationals, delivering large complex projects. Chair of Specialist group in Software Testing. He was also the editor for standards including bias in AI system and quality model. He is a ForHumanity Fellow and a Board member of ForHumanity. In this episode Adam talks about his perspectives on EU AI regulations. Adam shares, “standards need to be applied” instead of just looking at regulation. He welcomes the regulation and believes that this will help in a robust and data driven approach. Read the regulation...this is the start, and not the end. “The starting gun has been fired for the standards committee.” Visit us at to know more AIAT -> GO AI is podcast channel from ForHumanity. This podcast will bring multiple series of insights on topics of pressing importance specifically in the space of Ethics and Accountability of emerging technology. You will hear from game changers in this field who have spearheaded accountability, transparency, governance and oversight in developing and deploying emerging technology (including Artificial Intelligence).
Machine Ethics6.5Ben ByfordEthical by Design / MLdata privacy45360 min60 The business of AI ethics with Josie YoungThis episode we're chatting with the amazing Josie Young on making businesses more efficient, how the AI ethics landscape changed over the last 5 years, ethics roles and collaborations, feminist AI and chatbots, responsible AI at Microsoft, ethics push back from teams and selling in AI ethics, disinformation's risk to democracy and more...52. Algorithmic discrimination with Damien Williams 51. AGI Safety and Alignment with Robert Miles 50. Privacy and the end of the data economy with Carissa Veliz 49. 2020 rambling chat with Ben Gilburt and Ben Byford 48. Jessie Smith co-designing AI 47. Robot Rights with David Gunkel 46. Belief Systems and AI with Dylan Doyle-Burke 45. Responsible AI with Maria Axente 33. ORGcon special edition episode, explanation and Interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, creatives and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology ethics and more.x
PrivacyCast6.5Akarsh SinghPrivacyCast privacydata & tech830 min30"Trust Engineering & Data Privacy" \u2600\ufe0f Ricky Rakesh Jha\ud83d\udd12 In the era of digitalization, data has emerged as both an asset and a threat. The call for data privacy has been heard across the globe – sparking a legislative movement that aims to safeguard individuals' privacy and curb data vulnerability. The Middle East too has flourished its privacy landscape in the last ten years with laws and regulations emerging across the region. \ud83d\ude07 In the 7th episode of #PrivacyCast, we are welcoming a very special #PrivacyWarrior who has been instrumental in the operations of #DataGovernance & #InformationSecurity for various International establishments - Mr. Ricky Rakesh Jha, CEO, Privacy Virtuoso Global. Rakesh is a Fellow in Information Privacy and is an expert in HIPAA, PIPEDA, US GAAP, UK DPA98/18, EU GDPR, and QATAR LAW/13. \ud83d\udca1 Join us to know about the various data privacy laws and their implementations in the Middle East. Also, get insights on how the countries take data privacy as a measure for themselves.Privacy in Technology with Abilash, CEO, Truthshare.tech privacy in techYour bi-weekly dose of Data Privacy with Akarsh Singh. We bring to you the Data Privacy Warriors in the Technology industry. PrivacyCast enables you to understand Data Privacy Technology, its evolution, and the change it brings to you. Our mission is to give you a sneak-peek into your data processing and help grow the privacy engineering technology community globally.x
GDPR Now!6.5Karen Heaton Data Protection 4 Business privacyGDPR2630-60 min45 28: Digital Vaccine Passports and Certificates? What could possibly go wrong?In today's episode, we are delving into the hot topic of Digital Vaccine Passports and Certificates. We outline the complex mix of technology, privacy and practical issues in a global context. As we did in Episodes 24 & 25, we look at the significant practical, technical and privacy issues surrounding how nation states and governments want to use technology to prove human beings can travel internationally, cross borders in the EU and get access to domestic venues, events, retail outlets and much more besides. Arguably a more complex problem to solve than tracking and tracing individuals. We consider the lack of effectiveness of the Track and Trace apps in the UK & EU and wonder how acceptable solutions can be found for Vaccine Passports and Certificates - a wider problem involving citizens, businesses, medical records and often new and emerging technology. Again, we find ourselves asking the same question: how do we find a rapid and effective way to discuss and agree the extended use of our data to manage this pandemic and halt the damage from lockdowns? We urgently need a forum to be able to have these discussions. As Privacy, Legal and Techology professionals we must contribute to solutions to help support governments to enable better pandemic management. There are far more questions than answers, so this episode will be the start of our journey to keep up to date with developments. GDPR Now! Is brought to you by Data Protection 4 Business & This Is DPO. Guests Roger Marlow Roger has worked in software for over 30 years with experience in building software for the finance, retail, automative and government sectors. He has been involved in the creation of several companies including a healthcare technology company that works for the NHS. Special Guest: Roger Marlow.Track and Trace apps: What price for data privacy? We need to find better solutions Episode 24: NHS Track and Trace App: are privacy and practicality issues a barrier to success? The end of the EU-US Privacy Shield. Now what? How do you know if your data has been compromised? Whose data is it anyway? Impact on track and trace apps Track and trace apps: views from Australia Now! is brought to you by Data Protection 4 Business and Thisisdpo! Our podcast focuses on Data Protection regulations and all issues related to data security and privacy. Our goal is to discuss important topics which help businesses comply with data protection regulations while protecting their business interests in a practical and pragmatic way. Our episodes provide insightful information for business leaders and privacy professionals alike. The hosts are joined by a range of specialists who discuss the latest news, developments and trends within data security and privacy. Whether you're a business owner or manager, privacy expert, a privacy beginner or you just want to know more, this is the podcast for you! Come and join us today!
Pivot6.4Kara Swisher, Scott GallowayNew York Magazine, Vox Media & techbusinesspolitics370022360 min60 crackdown on social media, Amazon buys MGM, and is 5G worth the hype?Kara and Scott talk about Russia increasing penalties and crackdowns on Google, Twitter, and Facebook. They also discuss Amazon's $8.45billion purchase of MGM Studios. In listener mail they answer a question about whether 5G is actually worth the hype.SPACs tumble, the education tech market and the future of automation The new COVID stimulus and Andy Slavitt on vaccine plans Facebook's Australia blackout and the GameStop hearings More hearings for big tech, GameStop stock surge (again), and predictions come true The end of the Bezos era, SpaceX for civilians, and a stock predictio‪n‬ Lincoln Project implosion, Microsoft says Google should pay newspapers, and Friend of Pivot Adam Gran‪t‬ The GameStop, Reddit, Robinhood saga Facebook's oversight board takes on the Trump ban and Friend of Pivot Congressman Ro Khanna on w More GOP Twitter suspensions, Parler is back, and FTC Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter on the future of big tech Impeachment number 2, Airbnb cancels DC reservations, and rebranding America The Trump tapes and Tesla sales soar with guest host Stephanie Ruhle The Wonder Woman premiere, Georgia's run off election, and friend of pivot Olivia Nuzzi 2021 Predictions Special: the future of markets, healthcare, and media DoorDash and Airbnb IPOs, WarnerMedia streaming updates, and Casey Newton on Substack Airbnb’s IPO, Amazon breaks into the pharmacy business, and predictions on a CNN sale Covid’s ‘second wave’ and business, Europe brings antitrust suit to Amazon, and a prediction on fitness trackers Disney earnings, TikTok saga continues, and Maggie Haberman on the Trump transition The endless election, Twitter keeps Jack Dorsey as CEO, and a listener question about Pinterest Pfizer's covid-19 vaccine, China looks at fintech regulation, and Lyft President John Zimmer on the future of gig work Platforms prep for election, Panera CEO on the coffee "rundle", and proposition-22 is a fail Republicans vs. Big Tech hearing, Apple is getting into search, and California votes on the future of gig wo... Facebook readies the ship, Robinhood looting, Katy Tur on election night and Ant Group DOJ/Google showdown, RIP Quibi, and a listener mail question on Airbnb IPO The China economy boom and a Friend of Pivot on cyber warfare and election disinformation The iPhone and augmented reality, Facebook and Twitter clamp down on misinformation, and predicti insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics.Every Tuesday and Friday, Recode’s Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no one else. After all, with great power comes great scrutiny. From New York Magazine and the Vox Media Podcast Network.x
FEDSpace6.4Marissa WhartonActiveNav privacydata governancefederal gov102425 min25 to Lessen the e-Discovery Burden of FOIA RequestsAs challenging as FOIA requests are, the good news is that they don't have to consume so much time and expense anymore. Tune in as Tom Jacobs and James Jones deep dive into how file analysis technology can address the unique workflows and security needs of governmental agencies, as presented at the DGI eDiscovery Conference in May 2021.Making Records Management Easy Serving Public Needs Using Data - CDO Panel Reca‪p‬ M-19-21 Compliance 2020 Year in Review The CFTC & Data Privacy Recap: Chief Data Officer Panel Enterprise-Level Data Management - U.S. Navy Innovation, Collaboration, & Data - U.S. Air Force FOIA and Public Records Requests The Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI) The CUI Program Developing Data-Driven Solutions - US Army Corps of Engineers Data Governance, Record Keeping, and FOIA Transforming Government Data Into a Strategic Asset Creating Decision Advantage at the Speed of Mission - Dept. of the Navy Data Management data privacy and governanceWelcome to the FEDSpace Podcast - your source for all things federal data privacy and governance. Join us as we talk to federal agency leaders, privacy pioneers, and information governance experts about current topics in the Federal space. x
Data Protection Made Easy6.4Phil BriningData Protection People privacyGDPR1560 min60 3 Years Of GDPR - Lessons Learnt And Predictions For The FutureData Protection People have worked with the GDPR since before it was introduced. We have seen the creation of many new career opportunities, and seen businesses step up and take notice of privacy, many of them for the first time. In this Podcast, 3 of our top consultants Phil Brining, Oliver Rear and David Holmes join together to look back at the last 3 years and discuss how the GDPR has influenced Data Privacy. We also discuss what the future holds for the GDPR and try to guess what the next 3 years will look like!15: GDPR Radio - News & Views 14: Data Breaches - Lessons Learnt From Recent Breaches 13: Data Protection Audits - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Compliance 12: Accountability - How To Demonstrate Compliance 11: Safer Internet Day - How To Protect Our Organisations 10: Data Protection Day - Guidance & The UK GDPR topicsA regular podcast hosted by Data Protection People covering a range of different topics relating to news and recent changes in the world of Data Protection.x
EDRM Global Podcast Network 6.4Mary Mack, Kaylee Walstad privacy648varies Zone: Zapproved's Michelle Ruch sits down with Kaylee & MaryIllumination Zone: Zapproved's Michelle Ruch sits down with Kaylee & Mary to talk about her and Zapproved's journey to ZDiscoveryThe Data Diva Episode 17 – Marie-Claire Péroux The Data Diva Episode 16 – Amar Kanagaraj of oneDPO The Data Diva Episode 15 – Tara Taubman-Bassirian LLM of Data Rainbow The Data Diva Episode 14 – Memme Onwudiwe, Executive VP at Evisort Illumination Zone: Mary Mack & Kaylee Walstad Sit Down with Niki Black Illumination Zone: Mary Mack & Kaylee Walstad Sit Down with Robert Keeling The Data Diva Episode 13 – Gail Gottehrer Law and Emerging Technologies The Data Diva Episode 12 – Zaheer Allam, Ph.D. Smart Cities Urban Strategist The Data Diva Episode 11 – Beth Winters Solutions Marketing Manager at Aparavi The Data Diva Episode 10 – David Goodis Privacy Commissioner Ontario, Canada The Data Diva Episode 9 – Olga Kislinska Privacy Compliance Manager Nike The Data Diva Episode 8 – Mike Bryant of Knox Capital Holdings & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva Episode 7 – Rohan Light of Decisiv & Debbie Reynolds The Data Diva Episode 5 – Dawid Jacobs of DAL-Global Inc & Debbie Reynolds TAR Talk: Hosts John Tredennick, Tom Gricks and Dr. Jeremy Pickens welcome Herb Roitblat to the porch Illumination Zone: Mary Mack & Kaylee Walstad Sit Down with Tony Sipp The Data Diva E3 – Allen Woods The Data Wiz & Debbie Reynolds Musings with Marc & Mary: What’s Hot at Year End and for the New Year TAR Talk: Hosts John Tredennick, Tom Gricks and Dr. Jeremy Pickens welcome Herb Roitblat to the The Data Diva E2 – Susan Brown of Zortrex & Debbie Reynolds Illumination Zone: Mary Mack & Kaylee Walstad Sit Down with Melinda Vaughn The Data Diva E1 - Jeff Salling of Novartis & Debbie Reynolds Illumination Zone: Mary Mack & Kaylee Walstad Sit Down with David Horrigan Musings with Marc & Mary: Net Promoter Score (NPS) Illumination Zone: Mary Mack & Kaylee Walstad Sit Down with Cash Butler Illumination Zone: Mary Mack & Kaylee Walstad Sit Down with Richard Tromans Illumination Zone: Mary Mack & Kaylee Walstad Sit Down with TracyAnn Eggen45eDiscoveryInterviews and discussions with global leaders in eDiscovery and adjacent disciplines. Interviews by Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad.
Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show6.4Michael Bazzell IntelTechniques privacycybersecurityOSINT57321840 min40 Tracking (Privacy & OSINT)This week, I discuss the privacy concerns and OSINT benefits of rebate tracking portals. You might be surprised at the wealth of details exposed when we request rebates from stores. Direct support for this podcast comes from sales of my books, services, and online video training. More details can be found at Your support eliminates any ads, sponsors, endorsements, Patreon, donations, or commercial influence on this show. Listen to ALL episodes at OSINT Tactics 208-Amazon Privacy & VOIP Updates 207-VPN Routers Revisited 206-Website Analytics Concerns & Solutions 205-Five Shows In On‪e‬ 206-Website Analytics Concerns & Solution‪s‬ 203-Lessons in Redundancy 204-Radio Frequency Monitorin‪g‬ 202-Parler: Privacy, Security, & OSINT 201-New OSINT Online Investigation Techniques 200-Stalking, Doxing, and Online Harassment 199-Physical Security Assessments 198-New OSINT Strategies (Offense & Defense) 196-What...A...Week... 195-Email Reputation & QR Scanning 194-Dealing With Drones & New Foreign Residency Options 193-Credit Cards & Campaign Data 192-Secure Messaging Comparison 191-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates 190-Plant Your Flag (Revisited) 189-iOS 14, Usenet, and Self-Publishing, digital security, OSINT news and opinionThis weekly podcast presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator. If you are just starting with us, please consider episodes 174-178.
VinciWorks6.4VinciWorks mgtdata privacy13030 min30 - Three years onOn the three year anniversary of GDPR coming into force, we are joined by White & Case LLP's Global Information Governance Director Richard Hogg and VinciWorks' DPO Ruth Mittelmann Cohen to look at the last three years of GDPR. We also explore the effect the regulation has had on the way we collect and process data and what we can expect in the next 12 months. Free GDPR resources:'s Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR) - What you need to know MDR Unpacked: Episode 2 - Gibraltar Anti-bribery: Maintaining complianc‪e‬ MDR Unpacked: Episode 1 - Mexico DAC6 is here — What now? DAC6 in the UK — What now? DAC6 — The non-legal perspective DAC6 reporting - Your questions answered Regulatory Agenda - June 2020: Preparing for a return to work Health and safety and Covid-19 - Getting back to work safely Financial crime — Mitigating risks during COVID-19 DAC6 - What multinationals need to know GDPR - Maintaining compliance during the pandemic DAC6 — Understanding HMRC’s draft guidance Mental Health: Wellbeing at Work DAC6 - How to Prepare The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive - What Now? Health and safety at work - Beyond ticking the box SRA Standards and Regulations - Your questions answered Whistleblowing - Understanding your rights and responsibilities DAC6 — Understanding tax disclosure requirements Diversity and inclusion — how to lead the way GDPR Mythbusters 2019 - Are you compliant? GDPR in action - a conversation with Alex Brown, Partner, Simmons and Simmons complianceThis podcast features the latest interview in the areas of compliance, risk management and e-learning. Topics include AML, GDPR, harassment, FCPA, anti-bribery and more. Founded in 2004, VinciWorks is a leading provider of online compliance training and risk management software. With over 200,000 users across 70 countries, VinciWorks has established itself as the definitive authority in online compliance. VinciWorks offers a range of compliance and regulatory training courses on topics such as the General Data Protection Regulation, the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, the Criminal Finances Act, the Modern Slavery Act, the Bribery Act, cyber security, the Equality Act and more. All of VinciWorks’ courses are customisable and can be tailored to suit the industry and specific policies of each client. In addition to training courses, VinciWorks offers compliance software solutions including its Learning Management System to track online learning, Omnitrack to track and manage online registers, Policy Tracker, a Risk Management System and more. VinciWorks has also published several policy templates and compliance guides to help organisations comply with the latest laws and regulations.x
Dataministeriet6.4Anders Bäckström & Filip Johnssén protectionGDPRprivacy rights6660 min60 To control one's own story || We are visited by none other than Nicklas Berild Lundblad, previously on Google in various roles now on Stripe. What is data protection really about and should we really talk about the protection of identity rather than integrity? What exactly is personal data and who decides it? Should we be able to control our narrative, control our story and how does it relate to the right to be forgotten?48data protection geeksMinistry of Data - a podcast on data protection / privacy. Meet data protection geeks, hear their stories and learn more about the right to privacy. Has anyone heard of the GDPR?
Law and Candor6.3Bill Mariano, Rob HellewellLighthouse governance174420 min20 Up with M365 Software UpdatesIn the fourth episode of the seventh season, co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell discuss why diversity in AI is important and how this could impact legal outcomes and decisions. Next, they introduce their guest speaker, Jamie Brown of Lighthouse, who uncovers key strategies to keep up with the constant flow of Microsoft 365 software updates. Jamie answers the following questions (and more) in this episode: * What are some of the common challenges associated with M365's rapid software updates? * How do these constant updates lead to compliance risks? * What are some best practices for overcoming these challenges? * What recommendations would you pass along to those who are experiencing these challenges? * What advice would you give to other women in the ediscovery industry looking to move their careers forward? Our co-hosts wrap up the episode with a few key takeaways. If you enjoyed the show, learn more about our speakers and subscribe on the podcast homepage, rate us on Apple and Stitcher, and join in the conversation on Twitter. Related Links * Blog Post: Key Compliance & Information Governance Considerations As You Adopt Microsoft Teams * Blog Post: Achieving eDiscovery Compliance Amidst the Ever-Evolving Cloud Landscape * Press Release: Lighthouse Launches CloudCompass for Microsoft 365 at Legaltech New York About Law & Candor Law & Candor is a podcast wholly devoted to pursuing the legal technology revolution. Co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell explore the impacts and possibilities that new technology is creating by streamlining workflows for ediscovery, compliance, and information governance. To learn more about the show and our speakers, visit the podcast homepage.Achieving Information Governance through a Transformative Cloud Migration The Convergence of AI and Data Privacy in eDiscovery: Using AI and Analytics to Identify Personal Information Does Cellular 5G Equal 5x the Fraud and Misconduct Risk? Reducing Cybersecurity Burdens with a Customized Data Breach Workflow AI, Analytics, and the Benefits of Transparency Leveraging AI and Analytics to Detect Privilege Cross-Border Data Transfers and the EU-US Data Privacy Tug of War Effective Strategies for Managing DSARs Scaling Your eDiscovery Program: Self Service to Full Service Facilitating a Smooth and Successful Large Review Project with Advanced Analytics Top Microsoft 365 Features to Leverage in Your eDiscovery Program, compliance, and information governanceThe podcast wholly devoted to pursuing the legal technology revolution. Co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell explore the impacts and possibilities that new technology is creating by streamlining workflows for ediscovery, compliance, and information governance.
The Privacy Cast: Tudo Sobre LGPD e GDPR 6.3Fabricio da Mota Alves privacybrazilcompliance12460 min60 26 - Interview with Renato Opice Blum and Rony VainzofEpisode 26 | Special edition: interview with Renato Opice Blum and Rony Vainzof In this special edition, Vivi Maldonado and Fabrício da Mota receive Renato and Rony, partners of the firm Opice Blum, Bruno and Vainzof Advogados Associados, specialized in Digital Law and Data Protection. The conversation revolved around the professional market and the provision of specialized services in the areas where the firm operates. We talked about the maturity of the regulatory environment for privacy and data protection in Brazil, the challenges of positioning in the market, what to expect and how a professional who wants to work in this sector should prepare. An episode full of fundamental insights for those who work or want to work with digital law and data protection in Brazil! Unmissable! Access from your preferred platform. We are on Spotify, Deezer, Apple and the main podcast apps. Kisses and hugs, Vivi and FabrícioEpisódio 23 - Entrevista com a Diretora da ANPD, Nairane Rabelo Episódio 22 - Edição especial: temos LGPD e ANPD Entrevista com a NOYB None Of Your Business: Caso Schrems Ii Episódio nº 20 - Eleições, Partidos Políticos e LGPD Com Eduardo Magrani Episódio 19 - Bate-papo com Christian Perrone / ITS Rio Episódio 18 - Crossover: The Privacy Cast + Privacy Challenge50LGPD, GDPR, CCPAO primeiro podcast do Brasil 🇧🇷 dedicado exclusivamente a temas sobre privacidade, proteção de dados pessoais e a todos os acrônimos e siglas que você precisa entender para ficar por dentro do assunto: LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, ANPD, DPA, ISA, DPO, EPD, DPIA, LIA, EDPB, WP29, CMP, ICO, SCP, BCR. >> The first podcast in Brazil 🇧🇷 exclusively dedicated to topics on privacy, protection of personal data and all acronyms and acronyms you need to understand to stay on top of the subject: LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, ANPD, DPA, ISA, DPO, EPD, DPIA, LIA, EDPB, WP29, CMP, ICO, SCP, BCR.x
Data protection and ICT6.3OBC Transeuropa privacydata & tech1530 min30 practices in border managementDigital technologies reconfigure the rationales, techniques and practices of border security and migration management. We explored these issues with Georgios Glouftsios, a researcher at the University of Trento, whose work is focused on analysing how data infrastructures shape the logics and tactics of mobility control in Europe. Here are some of the books and articles we mentioned: - When Biometrics Fail: Gender, Race, and the Technology of Identity, by Shoshana Amielle Magnet. - Data derivatives: on the emergence of a security risk calculus for our times, by Louise A. Moore. - Artificial Unintelligence, By Meredith Broussard. Intro Music: Corporate Innovation by WinnieTheMoog Link: License: Data analytics and AI in personalised insurance, a data protection perspective [with Gert Meyers] Data commercialisation in ICT & research [with Frédéric Tronnier] The issues of consent in data protection and research [with Alessandro Ortalda] Privacy is Power [with Carissa Véliz] AI, the public sector and GDPR protection + info and comm techA monthly chat between a journalist and an expert on a defined topic, mostly on ethical and legal issues connected to data protection and ICT. The show is part of the EU funded project Panelfit: x
Dasprive 6.3Bart van Buitenen & Tim Van Haeren privacycybersecuritydata & tech61060 min60 reveals a dystopian plot, municipalities follow citizens online, Belgium's most cybersecurity country in the EUIn this new episode, we take a look at a dystopian plot revealed by Le Soir, municipalities that follow citizens through fake profiles, and how Belgium becomes the safest country in Europe with the new Cyber ​​Security Center strategy. Privacy tools: Guerilla mail and the book “I know your password”Gambling companies use data to reclaim addicts, VRT privacy documentary, negotiations with ransomware hackers Drones will track traffic, real-time location of 15 billion cars for sale, Exchange continues to leak data52The Dasprive podcast looks at the latest privacy news every week: data leaks, fines, rulings, new technology and security. We also regularly interview people from the privacy world in separate episodes.xx
GDPR Weekly Show6.2Keith BuddenEnsurety privacyGDPR143varies data grab, Postbox theft, Matt Hancock,, Air India, Microsoft EU, UK GDPR Adequate Countries, First Court Approval CCPAComing up in this week's episode: NHS prepares for largest data grab in the history of NHS England, Postbox theft from GP surgery in Norwich, Matt Hancock issues directive for organisations to share data to help fight Covid-19, data breach, Air India data breach, Microsoft offers users the option to keep data within the EU, UK GDPR issues the first list of adequate countries, First Court approval CCPA expected following Minted data breachVaccination Passports, YSoft, Home Schooling, Charities EU Donors, Clubhouse, Nurserycam, Npower, Bombardier, Indian Army, Article 49 Comb, Wordpress, CMA, Email breaches, UK PNC Home Office, Experian, Serasa, Brazil, Calendar booking, Article 49, Schrems II, PSD2, University College Dublin, Lotus Notes, EU Privacy Directive NHS Track and Trace, EGBA, Briitish Airways, Foxtons, Facebook, Stormshield, ICO Child Friendly Code, EDPB and EDPS, Data Breach, Irish Councillor, Escort Review‪s GDPR Weekly Show Episode 128 :- Pimlico Plumbers, EDPB Adequacy, Guernsey, Penalties, adtech, Ireland, Hackney election, East Devon, Ministry of Defence, Amey, Data breach ICO, Caixabank, Bonobos, Pixlr, CPRA, Territorial Reach Home working GDPR, Monitoring employees, GDPR training, Australians, Policies Updating, Data Protection Worldwide, Mensa, Citrix, Grindr, Cybernews, Andrew Cuomo, ICO SEC, GDPR vs PDPA Lockdown GDPR, Post Brexit, Capital Business Media, Leave.EU, Advocate General CJEU, Soft Opt-in, United Nations, Video Surveillance, Colorado Covid 19, UK PNC Rhombus, US data transfer, Estate Agents, Data Breach post Brexit, Capitol insurrection, Cybersecurity training, BA update, Blackpool data breach, Now Pensions data breach, Ho Mobile data breach, Communist Party of China GDPR Weekly Show Episode 125 :- EU/UK after Brexit, T-mobile, Kawasaki, Walmart, Schrems II , Ledger, Data Broker, Romwe, Ireland Financial Services GDPR Weekly Show Episode 124 :- GDPR changes as a result of UK-EU trade deal GDPR Weekly Show Episode 123 :- Covid19 Vaccinations, School Covid19, DHSC, Facebook, Dr Jacqui Taylor, Brexit, Twitter, Peoples Energy, Norwich, Scottish Ambulance Service, Swedish University, Desjardins, Father Christmas GDPR Weekly Show Episode 122 :- GDPR Awareness Survey, EU Drugs Regulator, VST Enterprises, EU data arrangements, Channel Islands, Scientific Research, Facebook, HMRC, East Devon District Council GDPR Weekly Show Episode 121 :- Covid19, wearable, countme, pension funds, brexit transition, Kent and Medway, Sheffield City Council, Armagh, Twitter, Loch Rannoch, Flagship, West Mercia Police, Absa, Knwu, Embraer, Canon, Vancouver Metro Translink NewsA weekly update on all that is new in the world of GDPR, plus interesting guests, some 'how to' slots and details of new GDPR related solutions. UK based but with items of interest to a worldwide audience.xx
