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◈ Last edit: August 15, 2021
◈ 212 Frequent Guests on Privacy Podcasts
◈ From Jan 2020 to Aug 2021 

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Most Appearances on Unique Privacy-related Podcasts Since 2020

Debbie Reynolds Reynolds Consulting Please Privacy Podcast Global Podcast Network Data's Podcast - Project Privacy Podcast
Jeff Jockisch Diva Talks Privacy Data's Podcast Please Privacy Tech Pod Data Drop
Avishai Ostrin Pros Academy Diva Talks Privacy Privacy Podcast (Privacy & Data Talks) Please
Travis LeBlanc LLP Privacy Podcast Daily Protection Breakfast Club
Jules Polonetsky of Privacy Forum Protection Breakfast Club Insider Tech Pod Podcast
Richard Merrygold Podcasts Privacy Podcast Pros Academy
Bruce Schneier on Security National Privacy Leg Pod Podcast Security/Privacy w/ Privacy Prof
Ann Cavoukian Privacy & Security by Design - Project Privacy Podcast Bytes
Michelle Finneran Dennedy Data To Me! Privacy Markets
Thomas Besore Lawyer, CIPP/US/E/A/C/T5326Privacy Please Privacy
Geoff White Security Daily Diaries
Scott Giordano National Privacy Leg Pod Please
Ron Gula Tech Adventures Please Daily
Nishant Bhajaria Please - Project Privacy Podcast Advisor
Tash Whitaker, CIPM, FIP4315.25Serious Privacy Podcasts
Pedro Pavon GDPR Guy Diva Talks Privacy Privacy
Kim Zetter Journalist, Author3304.5CyberWire Daily Podcast
Rohan Light Labs3304.5Data Diva Talks Privacy AI
Carissa Veliz of Oxford Diva Talks Privacy protection and ICT Advisor
Nicole Perlroth York Times Podcast Diaries
Heather Federman Advisor Protection Breakfast Club
April Falcon Doss University Law Center Advisor Privacy Piracy (Privacy & Data Talks)
Alastair Mactaggart for Consumer Privacy Insider Unscripted Advisor
Troy Hunt I Been Pwned Daily
Rob Shavell Privacy Privacy Detective Paths
Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna of Privacy Forum Privacy Advisor Please
Eric Goldman Clara University School of Law Refactored Protection Breakfast Club Bytes
Kelly Finnerty Data Drop Diva Talks Privacy Please
Andy Dale GDPR Guy Said Privacy/He Said Security
Eric Cole Anchor Consulting Virtual CISO Podcast Privacy
Shoshana Rosenberg, SafePorter National Privacy Leg Pod Privacy Podcast Privacy
Daniel Solove Law School, TeachPrivacy National Privacy Leg Pod Insider Privacy
Thom Langford
Chris Cochran
Dave Bittner
John Verry
Allen Woods
Caitlin Fennessy
Cat Casey
David Sanger3212.5
Doug Austin3212.5
Gilbert Hill
Kevin Roose3212.5
Mathew Newfield3212.5
Nina Jankowicz
Peter Swire Tech3212.5
Robert Baugh
Marc Zamsky
Alexander Hanff
Ameesh Divatia
Andrew Hammond2202
Ashley Slavik
Aviv Grafi2202
Cash Butler2202
Dawid Jacobs
Dean Shapero2202
Dimitri Sirota2202
Dirceu Santa Rosa2202
Domingo DeGrazia2202
Drew Harwell2202
Edward Snowden2202
Elizabeth Wharton
Ellison Anne Williams2202
Graham Cluley2202
Greg Edwards2202
Helen Dixon
Hilary Wandall2202
Jack Rhysider2202
Jamie Brown2202
Jared Coseglia
Jenny Radcliffe
Jeremiah Grossman2202
Jessica Barker2202
Jessica Rich2202
Jim Manico2202
John Kindervag2202
Joseph Cox2202
Jurgen Van Staden2202
K Royal2202
Katie Arrington2202
Kenya Dixon2202
Kirk Nahra
Kurtis Minder2202
Liesyl Franz2202
