Tracer Records

Effectively Monitor for Data Theft by Hackers, Employees & Vendors.

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Tracer Records: Effectively Monitor for Data Theft by Hackers, Employees & Vendors

Data Security Hidden In Your Data


Detect Unknown Breaches

Tracer Records detect data breaches other security sysytems miss.

Tracer don’t rely on keeping hackers out of your system or noticing a theft occured. Instead, Tracers act as security concealed inside your data. We alert you when anyone attempts to contact/monetize the Tracer Records you insert into your databases.

Identify Breaches Earlier

Tracer Records provide early detection by creating virtual tripwires. When an unknown person contacts a Tracer Record – a record only you know about – we know that contact is unauthorized.

When your data is stolen, Tracer Records can identify the problem. Without a Tracer, you might never know your clients/patients/leads are being contacted.

Catch Employee Data Theft

Employees are involved in 1/3 of data breaches. While most of that involvment is unwitting some of it is intentional.

Protecting your data from people that you have given system credentials is particularly problematic. Tracer Records are a great solution.

Track & Prosecute Bad Actors

Tracer Records help in the identification and prosecution of bad actors. Tracers allow tracking and identifiers in Tracers allow scanning of the DarkWeb and DeepWeb.

Tracers are documented so you have 3rd-party corroboration for use in court.

Monitor Vendor Systems

Vendors are now involved in half of all data breaches.

Using Record Tracers adds security to your systems, but it also adds that same security to their systems, because our security is embedded in your data. If they make a mistake, you’ll know.

Ensure Vendor Compliance

Short of an actual breach, data processors can act and do act in violation of your privacy policy and TOS. You still get the blame, especially in our new privacy-sensitive world.

Validate your vendors with Tracer Records.

Tracer RecordTracer Records are intrusion detection from an unfamiliar angle. Typical countermeasures try to keep intruders out or look for their signatures, anomalies, and footprints. Tracer Records hide inside of your data; they are simple and unexpected.

When a data theft occurs, organizations are often unaware, frequently for a while, sometimes forever. Tracer records can remedy that knowledge gap. They improve your intelligence about data breaches, but more than that, Tracers let you know who is walking off with your data and provide additional ammo for prosecution.

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How Do Tracer Records Work?


A Tracer is generated containing unique profile information. The primary elements of a Tracer include a monitored email address and a monitored phone number. All of the elements of the Tracer together form an artificial record.

Email Tracer Phone Tracer First Last Org Street City ST ZIP Other
Tracer 206-528-5487 Ariana Searcy Nordstrom 326 Beech Ave Edison NJ 08817 Dog



You insert the Tracer into your data.

Add the Tracer Records to your Customer database, your Employee database, your newsletter email lists, your database of leads, etc.


We monitor for any intrusion and send you alerts if anything happens.

Remote scanning of the Dark Web and Deep Web coming soon.

Tracer Records are patent-pending & only available here.
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