Credio Cloud Cast6.2Carey LeningCredio computingdata privacy425 min25 - Interview with Kim Green (Rodan + Fields) - Part 2Welcome to Episode 4 of the Credio Cloud Cast. This week, I'll be sharing Part 2 of my interview with Kim Green, Sr. Director of IT Security & Compliance at Rohdan + Fields. On the last episode, Kim and I discussed the importance of seeing more women in leadership, and why we as women need to be choosy when it comes to joining advisory boards. You can listen to it here! This week, we talk about threat modelling – something many of our listeners may be familiar with when it comes to assessing cyber risk. But how many of you have considered the importance of threat modeling a road trip? Fortunately, Kim has as part of her upcoming adventure touring the country in her R-Pod 202. Be sure to listen in as we discuss security hardening, escalation of privileges, and even Operational security, all in the context of driving America. I guarantee, you'll love this episode.Credio Cloud Cast S1E3 - Celebrating International Women's Day with Kim Green (Rodan + Fields) Credio Cloud Cast - S1E2 - The Changing Role of the CISO with Colin Anderson Credio Cloud Cast - S1E1 - All About That AppSec and the CloudCarey Lening, Senior Consultant for Credio will be interviewing distinguished chiefs -- CISOs, CIOs, CPOs, and DPOs, and diving into the changes each of these roles are undergoing as organizations move from on-prem and datacenter environments to the cloud. We'll be diving into questions like how the CxO role has changed, new challenges and threats in the cloud, defining best practices, and anything else that seems interesting!x
Smarter Market‪s‬ 6.1Erik Townsend, Michelle DennedyAbaxx Technologies privacyESG207286060 Lavender: Part II | The Role of Digital Innovation in Advancing the ESG EconomyMichelle Dennedy sits down with Greg Lavender, Chief Technology Officer at VMware and former CTO for Cloud Architecture and Technology Engineering at Citigroup to continue the conversation about digital innovation’s role in advancing the ESG Economy., digial privacyAre we facing a crisis in capitalism? This podcast gives listeners unprecedented access to some of the leading minds in commodities, technology and macroeconomics who rant on the inadequacies of our systems today and riff on ideas for how to make them better. Together, we explore if smarter markets are the real antidote for a sustainable future that is vigilant about ESG, data privacy and financialism as growing concerns in our markets today.
Smashing Security6.1Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault privacy20222960 min60 Dating leaks, right to repair, and a stinky bishopA big cheese ends up in jail, a Japanese dating site spills the dirt after a hack, and we learn all about the right to repair. All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by Paul Roberts from The Security Ledger. Plus don't miss our featured interview with Javvad Malik from KnowBe4. 217: Would you cuddle this revolting robot? - with Robert Llewellyn 216: Playboy, prison, and digital ploys - with Garry Kasparo‪v 215: Sexy cows banned on Facebook 214: Lockdown love scams, SolarWinds, and a data deletion bungl‪e 213: No security smarts at Mensa, long-term identity theft, and GameStop's share frenz‪y‬ 212: Dutch leaks, Peeping Toms, and researchers under fire 211: Fleeking, COVID-19 hacking, and Bitcoin balls-ups 210: DC rioters ID'd, Energydots, and ransomware gets you in a pickle 209: Vengeful ex-staff, bad Santas, and iOS app nutrition facts 208: Hidden treasure, COVID tracker trauma, and happy holidays with IoT 205: Zoom password pinching and Parler problems 204: Green buttons, Olympic attacks, and... an apology 203: Testing times, naming names, and the bald truth about AI 202: The Wu-Tang Clan are Among Us 201: Robin Hood, Flippy, and the web ad bubble 200: Two flipping hundred 199: A few tech cock-ups, and one cock lock-up 198: Chucky the coffee maker56security, hacking, & privacyA helpful and hilarious take on the week's tech SNAFUs. Computer security industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault chat with guests about cybercrime, hacking, and online privacy. It's not your typical cybersecurity podcast... Winner of the "Best Security Podcast 2018" and "Best Security Podcast 2019", Smashing Security has had over four million downloads. Past guests include Garry Kasparov, Mikko Hyppönen, and Rory Cellan-Jones. Follow the podcast on Twitter at @SmashinSecurity, and subscribe for free in your favourite podcast app. New episodes released at 7pm EST every Wednesday (midnight UK).
Life with GDPR6.1Tom FoxC-Suite Network privacyGDPRcompliance4420 min20 Birthday GDPR, Part 1In this episode Jonathan Armstrong and Tom Fox are back to discuss issues relating to data privacy, data protection and GDPR. Today we begin a special two-part episode in honor of the 3rd anniversary of the go-live of GDPR. We review five key developments in GDPR review, regulation and enforcement over the past 3 years. In this Part 1, we look at the increased militancy in GDPR enforcement, both from regulators and in private actions and enforcement trends over the past 3 years. Resources Check out the Cordery Compliance, client alert on this topic, click here. For more information on Cordery Compliance, go their website here. Also check out the GDPR Navigator, one of the top resources for GDPR Compliance by clicking here.Data Protection After Brexit The KBR Document Production Decision Looking Back and Looking Forward Reduction to GDPR Fines by EU Courts and SARs The Experian Enforcement Notice Case SARS and Liability Issues under GDPR H&M Fined €35.2 for Data Privacy Breaches Schrems III-Impact on the Transatlantic Digital Trade Emergency Podcast on Schrems III Duty of Data Processor to Report Data Breach Requirements for the DPO, complianceHow does GDPR, data privacy and data protection impact your business? In this podcast, Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance hosts Data Privacy/Data Security expert Jonathan Armstrong, co-founder of Cordery Compliance. They use the framework of GDPR to discuss a wide range of issues relating to data privacy and data protection. If you are a compliance professional, business leader or InfoSec security expert this is the podcast to learn about what is happening in the UK, EU, US and beyond.x
Cyberwire Daily6.1CyberWire min20 reported in Belgium. Low-sophistication attacks on OT networks. Healthcare ransomware attacks. Privateering defined. Advice for boards. And news of crime.Hafnium visits Belgium. “Low-sophistication” attacks on operational technology. Updates on healthcare sector ransomware attacks in New Zealand and Ireland. Wipers masquerading as ransomware. “Privateers” are defined as a new category of threat actor. TSA’s new standards for pipeline security. The World Economic Forum has advice for Boards in the oil and gas sector. Rick Howard interviews Liza Mundy on her book "Code Girls - The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers Who Helped Win World War II". Joe Carrigan describes fraudulent search engine ad buys. And as one criminal is sentenced, eight more are arrested. For links to all of today's stories check out our CyberWire daily news brief: investigates the possibility of cybersabotage. Walls are opaque to defenders, too. Recommendations for cyber nonproliferation. SolarWinds updates (with an SEC appearance). The WatchDog Monero cryptojacking operation. “A criminal syndicate with a flag.” US Senator asks FBI, EPA for a report on water system cybersecurity. Cybercrooks placed on notice. A junta shuts down a nation’s data networks. Lessons from multi-domain ops against ISIS? SilentFade returns. Iran’s surveillance actors. Data breaches large and small. Company towns returning‪? US warns of DPRK threat to cryptocurrency holders, and indicts four on conspiracy charges. Centreon says Sandworm affected unsupported open-source tools. Big Hack skepticism. Patch notes‪.‬ France’s ANSII warns of a longrunning Sandworm campaign. DPRK tried to steal COVID-19 vaccine data. Supermicro is exasperated. Static Kitten phishes in the UA‪E‬ Jason Clark: Challenge the way things are done. [Strategy] [Career Notes‪]‬ Kyla Guru: You are a key piece to our national security. [Education] [Career Notes] Advice on Supernova and encouragement to patch Sudo. NetWalker taken down. Influencers tighten a big short squeeze. And charges are brought in a 2016 case of alleged US voter suppression More on that Solorigate threat actor, especially its non-SolarWinds activity. Chimera’s new target list. Executive Order on reducing IaaS exploitation. The case of the stolen laptop. EMA emails altered before release in apparent disinformation effort. Vishing rising. Another backdoor found in SolarWinds supply chain campaign. An arrest and a stolen laptop. Encore: You will pay for that one way or another. [Caveat] Ann Johnson: Trying to make the world safer. [Business Development] [Career Notes] Manufacturing sector is increasingly a target for adversaries. [Research Saturday] Charming Kitten’s smishing and phishing. Solorigate updates. Supply chain attacks and the convergence of espionage and crime. Greed-bait. Ring patches bug. Best practices from NSA, CISA. SideWinder and South Asian cyberespionage. Project Zero and motivation to patch. CISA’s advice for cloud security. Classiscam in the criminal-to-criminal market. SolarLeaks misdirection? Threat actors were able to see Microsoft source code repositories. Zyxel closes a backdoor. Kawasaki discloses data exposure. Slack’s troubles. Julian Assange escapes extradition to the US. Ellen Sundra: Actions speak louder than words. [Engineering] [Career Notes] Encore: Unpacking the Malvertising Ecosystem. [Research Saturday] Andy Greenberg on the Sandworm Indictments SOAR – a first principle idea Bear tracks all over the US Government’s networks. Pandas and Kittens and Bears, oh my... Emotet’s back. Spyware litigation. A few predictions. Bear prints in Oslo and Silicon Valley. Deepfakes may be finally coming... maybe... CISA issues ICS alerts, some having to do with AMNESIA:30. A quick trip through Patch Tuesday. James Hadley: Spend time on what interests you. [CEO] [Career Notes] Malek Ben Salem: Taking those challenges. [R&D] [Career Notes] Misconfigured identity and access management (IAM) is much more widespread. [Research Sa Prime Minister Johnson tells Parliament about the National Cyber Force. Vietnam squeezes Face Haunted virtual meetings. AWS APIs share vulnerabilities. US Intelligence Community conducts a po That first CVE was a fun find, for sure. [Research Saturday] CISA offers its assessment (high) of US election security. An alleged GRU front media group is fingered. Notes on cybercrime, and one cheap proof-of-concept. A look at what’s up in some of the criminal markets. The continued resilience of TrickBot. What you can buy for $155,000. Supply chain security. New cyberespionage from OceanLotus. Data breaches expose customer i Richard Clarke: From presidential inspiration to cybersecurity policy pioneer. [Policy] [Career N.. PoetRAT: a complete lack of operational security. [Research Saturday] IRGC domains taken down. A look at 2021’s threatscape. Russia says its didn't do anything (others s CISA’s happy but still wary. Election-themed criminal malspam. New ransomware goes after VMs. Why US elections: CISA calls security success, but reminds all that it’s not over yet. Notes from the cyber undergro Election security updates from CISA. Maze says it’s out of business (and never really existed). Ed Another look at North Korean cyberespionage. Phishing with Google Docs. How Iran obtained US voter information. Election security enters its endgame. David Sanger on the HBO documentary based off his book, "The Perfect Weapon". [Special Edition] news and analysisThe daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also includes interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.x
