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Effectively Monitor for Data Theft by Hackers, Employees & Vendors.

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Tracer Records: Effectively Monitor for Data Theft by Hackers, Employees & Vendors

Data Security Hidden In Your Data

Low Conversion Rates or Theft of Sales Leads?

Your sales conversion rate has been lower the last several months and you don’t know why. Is your funnel boken or does someone have their thumb on the scale?

Data Breach Rogue | Employee Siphoning Leads
  • You generate a Tracer Record with the unique email
  • You insert the Tracer into your sales database.
  • Someone steals customer data and sends product offers to Joe.
  • We alert you that your Tracer is hot and marketing services similar to yours. The offers are from your arch rival.

Without a Tracer Record in place, it’s possible you would have never known your data was being stolen. Unless your customers experience fraud, they have no reason to speak up. Stolen leads dont know one pitch from another. Once taken, who knows where your data will end up? With a Tracer in place, you have business intelligence.

  • Your investigation finds that an employee was selling your leads to a competitor.
  • With this information and the documentation of the Tracer, you settled with your competitor and they paid you off rather than go to court.

Data protection can affect your business in many ways. It’s not just about consumer privacy rights.

The Hack We Never Knew About

Sometimes you’ve been breached, and you don’t know it. Hackers can be in your files for long periods of time undetected.

If you don’t realize your systems have been penetrated, you can’t fix them, and you continue to bleed data and profit.

Data Breach Rogue | Hacker BalckHat
  • You generate a Tracer Record with the unique email
  • You insert the Tracer in your marketing database.
  • Someone hacks your system and takes your data, but your financial data and passwords are encrypted – they haven’t been able to do much.
  • They sell your 30k customer records with email addresses to a spammer.
  • We alert you that an unknown entity hit your Mary Tracer Record with spam for a sunglasses offer.

Up to this point, you didn’t realize you had a breach. The hacker has been careful. Your security software was good, the hacker got around it. Your customers haven’t realized anything is up. Critical information has not been compromised, but now you really need to investigate, because:

  • No one in the world knows about the Mary email address – it’s a Tracer Record. You know you have a data breach

The Untrustworthy Vendor

Giving all of your data to a processor require a lot of trust. Sometimes that trust is misplaced.

Data Breach Rogue | Fernegi Vendor Dishonors Contract
  • You generate a Tracer with the unique email and unique phone 614-999-1234.
  • You insert the Tracer in your Customer database.
  • You send this data to your processor to augment as part of a routine batch upload.
  • The next week we receive email and phone hits to the CEO Tracer.
  • We alert you that someone is marketing to CEO Tracer.

Since your Privacy Policy guarantees your clients that you will not sell their contact information, you have a problem. With the evidence we present, you are able to prove that your processor is stealing your data. You cancel your contract and file a lawsuit, ultimately settling for a large payout.

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The Ways People Will Abuse Your Data Are Endless

Just since launch, Tracer Records have exposed pretty strange antics. We are always interested in your security reports and your feedback, but exposes can be a laugh too, once the threat has been averted. Submit anonymized anecdotes here: PrivacyPlan Tracer Antics Submission.

We hope to release a large list by the end of the year, for now, the best one we have heard so far:

A small medical office using our Tracers caught an employee red-handed. He was not a conventional data thief. He accessing identities, adding prescriptions to those patient records, and then filling them himself by acting as a family member since he had all the relevant personal info. A Tracer Record tripped him up.