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It’s only a matter of time until every business is breached. That’s a statistical reality.
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PrivacyPlan offers three services:

Data for ALL Your Needs

  • Study for CIPP certification tests
  • Create compelling marketing content
  • Jumpstart your privacy research projects
  • Improve business rules and legal engines

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Reduce Risk!

  • Improve your data privacy practices
  • Prioritized remediation with best practices
  • Get insight for fast risk reduction
  • Save your business from the storm

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Intrusion Detection

  • Catch data breaches other systems miss
  • Works on employees stealing leads
  • Verifies your vendor relationships
  • Save thousands from unknown breaches

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Privacy Podcast Market Analysis: March 2021

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State Data Breach Notification Laws: Resources & Analysis

Risk of a Data Breach: Take action today and reduce your risk with a Breach Survival Kit.
Half of small businesses will have a SERIOUS data breach this year.
Ponemon, Capterra
Data breaches of small businesses rose 424% in 2018.
Indentity Breach Report 2019
43% of all data breaches target Small Businesses.
Breaches are Painful: This doesn’t need to be your fate.
Small and medium-sized businesses lose on average $120,000 per cyberincident.
83% of SMBs LACK THE FUNDS to deal with the repercussions of a breach.
Half of all small businesses will be OUT OF BUSINESS a year after their data is breached.
Sec.gov, Inc.com
Consumers are much more likely to file a LAWSUIT against a breached business.
50 States, 50 different compliance regulations, plus Federal, International. FINES often per day and customer. Reporting compliance depends on WHERE each customer resides.
CSR Privacy Regs