LGPD Na Prátic‪a6.1Marcílio Braz, Maria Luiza Borges, Mariana DantasPrivacy Academy privacyLGPDbrazil1045 min45 LGPD: Quais as principais fun\u00e7\u00f5es e como est\u00e1 a atua\u00e7\u00e3o da ANPD?LGPD Na Pr\u00e1tica: No \u00faltimo episódio da primeira temporada do 'LGPD Na Pr\u00e1tica', programa do Sistema Jornal do Commercio de Comunica\u00e7\u00e3o (SJCC) em parceria com a Privacy Academy Brasil, Marc\u00edlio Braz (advogado e profissional de TI) conversa com a advogada pernambucana Nairane Rabelo, uma das diretoras da Autoridade Nacional de Prote\u00e7\u00e3o de Dados (ANPD). Durante o bate-papo, os advogados falam sobre as principais fun\u00e7\u00f5es e como est\u00e1 a atua\u00e7\u00e3o da ANPD. Al\u00e9m disso, falam ainda sobre os \u00faltimos casos de vazamento de dados e como a ag\u00eancia reguladora pode atuar nestas situa\u00e7\u00f5es. Para finalizar o programa, Marc\u00edlio Braz traz mais uma dica para aqueles que desejam se adequar \u00e0 lei no quadro "E Agora?".# 9 LGPD: Which professionals can work in the area? Is there any specific certification? # 8 How to implement LGPD in your company? With team training or hiring a consultancy? # 7 Directors of the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) are appointed # 6 LGPD's requirements for loyalty programs, such as those offered by pharmacies # 5 Find out what the LGPD demands in relation to corporate transparency and security LGPD Na Prática podcast helps companies and people to adapt to the new General Data Protection Law and, even more, how to have better control and protection of their data. In the program, the lawyer and IT professional Marcílio Braz, who has been teaching courses on the subject for some years, talks to journalists Maria Luiza Borges and Mariana Dantas about the main requirements of the LGPD, in addition to taking a step by step so that companies implement routines for authorizing the use and storage of customer or user data. The podcast, always posted on Thursdays, every 15 days, also has the participation of guests.x
Privacy Pros Academ‪y‬ 6.1Jamal AhmedKazient privacyprivacy pros241035 min35 Academy EXPOSED!Ever Wondered What It's Like At PrivacyPro's Academy? We speak to Zainab Mahmood, Privacy Pro Accelerator Mentee who reveals all. Zainab shares her experience of the Privacy Pro Accelerator Programme and the highs and lows of her journey so far towards building a successful, meaningful and rewarding career in Data Privacy. Zainab reveals what it's really like to be mentored by Jamal Ahmed, and why she decided to pursue a career in Data Privacy. If you want to make it as a successful Privacy Pro and take your career to a new level - You can't afford to miss out on this episode! Listen Now... Connect with Jamal on LinkedIn: ( Connect with Zainab on LinkedIn: Apply to Join the PrivacyPros Academy Facebook Group here: Privacy Isn't Stopping | PrivacyPros Academy | World Class Data Privacy Training Earn Your Stripes! | PrivacyPros Academy | World Class Data Privacy Training PrivacyPros Assemble! | PrivacyPros Podcast This Time It's Personal | PrivacyPros Academy It's Not Too Late to Get Into Data Privacy! | PrivacyPros Academy In conversation with a "Big 4" Privacy Pro In conversation with the King of Data Protectio‪n‬ In conversation with the King of Data Protection | PrivacyPros Academ‪y privacy thought leadersJamal Ahmed, dubbed “The King of GDPR” by the BBC, interviews leading Privacy Pros and discusses topics businesses are struggling with each week and pulls back the curtain on the world of Data Privacy. Each episode contains powerful information to help you grow your knowledge, develop your understanding, and build a respectable career as a Privacy Pro. Deep dive with the world's brightest and most thought-provoking data privacy thought leaders to inspire and empower you to unleash your best to launch, develop and excel as a Data Privacy Professional. We talk data privacy in a language everyone can understand, making Privacy accessible to everyone, engaging and even fun! If you're ambitious, driven & highly motivated, and thinking about a career in Data Privacy, a rising Privacy Pro or an Experienced Privacy Leader this is the podcast for you. A master-class in all things data privacy, data protection and GDPR, immerse yourself to stay up to date with recent developments, fines and big stories to up level your Data Privacy career. The Privacy Pro Academy prepares individuals to become highly paid, Credible, and Authoritative Privacy Pros through our signature 12-week Privacy Pro Accelerator Program and range of training options including CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT as an Official Training Partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The Privacy Pro Academy podcast features Jamal Ahmed, revered Global Data Privacy Expert, World-class Trainer and Published Author.
#Kidtech6.0Dylan CollinsSuperAwesome privacydigital privacychildren184230 min30 MacIntyre, CEO of Sandbox Kids, on building a kids digital media empireSandbox Kids is one of the leading providers of digital content services for kids and families worldwide. CEO Nancy MacIntyre joins Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, to share her thoughts on the current state of the kids content ecosystem, strategies for building a business in the kids space today, and predictions for the future of children’s media.Isaac Larian, CEO MGA Entertainment, on what a billion dollar toy business looks like in 2020 Emma Worrollo, Founder of The Pineapple Lounge Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner Stephen Sharer, YouTuber Nathan Phillips, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Office at Technology, Humans and Taste Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland Andy Robertson, Family Gaming Author and Journalist Steven Wolfe Pereira, CEO and Co-founder of Encantos Tami Bhaumik, VP Marketing and Digital Civility at Roblox Emmet O'Neill, CEO of Touchpress Kate Boyle, CEO Banjo Robinson WPP CEO, Mark Read FTC Commissioner, Rebecca Slaughter Patricia Scanlon, Founder and CEO of SoapBox Labs Meredith Halpern-Ranzer, CEO Tinkercast Sam Clough, leading family insights consultant Darran Garnham, CEO of MTW Toys Will Spence, Global Managing Partner, Initiative Dona Fraser, Director of Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) privacy & children#Kidtech is a series of interviews and discussions with the people shaping the kids digital media sector. Presented by Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome and kids digital privacy champion. Keep an eye out on Apple, Google Play, Spotify or wherever you subscribe to podcasts for our bi-weekly installments.x
Internet of Things Podcast6.0Stacey Higginbotham privacy17030060 min60 321: Google decides Matter mattersThis week’s show focuses on news from Google I/O 2021 where it’s clear the search giant is trying to build out a fairly open ecosystem based on the Matter protocol and WebRTC for audio and video streaming. Google also said it would use Wear OS for Fitbit and combine Wear OS with Samsung’s Tizen OS. … Continue reading Episode 321: Google decides Matter mattersEpisode 310: Thanks to the IoT, everything’s a subscription now Episode 309: Why your IoT device shipments are delayed Episode 308: Chipageddon and deets on the Pi Pico Episode 307: Wi-Fi 6 for IoT and water plant security Episode 306: Ring wins big with Lenna‪r Episode 305: Alexa Hunches, Tiny ML and a new wireless standard Episode 304: Presidential Pelotons and data accountability Episode 303: Everything from CES 2021 and a bit about LoRa Episode 302: CES and GE Lighting is betting on Cync Episode 301: An update on Project CHIP and a secure 2021 Episode 300: Get excited for our annual Q&A episode Episode 299: LoRaWAN tries to co-opt Amazon Sidewalk Episode 298: SmartThings works with Google Nest again! Episode 295: Project CHIP goes commercial and the Eero Pro review Episode 293: Amazon’s Halo and the election and IoT Episode 294: Let’s talk about Thread and digital twins Episode 292: We play with Whoop bands and Wyze cams Episode 291: All about Amazon’s Sidewalk and the new Echo Episode 290: Apple’s smart speaker and cheap thermostats Episode 289: Nest Audio and IoT trends in the enterprise Episode 288: New devices and new threats62IoT and privacyStacey Higginbotham has covered technology since 2001. In my years covering tech I became more fascinated by the stuff were were able to do on vast computing networks and ever speedier mobile and wireline broadband networks. Finally all of the elements of the technology I've covered in more than a decade have culminated in this moment and we’re creating the internet of things. No matter what you call it, we’re at a pivotal moment in the evolution of human creativity, business creation and productivity gains. We could see the gains we make in these next few years help us conserve resources and let us lead safer and healthier lives or we could open the door to a dystopian society where our every thought is monitored and our every utterance is effectively for sale. I hope to explore all of these issues, the people who will make it possible and the devices that will lead us there in the IoT Podcast. I hope you will join me.
Untangling the Web6.0Noshir ContractorSonic Research Group, Northwestern U privacydata privacy51625 min25 Identity on the Web with Aleks KrotoskiOur guest for this episode is Dr. Aleks Krotoski, an award-winning international broadcaster, author and academic. She studies and writes about technology and interactivity. Her book, “Untangling the Web: What the Internet is Doing to You,” based on her hit columns in the Guardian and Observer, was published in 2012. Since then, she’s continued to break ground in academia and journalism, and she’s currently a Visiting Fellow in the Media and Communications Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute. During this episode, Aleks talks about how our online lives have become entangled with our offline ones. Her research has found that we bring our existing ideas about society to the virtual worlds we build. But unlike in the past, there's less space to play around with our identities online. And, there's more consequences -- for many people, the things they did 10 or 15 years ago still pop up when you search their name. What does that mean for our own growth, and how is the Web evolving, too? To hear all this and more, listen to this episode.Is Sanctioning Victims of Ransomware A Good Strategy? Lawyer Sarah Anderson Joins Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics to Discuss It We're Talking About IT Service Providers With Jeff Detloff of Providence Consulting (Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics) Can Employees Get Fired Over Social Media Posts? Jeff Dettloff, Barb Holland and Theresa Kent of the Defeat The Breach Coalition Join Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics Commercial Litigator and Breach Coach, Brent Arnold of Gowlings Toronto, Joins Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics Wizer Inc. Is The FREE Cybersecurity Awareness Platform From Benevolent Entrepreneur Gabriel Friedlander Who Joins Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics In This Episode Get to Know Kimberley St. Pierre, A Vancouver Cyber Security Leader and Palo Alto Account Manager Kobalt Security Founder and Information Security Expert Michael Argast scienceWeb Science is the interdisciplinary study of the World Wide Web, drawing on science, social science, law, and the humanities. Today, Web Science is needed more than ever. As the Web evolves, it is clear that we need in-depth and sustained interdisciplinary research to describe, analyze, and intervene in its future. Untangling the Web is a podcast of the Web Science Trust, a charity promoting the understanding of the Web, through education and research in the discipline of Web Science. On this podcast, we bring thought leaders from around the world to explore how the Web is shaping society and how society in turn is shaping the Web. We hope to improve our understanding of the Web, promote the Web’s positive impact on society – and change the Web for the better. The podcast is hosted by the SONIC Research Group.x
Data Security and Privacy with the Privacy Professor5.9Rebecca HeroldVoiceAmerica Talk Radio privacy49160 min60 Against Nation-State Hacking & Cyber Warfare AttacksThere have been many news reports in the past several months about nation-state espionage, and in particular nation-state cyberthreats and cybersecurity warfare attacks.Healthcare CISOs: Securing Patient Data & HIPAA Complianc‪e Holding Privacy Events in a Pandemic World How A Trail-Blazing STEM Mentor Is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity How Cybercriminals Take Advantage of the COVID-19 Pandemic 11/7/2020 Data Proves Voting Fraud is Rare; Don’t Believe Conspiracy Theories Claiming Otherwise 10/3/2020 Surveillance Pandemic: How Tech Giants Collect & Use Personal Data for Profiling & Huge Profits 9/5/2020 COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Privacy & Security Risks 8/1/2020 Voting by Mail Security: Busting Myths and Explaining Facts 7/11/2020 Legislating Weak Encryption is Stupid and Dangerous 6/6/2020 are more information security and privacy threats than ever before. As more technologies emerge, more surveillance tactics are used, and more artificial intelligence systems are deployed, cybersecurity and privacy risks grow exponentially. Rebecca has spent her entire career working to improve information security and privacy protections, by not only raising awareness of the issues within businesses and other types of organizations, but also by raising the awareness of these risks in the public and helping them to understand how to better protect their own personal data, allowing them to take their privacy protections into their own hands. Rebecca offers information about these existing and emerging security and privacy risks and provides fresh insights into the impacts of exploiting these risks, and gives guidance, tips, expert advice and news, with fascinating guests, to help all organizations, and the general public, understand what they need to do to mitigate these risks.