Luca Cosentino
Michelle Madsen2202
Mike Bryant2202
Naomi Buckwalter2202
Naomi Lefkovitz2202
Neal Cohen2202
Paul Asadoorian2202
Paul Breitbarth
Paul Katzoff2202
Peter Singer2202
Punit Bhatia
Raghavan Chellappan2202
Rebecca Slaughter
Riana Pfefferkorn2202
Richard Hogg2202
Ruby Zefo
Sarah Clarke
Sophie Kwasny2202
Steven Waterhouse2202
Stuart Thompson2202
Suzan DelBene2202
Ted Harrington2202
TracyAnn Eggen2202
Vanessa Wu2202
Vivienne Artz
Wendell Jisa2202
Zach Dorfman2202
Zach Warren2202
Carey Lening
Maria Varmazis6151.75
Stephanie Ruhle6151.75
Eline Chivot5141.5
Mark Stockley5141.5
Aminatou Sow4131.25
Courtney Gibson4131.25
Ralph O'Brien4131.25
Zoe Kleinman4131.25
Baratunde Thurston3121
Casey Newton3121
Craig Williams3121
David McClelland3121
Herb Stapleton3121
Javier Mira3121
Jen Miller-Osborn3121
Mark Testoni3121
Nicola Fabiano3121
Nicolas Castellon3121
Rob Douglas3121
Robert Friedland3121
Abhinav Kumar2110.75
Andrew Burt2110.75
Andrew Ross Sorkin2110.75
Anna Brading2110.75
Barry Moult2110.75
Blair Heidenreich2110.75
Bob Eckel2110.75
Brittany Conley2110.75
Charity Wright2110.75
Chris Albrecht2110.75
Chris Casale2110.75
Chris Taylor2110.75
Christoph Balduck2110.75
Constantine Karbaliotis2110.75
Corinne Herzog2110.75
Dan Demers2110.75
Daniel Melin2110.75
Danielle Jacobs2110.75
David Ignatius2110.75
Dinah Davis2110.75
Elana Zeide2110.75
Emerald de Leeuw2110.75
Gage Mele2110.75
Gal Ringel2110.75
Georges Ataya2110.75
Giovanni Vigna2110.75
Hank Thomas2110.75
Iva Tasheva2110.75
James Dawson2110.75
James Jones2110.75
James McQuiggan2110.75
James Stavridis2110.75
Jason Boyce2110.75
Jason Passwaters2110.75
Jenai Nissim2110.75
Jennifer Salat2110.75
Joanna van der Merwe2110.75
Jodi Daniels2110.75
Joe Slowik2110.75
Jolynn Dellinger2110.75
Jose Belo2110.75
Kent Urwiller2110.75
Kiersten Todt2110.75
Kim Green2110.75
Kingsley Hayes2110.75
Marcio Cots2110.75
Mark Montgomery2110.75
Mark Sherwood-Edwards2110.75
Mary Rechtoris2110.75
Matt Davey2110.75
Maura Grossman2110.75
Michael Daniel2110.75
Michael Hamilton2110.75
Michael Santarcangelo2110.75
Neal Dennis2110.75
Nick Hart2110.75
Nick Henderson2110.75
Olivia Nuzzi2110.75
Paul Nicholson2110.75
Paul Rosenzweig2110.75
Ramkumar Ramachandran2110.75
Rob Masson2110.75
Roger Marlow2110.75
Rory Cellan-Jones2110.75
Ryan Carrier2110.75
Ryan Smith2110.75
Sanjay Gupta2110.75
Sanjeev Verma2110.75
Saurabh Gupta2110.75
Sergio Caltagirone2110.75
Simon Hinks2110.75
Stephen Hamilton2110.75
Stephen Massey2110.75
Sultan Meghji2110.75
Tom Jacobs2110.75
Tom Sasala2110.75
Toni Vitale2110.75
Yonatan Striem-Amit2110.75

Podcast Guest Tracking Methodology

Guest data is based on info from the Privacy Podcast dataset, which is not the entire universe of podcasts. It is a hand-curated dataset of over 100 privacy and privacy-related podcasts.

It’s possible that some guest data may have been missed, for several reasons:

  1. the guest information was missing from the podcast metadata,
  2. the extraction of the guest info from the metadata was lacking, or
  3. disambiguation issues prevented the numbers to total correctly.

However, I’ve done a lot to correct all three issues.

Top Guests on Privacy Podcasts

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