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We research and create datasets about data privacy to gain insight into the privacy landscape.
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PrivacyPlan offers three services:

Data for ALL Your Needs

  • Study for CIPP certification tests
  • Create compelling marketing content
  • Jumpstart your privacy research projects
  • Improve business rules and legal engines

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Bespoke Consulting

  • Are you in compliance w/ privacy regs?
  • Want custom data/research to highlight risks?
  • Need privacy expertise launching your product?
  • Have you minimized your breach risk?

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Data Privacy Education

  • Resources for IAPP Certification
  • Classes on Data Privacy
  • Custom Curriculum Development
  • Free Tools to Improve your Skills & Scores

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State Data Breach Notification Laws: Resources & Analysis

Latest Projects

Privacy-Enhancing Tech DB

A dataset of orgs that enhance privacy with a new taxonomy and metadata. Currently 1700+ orgs in five major sectors: Privacy Program Mgt, Enterprise Privacy, Privacy Engineering, Data Economy, Consumer Privacy. Soon to be accessible via the Data Collaboration Alliance. More info on this LinkedIn Post.


iOWN Data Breach Collab

A new effort to address the threat of cyber attacks using data collaboration technology. Can we incent organizations to self-report security incidents early and often if we give them anonymity and make available to them alerts and analytics about attacks previously unavailable?

Data Breach Collab

Privacy Coffeehouse

An initiative to bring the privacy community together not for just another webinar or sales pitch, but a truly communal conversation with no fixed leaders, speakers, or agendas. This is a joint effort of PrivacyPlan and Punit Bhatia, who also brings you the FIT4Privacy podcast.

Privacy Coffeehouse: virtual networking & information sharing for privacy professionals

Latest Speaking Engagments

Meru Data: Aug 4, 2021
Simplify for Success – Conversation with Jeff Jockisch
We cover privacy-enhancing tech, how better privacy might increase bias in AI with Priya Keshav.

Data Collaboration Alliance: July 23, 2021
Data Drop Panel for July 2021
(with Host Carey Lening)
Data Collaboration Alliance

Meru Data Interview
Jeff on Startpage
Data Drop Panel July
Risk of a Data Breach: Take action today and reduce your risk with a Breach Survival Kit.
Half of small businesses will have a SERIOUS data breach this year.
Ponemon, Capterra
Data breaches of small businesses rose 424% in 2018.
Indentity Breach Report 2019
43% of all data breaches target Small Businesses.
Breaches are Painful: This doesn’t need to be your fate.
Small and medium-sized businesses lose on average $120,000 per cyberincident.
83% of SMBs LACK THE FUNDS to deal with the repercussions of a breach.
Half of all small businesses will be OUT OF BUSINESS a year after their data is breached.
Sec.gov, Inc.com
Consumers are much more likely to file a LAWSUIT against a breached business.
50 States, 50 different compliance regulations, plus Federal, International. FINES often per day and customer. Reporting compliance depends on WHERE each customer resides.
CSR Privacy Regs