Dr. Privacy Podcast5.9Laura and CorneliusDr. Datenschutz privacyGDPRgermany2530 min30 Mrs. Laura and the CorneliusseThe ambitious young entrepreneur Cornelius has to face the questions of data protection. It's good that he has Ms. Laura, who explains all the dos and don'ts of website data protection to him. In addition, the two of them discuss when you even need a data protection officer and an imprint. The fun is of course not neglected and especially when the new roommates at Cornelius have their own opinion.21 Does a guru come to the doctor .. 20 The data protection threesome 19 This harms the spirits 18 The Happy Clappy Information Show 17 The cookie animal greets you every day privacyFor years, Dr. Data protection with the blog and brings light into the data protection jungle. So now with a podcast too. Lawyers and data protection advisors are the podcast voices of Dr. Data protection and provide insights into the world of data protection.x
IDTheftCente‪r‬ 5.8ID Theft Center breachesidentity theftdata privacy20varies Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC - Come What May - S2E15Each week we look at the most recent events and trends related to data security and privacy. Most weeks we focus on some threat to privacy or a new cybersecurity risk. This week, we going to focus on something unusual – solutions to the seemingly endless race against cybercriminals.The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – But Wait, There's More! - S2E8 The Fraudian Slip Podcast ITRC - Staggering Pandemic Fraud - Special Guest ID.Me The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – I'm Just a Bill - S2E6 The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – A Tangled Web - S2E5 The Fraudian Slip Podcast ITRC - ID Theft Week 2021 - Special Guest FT‪C‬ The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – Once More Unto the Breach - S2E‪3‬ The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – The Most Profitable Form of Writing - S2E‪2‬ The Fraudian Slip Podcast ITRC - Tax Identity Theft - Special Guest IR‪S The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – Second Verse, Same as the First – Season 2 Episode #‪1 The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – A Cure for Security – Episode #2‪3‬ The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – Knock, Knock; Who's There – Episode #2‪2‬ The Fraudian Slip Podcast ITRC - 2020 Holiday Shopping Season & COVID-19 - SMB Editio‪n The Fraudian Slip Podcast ITRC - 2020 Holiday Shopping Season & COVID-19 - Consumer Editio‪n The Fraudian Slip Podcast ITRC - 2021 Predictions - Episode #‪8 The Fraudian Slip Podcast ITRC - 2020 Holiday Shopping Season & COVID-19 - Episode #‪7 The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – License to Steal – Episode #2‪1 The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – Repeating History – Episode #2‪0 The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – Strange Bedfellows – Episode #1‪9 The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – A Spotless Reputation – Episode #18‪ The Weekly Breach Breakdown Podcast by ITRC – All that Glitters is not Gold – Episode #1‪7‬ ‬ slip / weekly breechidentity theft, data breaches, and privacyxx
Privacy Mentor 5.6Carrie Kerskie privacycybersecurity13610 min10 you shouldn't sign-on using Facebook or GoogleSigning-on to other apps using Google or Facebook is convenient. But, that convenience could greatly increase your risk of exposure. Resources: Protect Your Identity in 14-days visit privacyProtecting your privacy in the digital age is tough. Identity theft, fraud, and cyber threats are on the rise. You need a Privacy Mentor. Let me be your guide by simplifying complex topics and providing you with tools and resources to stay safe.
Data Protection Gumbo5.5Demetrius Malbrough / recoverycloud computing198430 min30 Taking Responsibility of Your SaaS Data - RewindDave North, Director, Technical Operations at Rewind provide details on the importance of protecting all types of SaaS data including Shopify, BigCommerce, GitHub, Trello, etc… and why the shared responsibility model is key to understanding and implementing a solid backup and recovery strategy for all of your critical data regardless of where it is.084: White-Label Data Protection as a Service - Assured Data Protection 083: VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery with Datrium - VMware 082: Kubernetes Backup and Recovery for MultiCloud - Trilio 081: Season 4 - Episode 7: Jeffry Molanus, Chief Technology Officer - The Magic of Open Source and Data Agility - DP Gumbo 080: Season 4 - Episode 6: Caitlin Halferty, Director, AI Accelerator and Client Success - 2021: The Year Digital Transformation Goes Viral - DP Gumbo 079: Season 4 - Episode 5: Nitzan Shapira, Co-Founder and CEO - DevOps: Troubleshoot Less and Fix Issues Faster - DP Gumbo 078: Season 4 - Episode 4: Eric Bassier, Sr. Director of Products - The Digital Gold Rush: Uncovering the 100-year Archive - DP Gumbo68Data Backup and Recovery industryData Protection Gumbo is set up with the aim of expanding the awareness of anyone responsible for protecting mission critical data, by providing them with a mix of the latest news, data protection technologies, and interesting facts on topics in the Data Backup and Recovery industry.x
Privacy Matters5.5Nicole StephensenIoTSI privacyIoT43130 min30 long overdue chat about... everything! With Alan Mihalic.IoTSI President, Alan Mihalic, talks about what the institute and its dedicated volunteers have been up to in recent months (we haven't been sleeping!) - the Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Security Professional (SCCISP) certification associate course (awesome!!), initiatives out of Latin America, scholarships to encourage increased uptake of cyber careers and more! Also released in video on the Community Wall at we shape our cities, and then they shape us. With Lucinda Hartley. Let privacy be the difference you design for. With Craig Stadler. Privacy in these strange days. With Bronwyn Voyce. data in the context of IoTPrivacy and the protection of personal data in the context of Internet of Things technologies. The Privacy Matters podcast, hosted by Nicole Stephensen is an initiative of the Internet of Things Security Institute (IoTSI). Nicole and her stellar line up of guests talk about protection of personal data in the context of Internet of Things technologies - from interesting tech and regulatory developments, to Privacy by Design, to cybersecurity, to the unpacking of topical issues and opportunities to harmonise privacy with the astonishing pace of innovation. This series is relevant to government, industry, academic and advocacy groups and will be of interest to those involved with smart cities/ smart communities, critical infrastructure, IoT technology design and data solution implementation. To learn more about the IoTSI, please visit:
The Digital Privacy Show5.5 privacydata privacy496 min6 Antitrust, Kazakhstan Man-in-the-Middle, IRS IP PIN12.04.2020 - Amazon Sidewalk Privacy Concerns, Microsoft 365 Workplace Surveillance, IRS Location Data 11.20.2020 - Apple Big Sur Privacy Issues, Android Data Lawsuit, Chrome Web Store Privacy 11.13.2020 - Apple Privacy Nutrition Labels, Zoom Lies About Encryption, Ticketmaster Coronavirus Process 11.06.2020 - Election Updates (CPRA, Question 1), Canadian Mall Facial Recognition, YouTube Age Verification 10.30.2020 - Privacy Risks with Link Previews, Facial Recognition Abuse, Net Neutrality Repeal 10.23.2020 - DOJ vs Google, Credit Card Breaches, Coinbase Transparency70News. No ads, no sponsors, no fluff.The digital privacy show is a weekly show that covers privacy news with a focus on technology and the internet. x
So, Bob5.4Alia Tavakolian, Bob SullivanSpokeMedia & techdigital privacy9844varies my free time: Podcast and data broker analytics (with Ralph O’Brien and Jeff Jockisch)In this episode of Serious Privacy, K Royal is joined by guest co-host Ralph O’Brien to speak about what one privacy professional did with his free time over the pandemic. Most of us may have started a new hobby - so did Jeff Jockisch, founder and CEO of PrivacyPlan. First, he achieved his Certified Information Privacy Professional for US privacy law from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. His studying process took him to books such as Peter Swire’s, and privacy podcasts. But he did not stop there. He created a database of podcasts on privacy and he publishes his database, including weekly favorites for specific episodes, on LinkedIn. Many of us have found this to be insightful and helpful, but we were curious how he started in this and why. So we asked Jeff to come onto the show and discovered there is much more to his analytics than podcasts. Join us as we also discuss data brokers in detail, including how many he has documented (take a guess) and how he gathers his information. We also discuss biometric identifiers, de-identified information, data localization, and consent. Whether you are a privacy professional or someone who wants to learn about how companies manage your information, this is great information to know. As always, if you have comments or feedback, please contact us at 4, 2020 No Place To Hide: Catching Up On The Data Broker Project APR 27, 2020 No Place To Hide: The Ghost Of 2030 APR 20, 2020 No Place To Hide: I Spy... APR 13, 2020 No Place To Hide: On Location DEC 9, 2019 No Place To Hide: A Dangerous Moment DEC 2, 2019 No Place To Hide: Mistakes Were Made NOV 25, 2019 No Place To Hide: Life Or Death is technology doing to you?What is technology doing to you? Civilian podcast producer Alia Tavakolian has always felt like a dumb tech consumer. Veteran tech-journalist Bob Sullivan has spent his life showing people they're not dumb tech consumers - they're being hacked. Each week, Bob and Alia join forces to answer your questions and untangle your sanity from this dark, scary world wide web. So, Bob is a Spoke Media original.
PrivSec Podcasts5.4PrivSec Report privacycybersecurity4240 min40 Podcast with Microsoft - Privacy as a fundamental human rightJoin Nick James, CEO of GRC World Forums, and Chris Calabrese, Senior Director of Privacy and Data Policy at Microsoft, and former EVP at the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), on our latest podcast. Together they will discuss Microsoft public policy work respecting privacy as a fundamental human right, challenges surrounding GDPR and CCPA requirements, and how other legislators can improve upon these landmark laws to further protect consumer interest. Chris will also share best practices and his thoughts on future of data protection including what a Biden-Harris administration may mean for privacy.​​​​​​Last Thursday in Privacy - Panel Discussion - Privacy By Design brings together privacy, data protection and security professionals face-to-face and online via; Conferences, Webinars, Digital Publications and Podcasts.
