Data Broker DB

◈ Last edit: Apr 15, 2021
◈ 1450 Data Brokers tracked
◈ 188 data points

Data Broker Research

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The Modern Data Broker Landscape:

Data Broker Research:

The Data Broker DB has 188 fields broken into 4 major sectors.

Entity Data

‣ Entity Info (Names, DBAs, Parent Co, Related Orgs, Descriptions, CrunchBase Link)
‣ Keywords/Tags (from LinkedIn, CrunchBase, customer research)
‣ Size/EEs/Performance Data

Data Stewardship

‣ Privacy Issues (Data Breaches, FTC Issues, Law Enforcement Connections, Privacy Lawsuits)
‣ Privacy Links (Policy, Opt-Out, Do Not Sell, etc.)
‣ Registry Info (CA, VA, + CFPB, PRC Listing)


‣ Broker Class (People Search, Screening, Targeting, Monetizing)
‣ Broker Focus (Who do they sell to?)
‣ Info Services (What do they offer?)
‣ Industry Codes (SIC, NAICS)


‣ Location Data
‣ Web Properties
‣ Contact (Email, Phone)
‣ Social Links (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter + metadata)

Data Broker DB Preview

BrokerNameFoundOrgTypeConnectedSRCHSCRNTRGTMNTZSector1Sector2Sector3ServCRAService1Service2Service3IndustryGroupCrunchLinkEEsRevsAlexaRankAddressWebsiteFBLinkTWLinkLinkedInLinkDataBreachFTCConsentOrderYrLEOConnectPrivacy Lawsuits/IssuePrivacy Policy LinkOpt-Out LinkDo Not Sell LinkVARegCalRegCR21CalRegIn CRInPRCCFPBFree Report?AllTags

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