The New Oil5.3 privacydata breachescybersecurity36unknown Report #27Future episodes will be posted exclusively to Thanks for being part of this journey, I hope you'll join me on the next step!January 17, 2021 January 10, 2021 January 3, 2021 December 27, 2020 December 20, 2020 December 13, 2020 December 6, 2020 November 29, 202073data breaches, privacy problemsTechnology changes fast, and we are flooded with information constantly. My goal with this podcast is to bring my listeners the most relevant stories in data privacy and cyber security each week, along with context of why it matters, what it means, and what we can do to protect ourselves. Knowledge is power. More resources and information at TheNewOil.xyzxx
The ID Talk Podcast5.2FindBiometrics & Mobile ID World privacydigital identity6125 min25 Chairman John Mears On How Industry Collaboration Can Boost The Biometrics IndustryReaders of FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World are familiar with the recent acceleration of major trends in the biometrics industry thanks to the wave of digital transformation spurred on by the ongoing pandemic. Remote onboarding, identity verification, strong authentication, and contactless security for payments, building access and travel – biometrics are core aspects of these increasingly important areas of physical and online life. And to serve that demand we are observing unprecedented enthusiasm for collaboration in our industry. That’s why on this episode of ID Talk we present John Mears, Chairman of the International Biometrics and Identity Association (IBIA) in conversation with Peter O’Neill, Founder of FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World. The interview begins with an update on how the IBIA has evolved with the needs of the rapidly maturing biometrics industry, before digging into the state of public perception and the need for collaboration between vendors and organizations when it comes to addressing controversy in digital identity. The conversation ends with a glimpse at what’s next for biometrics.BioRugged CEO Arnd Langguth on Biometric Needs Across Different Cultures Year in Review: FacePhi CEO Javier Mira on Bringing Biometric Digital Onboarding to Korea Year in Review: BioConnect's Courtney Gibson on Wellness, Privacy, Compliance & Biometrics Year in Review: NEC's Jason Van Sice on How Contactless Biometrics Enable Safe Air Travel Year in Review: Jumio's Dean Nicolls on Fighting Fraud and Racial Bias with Biometrics Year in Review: NEC's Jason Van Sice on How Contactless Biometrics Enable Safe Air Travel Year in Review: Aware CEO Bob Eckel on Biometrics and the Digital Security Arms Race FaceTec CEO Kevin Alan Tussy on the State of Face Authentication and the $100K Spoof Bounty Aware CEO Bob Eckel & CCO Rob Mungovan on How Users Can Own and Control Their Identities New Frontiers in Digital Onboarding with Onfido CRO Thomas Ammirati FIDO Alliance Executive Director & CMO Andrew Shikiar Previews the Authenticate Conference ID Talk Special Episode - HID Global's Oriol Turro on Employee Authentication in Healthcare ID Talk Special Episode - HID Global's Todd Seeley on Verification and Authorization in Finance ID Talk Special Episode - HID Global's Brett Lannoo on Remote Access in the Enterprise FacePhi CEO Javier Mira on Biometric Pension Collection In Argentina BioConnect's Rob Douglas and Courtney Gibson on Wellness Declaration and the Future of Security Financial Biometrics Month: Money20/20's Sanjib Kalita on Biometrics, Finance and the New Normal ISC West Presents: Enabling Digital Transformation with Biometrics and Mobile ID ISC West Organizer Will Wise on What to Expect From the Upcoming Virtual Security Event The Ongoing History of Law Enforcement, Military and Civil Biometrics with HID's Russ Megonigal, identityBiometric technology, multi-factor authentication, facial recognition, fingerprint sensors, civil ID, digital privacy and more – join Peter Counter, Editor in Chief of FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World, in conversation with the world experts in digital identity as they explore the high-tech frontiers of security and convenience in the era of the data breach. The ID Talk Podcastx
Rebooting5.2Lisa ForteRed Goat Cyber Security min30 Armstrong-Smith: Making Mistakes and Managing MayhemLisa speaks with one of the leading ladies in infosec, Sarah Armstrong-Smith. What can we learn from incidents outside of cyber security? Do we see the same patterns of mistakes and oversights play out over and over? What should we all be thinking about when we plan for the worst? Sarah and Lisa discuss all things incident response, a topic they are hugely passionate about. Sarah talks about the mistakes made in some of the most horrific incidents such as Grenfell Towers in the UK and we examine how quickly mistakes can spiral out of control. Are we also too quick to blame people? Was it the people who failed or the process? Enjoy!Dave Kennedy: Can we ever secure supply chains‪? Rebooting: Troy Hunt Rebooting: Shannon Morse Rebooting: Jake Moore Rebooting: Chris Hadnagy Forte interviews interesting people from Infosec and beyond
Robin Data Privacy Review5.1Prof. Dr. Andre DöringRobin Data privacydata & techgermany14varies Datenschutz-Urteil, Interview zum Thema Datensouveränität, ePrivacy-VerordnungPrivacy Review: Der Podcast für Datenschützer Inhalte der Episode 14: - Was bedeutet das Urteil des Verwaltungsgerichtes Mainz zur Transportverschlüsselung bei E-Mails für Berufsgeheimnisträger? - Im zweiten Interview mit Stefan Adolf von Turbine Kreuzberg sprechen wir zu den Themen Datensouveränität, zentrales Cookie-Consent-Management und Datenportabilität. Und wir suchen weitere Gesprächspartner zu diesen Themen. - Warum bedeutet der neuste Entwurf der ePrivacy-Verordnung, einen deutlichen Datenschutz-Rückschritt aus der Perspektive der Verbraucher? Uns interessiert Eure Meinung, schreibt uns an Achtet auf Eure Daten! Kostenfreier Download unseres Magazins für Datenschutz-Verantwortliche:
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#13 Europäischer Datenschutztag, Interview zum technischen Datenschutz, umstrittenes Whatsapp-Update verschoben #12 Datenschutz-Bußgeld für Notebooksbilliger, Marketing und Datenschutz, nutzt die Corona App #11 Robin Data Forever Free, EU möchte E2E Verschlüsselung aufbrechen, Corona App steht erneut in der Kritik #10 Pandemieschutzgesetz, Berufliche Altersvorsorge im Unternehmensdatenschutz, Digitalisierung an Schulen #9 Elektronische Patientenakte, Karriere im Datenschutz, Datenkrake Tesla #8 Aktuelle Lage und Trends im Bereich Cybersicherheit Data is a legal tech startup from the heart of Germany. We relieve those responsible for data protection and data security from routine tasks and provide comprehensive advice on complex tasks. Our goal is to digitize compliance processes in a consistent, legally compliant manner and to automate processes that can be standardized in our Robin Data software. As one of the leading companies in the field of data protection and data security, we are now sharing our expertise in our podcast. Have fun! Pay attention to your data and send us your suggestions to! More information at: Robin Data Privacy Review - The podcast for privacy advocatesx
The State of Data Privacy Podcast4.8David HarrisManetu privacyprivacy prosdata & tech325 min25 - Recruitment trends for DPOs & CPOs | Richard Pooley, Partner at Odgers BerndtsonA top executive recruiter dishes on the top skills companies are looking for in 2021 and the ones that job candidates lacked most often in 2020. Investigate the recent transformations of Chief Privacy Officer and Data Privacy Officer roles, and their forecasted evolutions in 2021. Our podcast will answer your questions about how to advance your career in data privacy.2 - Homomorphic Encryption & Data Privacy | Eric Hess, Digital Assets, Cybersecurity & Privacy Adviser 1 - Data privacy and businesses nowadays | Daniel Farris (Expert in technology, privacy and data security at K&L gates) voices, developments, trendsWelcome to the State of Data Privacy. On this podcast, you’ll find the most important voices in the data privacy world discussing recent developments, trends, GDPR, CCPA, and other evolutions and advising tangible strategies and tactics to manage your and your consumers’ data the best TODAY. In every episode David Harris, data privacy expert and Co-Founder at Manetu will interview a different guest, advisor, DPO, and other people leading the world of #dataprivacy.x
Privacy VS. The Pandemic4.8Miriam Farhi, Jennifer Decker, Amanda MobrandPerkins Coie privacycovid-194825 min25 and the Pandemic: The Promise of Wearable Tech in Fighting COVID-19’s Spread - Episode 7Join us as we discuss the advantages of using wearables to fight the pandemic with data policy consultant and lawyer, Chuck Curran09.17.2020 Privacy vs. The Pandemic co-host Amanda Mobrand talks to her brother about his experience living and working in Singapore during the pandemic. 09.01.2020 Join us as we discuss contact tracing efforts in the United States with Al Gidari, director of privacy at Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society. 08.24.2020 Join us as we discuss Washington state’s response to COVID-19 with Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib. 08.14.2020 Join us as we discuss Europe’s response to the pandemic in the EU’s hardest-hit region with Laura Liguori, a partner from Portolano Cavallo, an Italian law firm headquartered in Rome and Milan. 08.04.2020 Join us for a discussion on how U.S. lawmakers and businesses are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our latest episode features Perkins Coie Partner Jim Snell addressing how businesses can prepare for a return to the workplace in a privacy-protective way. and public health during the COVID-19 pandemicIn Privacy Versus the Pandemic, Perkins Coie privacy attorneys take a trip around the world to explore the interplay between privacy and public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. U.S. hosts Miriam Farhi, Jennifer Decker, and Amanda Mobrand guide discussions with leading privacy professionals, colleagues, and friends in South Korea, Italy, and Singapore. Other guests across multiple industries—privacy legal practice, academia, and politics—weigh in with their expertise, experience, and opinions in a series of short episodes.
Careers in Data Privacy4.7Noah Katz privacyprivacy pros2250 min50 Nahra: Co-Chair of Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice and Partner at WilmerHaleKirk Nahra first learned of privacy in pursuit of healthcare fraud, Now more than 2 decades later his knowledge is broad. Teaching privacy law might be the next step of Kirk's journey, You'll love to hear from this insightful attorney!Mark Storts: Associate VP, Associate General Counsel in the Privacy Law group at Nationwide Insurance Matt Diaz: Associate Attorney at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP Holly Drake: Chief Privacy Officer at The Ohio State University Kirk Herath: Former Vice-President, Associate General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer for Nationwide Insuranc‪e‬ Jeremy Greenberg: Policy Counsel with Future of Privacy Forum Welcome to Careers in Data Privacy 79careersDetailing the journey that data privacy professionals took to get to where they are todayx
PDPA, Data Privacy, and Cybersecurity Show4.6Dexter and AndyPrivacyNinja privacycybersecuritycompliance24varies Data Breach Cases in August (Part 3 of 3) #24Welcome to Privacy Ninja's Weekly Podcast Episode. Today we have Dexter Ng, CTO of They offer customised cyber security solutions for your data privacy protection. Their innovative solutions and services are designed to safeguard your organisation's data and preempt persistent threats. Check out their website - In today's episode, Andy & Dexter ran through the first 3 data breach cases for the month of August: Singapore Accountancy Commission, Zero1 and IP Tribe, and Acstitude. 👇 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR WEEKLY PODCAST NOW 👇 Click the link below to subscribe on all popular platforms such as spotify/apple/google ★★☆★We talk about the following★☆★ TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Case 7: MDIS Corporation 03:42 Remediation actions done by MDIS Corporation 04:46 Dexter & Andy weigh in: what went wrong & what could have been done better 05:34 Robot DPO 08:32 Case 8: MCST 3400 10:36 Why you should change the default password of your devices 12:34 Leaked data from MCST 3400 13:15 Remediation actions done by MCST 3400 14:20 Dexter & Andy weigh in: what went wrong & what could have been done better 16:00 What's next: September data breach cases We Recommend Proton VPN! 👇 Check out Privacy Ninja's latest news Articles👇 1.) Free PDPA Check-Up Promo| 2.) DO NOT CALL Compliance in Singapore 3.) Free PDPA Checklist Singapore 4) Importance Of Penetration Testing 5) How To Appoint A Data Protection Office 6) The 9 Obligations Of PDPA ★☆★ CONNECT WITH PRIVACY NINJA ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★ Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Dexter: Andy:
How to Register Data Protection Officer (DPO) in ACRA Bizfile+
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Singapore Data Breach Cases in August (Part 1 of 3) #22 Privacy Ninja Answers Your Questions on DPO and PDPA #21 Deep Dive on Data Privacy: Use Cases and How Privacy Ninja Can Help #20 Spotlight on Data Protection Officer: Responsibilities & Penalties for Non-Compliance #19 Why Mozilla Firefox is better than Google Chrome #18 Tips to prevent Data Breach #17 Weekly Podcast's Mission: 1. To present ideas and have meaningful conversations about SME Businesses, Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and PDPA Matters. 2. To build a community of like-minded business owners and individuals who care about PDPA Compliance and Data Privacy. 3. We want to help individuals be digitally invisible! Please do check out our blog to see more tips and tricks:
Privacy Law Barrister 4.6Melissa Stock privacyGDPR815 min15 Data Protection and Privacy in 2020This is a podcast summarising the developments in data protection and privacy in 2020. The cases mentioned in this podcast are: Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland Limited, Maximillian Schrems C-311/18, the so-called ‘Schrems II’ case Privacy International v Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs C-623/17 La Quadrature du Net and Others C-511/18 and C512/18 Lloyd v Google LLC [2019] EWCA Civ 1599 WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc v Various Claimants [2020] UKSC12 R(Bridges) v The Chief Constable of South Wales Police [2020] EWCA Civ 1058 Depp v News Group Newspapers [2020] EWHC 2911 (QB) Serafin v Malkiewicz and others [2020] UKSC 23 Wright v Granath [2020] EWHC 51 (QB)Podcast: The Right to be Forgotten Podcast: R (Bridges) v the Chief Constable of South Wales Police [2020] EWCA Civ 1058 Podcast: Schrems II, the EU-US Privacy Shield, SCCs, and the CJEU 81NewsPodcasts summarising important cases in privacy and data law in the UK and Europe. A blog about privacy, data protection and information law, by Melissa Stockxx
Privacy News Online4.5Private Internet Access VPN privacydata privacy295-10 min7.5 Talks | Brad Ree from ioXtInterview with Brad Ree, Chief Technology Officer of ioXt Learn more about ioXt: Learn more about Private Internet Access' Android VPN app becoming ioXt certified: Learn more about ioXt expanding its certification program for mobile and VPN security: Watch this week's top privacy news stories on Privacy News Online: Talks | Interview with Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips Privacy News Online News: border phone searches, Spotify audio spying patent, privacy bills and more Privacy News Online: Google identifies protesters, Clearview is illegal in CA & Plex amplifies DDOS Privacy News Online | Weekly News: December 11, 2020 Privacy News Online | Weekly News: December 4, 2020 Privacy News Online | Weekly News: October 16, 2020 privacy news, interviews with expertsTop privacy news stories from around the world and interviews with leading experts in privacy and cybersecurity. This podcast is an audio-only version of Privacy News Online, a weekly video series on YouTube:
mostly PRIVACY4.5Meg and John privacy626 min25 2 TrailerA wise cyborg once said "I'll be back." That almost applies here. Season 2, coming soon...probably. Outro music is by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass "Little Spanish Flea"83data privacy + pop cultureA podcast about data privacy, technology, and pop culture. x
2600 Off The Hook4.52600 Enterprises privacy791055 min55 The Hook - May 26, 2021Off The Hook - Mar 03, 2021 Off The Hook - Feb 24, 2021 Off The Hook - Feb 17, 2021 Off The Hook - Feb 3, 2021 Off The Hook - Jan 13, 2021 Off The Hook - Dec 30, 2020 Off The Hook - Dec 23, 2020 Off The Hook - Dec 16, 2020 Off The Hook - Dec 09, 2020 Off The Hook - Nov 18, 2020 Off The Hook - Nov 11, 2020 Off The Hook - Nov 04, 2020 The Hook a podcast from 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. It discusses the hacker's view of the emerging technology, and the threats posed by an increasingly Orwellian society. Hear updates on security flaws from the hacker perspective, as well as the latest news from within the hacker community. Follow us on Twitter @HackerRadioShow and Mastodon
Their Own Devices4.4Marc Groman, David ReitmanThe Podglomerate privacydata & tech832640 min40 the human body as a wire-like communication channel. [Research Saturday]Guest Dr. Shreyas Sen, a Perdue University associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, joins us to discuss the following scenario:. Instead of inserting a card or scanning a smartphone to make a payment, what if you could simply touch the machine with your finger? A prototype developed by Purdue University engineers would essentially let your body act as the link between your card or smartphone and the reader or scanner, making it possible for you to transmit information just by touching a surface. The research can be found here: Tech makes it possible to digitally communicate through human touch (press release) BodyWire-HCI: Enabling New Interaction Modalities by Communicating Strictly During Touch Using Electro-Quasistatic Human Body Communication (research paper)It's Complicated: Societal Norms, Teens and Tech Ready Parent One: Learning Fortnite Different Homes, Different Devices, Different Rules There's No Delete Button on the Internet parentingNo matter how tech savvy you are, your kids likely have you beat. Digital natives see the world in a fundamentally different way than all previous generations. This makes 21st century parenting an unprecedented challenge. Join Marc Groman, an Obama White House tech and privacy adviser, and David Reitman, an adolescent medical doctor, for candid discussions and helpful tips about screen time, social media, sexting, privacy, online gaming, and other challenges facing parents today. Marc and David aren't just experts — they’re also married, and raising a teenage son of their own.
Privacy Notes4.4Africa Business Radio privacynigeria1320 min20 Napping? Liabilities, Penalties and Remedies under the NDPR.The enforcement regime under the data protection law are tougher and the litigation risk is much more pronounced. There are also significant restrictions on liability. This means a bigger stick for the regulator, more rights for the individual as well as rights for pressure groups. On this episode, analysts from TaxTech will focus on the concepts - the hows and whens - of liabilities, penalties and remedies. They will explain the lower and upper levels of NDPR penalties and help you appreciate the cost of non-compliance with the NDPR. Check out our website,, for more on protecting your data from cyber criminals. You can also become a Privacy Professional through our NDPR Academy. You’ve been listening to Privacy Notes brought to you by TaxTechThe Dos and Don’ts of Data Protection Compliance Transferring of Personal Data and Its Implications What does the Data Controller or Administrator really do? What does the Data Controller or Administrator really do? Enforcing Your Rights as a Data Subject: The Grey Areas, data privacy in nigeriaPrivacy Notes: The Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to address the issues of Data Protection, Privacy, Cybersecurity, and other related issues. Privacy Notes: The Podcast is brought to you by Taxaide Technologies Limited (Taxtech) in conjunction with the NDPR Academy.x
How to Fix the Internet4.2Cindy Cohn, Danny O’BrienElectronic Frontier Foundation privacy25660 min60 Bought It, But Do You Own It? | 006Chris Lewis joins EFF hosts Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien as they discuss how our access to knowledge is increasingly governed by "click-wrap" agreements that prevent users from ever owning things like books and music, and how this undermines the legal doctrine of “first sale” – which states that once you buy a copyrighted work, it’s yours to resell or give it away as you choose. They talk through the ramifications of this shift on society, and also start to paint a brighter future for how the digital world would thrive if we safeguard digital first sale. In this episode you’ll learn about: * The legal doctrine of first sale—in which owners of a copyrighted work can resell it or give it away as they choose—and why copyright maximalists have fought it for so long; * The Redigi case, in which a federal court held that the Redigi music service, which allows music fans to store and resell music they buy from iTunes, violated copyright law—and why that set us down the wrong path; * The need for a movement that can help champion digital first sale and access to knowledge more generally; * How digital first sale connects to issues of access to knowledge, and how this provides a nexus to issues of societal equity; * Why the shift to using terms of service to govern access to content such as music and books has meant that our access to knowledge is intermediated by contract law, which is often impenetrable to average users; * How not having a strong right of digital first sale undermines libraries, which have long benefited from bequests and donations; * How getting first sale right in the digital world will help to promote equitable access to knowledge and create a more accessible digital world. Christopher Lewis is President and CEO at Public Knowledge. Prior to being elevated to President and CEO, Chris served for as PK's Vice President from 2012 to 2019 where he led the organization's day-to-day advocacy and political strategy on Capitol Hill and at government agencies. During that time he also served as a local elected official, serving two terms on the Alexandria City Public School Board. Chris serves on the Board of Directors for the Institute for Local Self Reliance and represents Public Knowledge on the Board of the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG). Before joining Public Knowledge, Chris worked in the Federal Communications Commission Office of Legislative Affairs, including as its Deputy Director. He is a former U.S. Senate staffer for the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and has over 18 years of political organizing and advocacy experience, including serving as Virginia State Director at GenerationEngage, and working as the North Carolina Field Director for Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign and other roles throughout the campaign. Chris graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelors degree in Government and lives in Alexandria, VA where he continues to volunteer and advocate on local civic issues. You can find Chris on Twitter at @ChrisJ_Lewis Please subscribe to How to Fix the Internet via RSS, Stitcher, TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or your podcast player of choice. You can also find the Mp3 of this episode on the Internet Archive. If you have any feedback on this episode, please email You’ll find legal resources – including links to important cases, books, and briefs discussed in the podcast – as well a full transcript of the audio at Audio editing for this episode by Stuga Studios: Music by Nat Keefe: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.From Your Face to Their Database | 005 Control Over Users, Competitors, and Critics | 004 Closing a Loophole in the 4th Amendment | 003 Why Does My Internet Suck | 002 The Secret Court Approving Secret Surveillance | 001 ills facing the modern digital landscapeHow To Fix the Internet is a podcast mini-series from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that examines potential solutions to six ills facing the modern digital landscape. Over the course of 6 episodes, we'll consider how current tech policy isn’t working well for users and invite experts to join us in imagining a better future. Hosted by EFF’s Executive Director Cindy Cohn and our Director of Strategy Danny O’Brien, How to Fix the Internet digs into the gritty technical details and the case law surrounding these digital rights topics, while charting a course toward how we can better defend the rights of users.
Navigating Privacy4.2Thomas Besore privacycertification2varies Two: A Conversation with Phyllis CulbertsonWelcome to the second episode of Navigating Privacy.  We're still a bit rough around the edges, but now we've doubled our show count to two!  I hope you enjoy this unscripted call with Phyllis Culbertson were we discuss our history in law and computers, our current work and our plans for the future.Passing The Privacy Exams88These are conversations about privacy topics around the world. Global perspectives with local impact. Come sail away with me into uncharted waters. Contact me if you'd like to be on the show. I would enjoy your camaraderie and it would be great exposure for both of us.
EY UK Privacy and Data Governance Channe‪l‬4.1Paul Smith, Pragasen MorganErnst & Young privacydata governance330 min30 Life Realities: Taking back controlIn this fourth podcast, Paul Smith talks with Tom Andrews to learn about the solutions available to take back control of our personal data. Together they explore the benefits from both a consumer and a business point of view and discuss how this can build a more trusted relationship that brings benefits to both. Tom Andrews is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rightly, whose mission is to make it simpler and easier for consumers to have control over their personal data.The cloud conundru‪m‬ Global data privacy landscap‪e‬, governanceThis series of podcasts is aimed at data governance and privacy professionals. We interview experts from around the world to bring you stories, updates and tips on a range of exciting topics. This channel is hosted by EY’s UK Privacy and Data Governance Team, with new episodes posted quarterly.x
Clearly Cloud4.1Conrad Agramont, Sean Spicer privacycloud computing21150 min50 11 - Virtual Burning Man - Athena DemosWhat happens when the 70,000 person Burning Man festival has to adapt to the realities of 2020? In this Episode, we are joined by Athena Demos, one of the creators of BRCvr to find out how the Burning Man multiverse became one of the largest virtual reality events in history, and what it all means for accessability, inclusivity, and cloud communications. To learn more, visit, and support BRCvr, join them at BRCvr.orgEpisode 10 - Cloud Robotics - Ian Bernstein Episode 9 - The Dawn of Online Communities - Bruce Wyman Episode 8 - Legislating Artificial Intelligence - Ed Britan Episode 7 - Artificial Intelligence in Law Enforcement - Chris Piehota90the history of the cloud, real world impacts, and the future of cloud techThe Clearly Cloud Podcast covers the history, impacts, and future of cloud computing, across Azure, AWS, Google, Big Data, Public Policy, Privacy, philosophy and strategy.
Defending Digital3.8Chad WarnerDefending Digital privacyparentingcybersecurity56612 min12 Are You Getting So Much Spam? And How to Stop itWonder why you're getting so much spam? Learn how to prevent spam, and how to report it. Full post: GPS Watches for Kids: Know Where Your Child Is? Need Social Media Safety Tutorials? Smart Social Review How to Increase Android Security & Privacy How to Increase Windows 10 Security & Privacy Best Browser VPN: Is Your Web Traffic Protected? Best Portable Antivirus Scanners for Windows How Often Should You Change Your Password? Safety, Security & Digital ParentingInternet safety, security, and digital parenting tips. You'll learn about protecting kids online (cybersafety), and general digital security and privacy (for adults as well as kids). https://DefendingDigital.comx
That Privacy Podcast3.7Eduardo Ustaran, Alexis KateifidesOneTrust DataGuidance privacy750 min50 8 - EU privacy updatesIn this episode, Eduardo Ustaran, David Longford and Alexis Kateifides take a look at some of the latest privacy developments in Europe, including in relation to the proposed ePrivacy Regulation, cookies, Brexit and adequacy, international transfers and privacy in the pandemic.Episode 6 - Schrems II Reaction Episode 5 - Dialling in Episode 4 - Privacy in 2019 Episode 3 - Under The Lens - Privacy And Facial Recognition Episode 2 - A year on from the GDPR Episode 1 - The Age of Privacy, business and governmenThat Privacy Podcast features Eduardo Ustaran, Global co-head of the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Cybersecurity practice, David Longford, Emerging Markets Lead at OneTrust and Alexis Kateifides, Lead Privacy Counsel at OneTrust discussing the latest privacy issues affecting society, business and government alike.x
Cyber Task Force3.6Paul C Dwyer min60 Conversation with Paul Allen PR GuruA Conversation with Jacky Fox - Security Lead Accenture Ireland and Vice Chair of Cyber Ireland A Conversation to Mark Taylor - ICA International Compliance Association A Conversation with Leo Clancy - IDA A Conversation to Mary Cleary - ICS Irish Computer Society A Conversation with Lory Kehoe - Blockchain Ireland A Conversation with Mark Little - KinZen A Conversation with Michael Conway - Cyber Expo Ireland A Conversation with Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd A Conversation with Shane Britten CEO of CrimeStoppers International A Conversation with Ben Sapiro Global CISO93cybersecurityWe live in two worlds, the real world and the cyber world. Both worlds are interconnected and interdependent but very different. Different rules apply. We have no choice but to exist in both worlds. As innovation and digitalization accelerates, we need to understand the risks, consequences and safeguards necessary to safely protect businesses, people and society.Paul C Dwyer, President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force hosts the “Cyber Task Force” podcast. In each show, Paul discusses a new challenge with select guests. From innovation to cyber security and everything in between. We can go from the very very dark to the brightest of bright, so listener discretion is advised.Each guest offers unique insights, war stories, wisdom and a learning experience for the audience. This is the podcast for you, if you are interested in understanding how the two worlds interconnect, the challenges we face and how we can all play our part in making the cyber world a safer place to operate. Podcast Produced by ICTTF Ltd - Soundtrack "Out of the Dark Web, Into the Light" Copyright Dave Dwyer
Privacy Sigma Riders3.6Cisco privacycybersecurity21530 min3029-Apr-2019The Internet of Things Meets PrivacyJoseph Bradley, Cisco’s VP of Internet of Things, discusses the role of context in securing IoT, generating business value from IoT, and the skill sets needed to successfully drive IoT in the future.Can Oversharing Information be the Best Medicine? The Value Chain, Trust, and Lasagna Parents, Don’t Let Your Children be Victims Online Is the GDPR Already Obsolete‪?‬ Sigma Riders is essential listening for anyone interested in cybersecurity, data protection and privacy. Hosted by Cisco Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy and team, guest experts and innovators explore increasing the value of data with novel approaches to data privacy.x
Privacy Patriots3.5Hosts Fongaboo, Chuck Ritter, EJ privacy4th Amendmentpolitics161-2 hours90 14 – Pre-Holiday RoundtableKeyvis from RT4 Atlanta and Dennis from RT4 Milwaukee are joined by Mitch and Powderhorn to discuss California’s privacy proposition Prop 24, and much more…Episode 13 – Post-Election Roundtable Episode 12 – Privacy Patriots 2.095political and social policy issues regarding privacy and the 4th AmendmentHosts Fongaboo, Chuck Ritter, and EJ discuss political and social policy issues regarding privacy and the 4th Amendment in the digital age.
Daon Podcast Series3.5Martin WalshDaon identitydata privacy1718 min18 Trust and Identity in the Age of COVIDIn Episode 15 in the Daon Podcast Series, Ari Schuler, Daon's Vice President of Emerging Industries, explains how Daon marries identity technologies and personal health attributes to help lead businesses and organizations toward a faster, safer reopening.14: The Latest on FIDO2: Apple Touch ID and Face ID 13: Simple, Seamless Digital Customer Onboarding Thought Leaders Corner: Interview with Rana Bhattacharya, CTO of Atom bank 12: Bringing the Delight, Efficiency and Security to the Contact Center Thought Leaders Corner: Interview with Ashar Nazim, CEO of Aion Digital 11: A Culture of Innovation 10: What a No-Deal Brexit Means for Privacy Laws and Transfers of Personal Data 9: Multi-Factor Authentication: Explained 8: CCPA: the good, the bad, and the newly liable 7: Introducing Our New President of Emerging Markets, John Sanders 6: CEO Tom Grissen on the Emotion of Trust 5: The Science of Biometrics 3: All About FIDO and FIDO2 2: 5 Simple Rules for PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication Success 1: GDPR: Biometrics & Consent identityDaon has been the most trusted name in biometric identity assurance for nearly two decades and continues to break new ground as a biometric innovator, researcher, and turnkey solutions provider on six continents. Daon’s flagship platform IdentityX® sets the standard for multi-factor fusion and enables some of the world's most iconic brands to deliver the best customer digital experiences. In our new podcast series, hear from various Daon leaders on the latest trends and hot topics driving the identity industry.x
Privacy Law Podcast3.4William McLaughlin privacyprivacy pros4715 min15 6: CCPA vs. GDPRA comparison of the provisions and obligations of the CCPA and the GDPR.97If you are a privacy and data protection professional, or looking to gain subject matter knowledge in this exciting and rapidly developing field, then this is the podcast for you. Join William McLaughlin, an attorney and Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US), as he provides concise information and updates on data protection, consumer rights, and privacy laws and regulations.
Voices of Data Protection3.0Bhavanesh RengarajanMicrosoft governance315 min15 your Information Protection Program Across the EnterpriseIn this episode Bhavy speaks with John Cardarelli, Architect of the Information Protection Program at Microsoft aka Customer Zero within Microsoft's Data Protection initiatives. Listen in as John explains how his team of ten has scaled to protect over 200,000 employees at Microsoft, and the lessons that they've been able to share with customers throughout the past five years. 00:43 - Welcome and guest introduction 2:00 - Microsoft's journey as Customer Zero in Information Protection 5:25 - How Microsoft protects its data sets 8:22 - Recommendations for customers who would like to start their data protection journey 13:34 - The top three things that are most exciting about the Microsoft Compliance Suite, and the top three things that the Information Protection team is most looking forward to 17:17 - How managing the Information Protection needs of over 200,000 users has changed during the course of the pandemic Bhavanesh Rengarajan | LinkedIn [host] John Cardarelli | LinkedIn [guest] Microsoft Security | YouTube | Twitter | LinkedIn Microsoft Information Protection and Governance Microsoft Tech Community Security and Compliance Blog Subscribe to Voices of Data Protection at Listen and subscribe to other Microsoft podcasts at RSSComprehensive E-Discovery for Microsoft 365 Getting to know the Microsoft Information Protection and Compliance Customer Experience Team Starting your information governance and records management journey How information governance brings value to business Information protection strategies and roadmap Balancing data protection and productivity in the digital era Voices of Data Protection Trailer of Data Protection is a show about the latest processes and solutions to help you manage your data, keep it safe, and stay compliant. We talk with industry experts, leaders, and program managers from Microsoft to learn how digital transformation is accelerating the need for compliance, how organizations are navigating this new landscape, and learn best-in-class practices and solutions to get your organization started and bring compliance to the next level. Learn more by visiting the Microsoft Information Protection and Governance site.x
The Digital Digest3.0Joao Marques Lima, Alan Burkitt-Gray, Melanie MingasCapacity Media economytelecom / data center4035 min35 Digital Digest: a birthday episode special featuring breaking deals, open RAN advances, private networks in mines, and a VIP sharing GCA nomination tipsIn this episode of the Digital Digest, we roundup the biggest stories of the week from merger approvals to attending business events during a pandemic. Natalie brings us the breaking news on the O2/Virgin merger, explaining how and why the CMA made its decision. Elsewhere in telecoms, Jio is launching two new subsea cables; Arc and BSO have interconnected their networks for on-demand connectivity; and gaming is on track to become a $6 billion opportunity in the Middle East. Alan brings us a Hollywood-inspired explainer on AT&T's about-turnon content and why former activist investor, Elliott Management, could now be smiling. Following news this week from NEC and Rakutenwe catch up on the latest open RAN developments and, after a survey quantifies private network deployments, Alan explains why manufacturing and mining are driving the demand for private networks. In the world of data centres, Natalie talks new builds, acquisitions and micro edge following the news this week on Microsoft's $500 million Chicago build and DCI's $54 million Adelaide project. Also in data centres, Digital Colony has acquired Landmark Dividend in a $972 million deal and Schneider Electricsays it's all about the micro edge in Europe. Joining the conversation for our anniversary episode we welcome Capacity VIP Carl Roberts, partner at Hadaara Consulting, and head judge at the 2021 Global Carrier Awards. Carl has been on the ground at Capacity Middle Eastthis week and so reports back on the return to physical events, while also introducing the Global Carrier Awards 2021. Carl talks about the categories and judging process, and shares his nomination tips for this year's entrants. The Digital Digest: BICS talks NB-IoT, Aqua Comms is on the market, Verizon takes on gender disparity in the pandemic, and the latest data centre projects The Digital Digest: The GLF's IoT code; the story of FiBrazil; Equinix heads to Bordeaux; and Turbidite's plans for Asia, plus a look at what's to come for IWD The Digital Digest: JVs and deals in India's data centres, KKR ploughs more money into telecoms, reports claim DirecTV is up for sale, and a chip chat on Biden's silicon plans The Digital Digest: mixed fortunes in satellite; a new sustainable data centre in Moscow; and lots of new tower projects in Europe; plus Alan's dinner date with Intel The Digital Digest: Orange lands smart city contract; fibre news from Canada and Australia; internet traffic grows 40% and Equinix posts its financial results The Digital Digest: Airtel bows out of Ethiopia bid; Jassy leaves AWS; Teraco secures a multi-million-dollar investment; and Parler's data workarounds are called into question economy, telecom/data center marketThe Digital Digest is your weekly data centre and telecoms news roundup, brought to you by the editorial teams at Capacity and Data Economy and published every Friday.xx
Digital Forensics Files2.8Tyler HatchDFI Forensics forensics3530 min30 Hyde of Magnet Forensics Joins Tyler Hatch of DFI ForensicsJessica Hyde of Magnet Forensics joins Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics for this episode of The Digital Forensics Files Podcast! Jessica is an experienced forensic examiner in both the commercial and government sectors. She is currently the Director of Forensics at Magnet Forensics and an Adjunct Professor teaching Mobile Forensics in the graduate program at George Mason University, where she achieved an MS in Computer Forensics. Jessica is the host of Cache Up, a weekly podcast where she interviews digital forensics practitioners. She is also involved in several community efforts including as Chair of DFIR Review, 1st Vice President of the New York Metro High Tech Crime International Association Chapter, advisory board for Cyber Sleuths Lab, and a member of the Editorial Board for the Forensic Science International: Digital Investigations Journal. Her previous roles included performing forensic examinations as a Sr. Mobile Exploitation Analyst for Basis Technology, Senior at EY, and Senior Electrical Engineer at American Systems. Jessica is also proud to be a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.Is Sanctioning Victims of Ransomware A Good Strategy? Lawyer Sarah Anderson Joins Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics to Discuss It We're Talking About IT Service Providers With Jeff Detloff of Providence Consulting (Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics) Can Employees Get Fired Over Social Media Posts? Jeff Dettloff, Barb Holland and Theresa Kent of the Defeat The Breach Coalition Join Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics Commercial Litigator and Breach Coach, Brent Arnold of Gowlings Toronto, Joins Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics Wizer Inc. Is The FREE Cybersecurity Awareness Platform From Benevolent Entrepreneur Gabriel Friedlander Who Joins Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics In This Episode Get to Know Kimberley St. Pierre, A Vancouver Cyber Security Leader and Palo Alto Account Manager Kobalt Security Founder and Information Security Expert Michael Argast forensicsDiscussions with industry professionals and end users of our services on the latest developments and news in digital forensics, digital evidence, lawyers who work with digital evidence, privacy and data security law and cyber security/incident response. Hosted by Tyler Hatch, B.A., LL.B., CCFE CMFE, the founder and CEO of DFI Forensics (, a Canadian digital forensics and incident response firm.x
Privacy Insider2.8Justin AntonipillaiWireWheel privacyprivacy pros1640 min40 Privacy as a Human Right is Driving CCPA 2.0 along with new State & Federal LawsWireWheel CEO Justin Antonipillai talks with Jules Polonetsky, Chief Executive Officer of the Future of Privacy Forum, about the practical implications of privacy laws’ best intentions for consumers and for businesses. *About Jules* Internet privacy expert Jules Polonetsky is Chief Executive Officer of the Future of Privacy Forum. Jules has served as Chief Privacy Officer at AOL and at DoubleClick, as Consumer Affairs Commissioner for New York City, as a New York State legislator, a congressional staffer, and an attorney. from across industry focus on CCPAIn each episode of the Privacy Insider podcast, experts from across industry and academia come together to discuss hot-button issues and latest trends related to data privacy, data protection, upcoming regulations and more. For more information on WireWheel, visit
Inside Good ID1.9Jonathan TannerInside Good ID identitydigital privacydata & tech720 min20 to the "Inside Good ID" podcast seriesHost Jonathan Tanner welcomes listeners to the six-part Inside Good ID series and introduces the themes that will be explored through conversations with some of the world’s leading digital identity experts. Find out more about Good ID here: Follow us on Twitter: Brought to you by Omidyar Network, Caribou Digital and Unfold Stories.5. Paula Gil Baizan: Technology, identity and the humanitarian aid system 4. Edgar Whitley: Digital identity and trust 3. Titi Akinsanmi: Governments, public services and Good ID 2. Ken Banks: The potential of technology and digital identity 1. Manju George: What does "Good ID" look like? of digital IDInside Good ID explores the future of identification in a digital world. In each episode host Jonathan Tanner is joined by a digital identity expert to discuss everything from technology and emerging opportunities to ID policy and real life examples of digital identification in action. Find out more about Good ID here: Follow us on Twitter: Brought to you by Omidyar Network, Caribou Digital and Unfold Stories.x

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