Tracer Pricing

Effectively Monitor for Data Theft by Hackers, Employees & Vendors.

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Tracer Records: Effectively Monitor for Data Theft by Hackers, Employees & Vendors

Data Security Hidden In Your Data

Tracer Record Subscription Plans
  Tracer Count
Tracer Count 5 Pack 10 Pack 15 Pack
Generate Tracers Automatically
Generated Tracers
  Create Customized Tracers
  Monitored Email Tracers
Email Tracers: Monitoring
  Scanning for Email Tracers
  Monitored Phone Tracers
Phone Tracers: Monitoring
  Scanning for Phone Tracers
  Receive Breach Alerts
Breach Alerts
  Receive Forensic Incident Reports
  Document Your Tracers on the Blockchain
  Access an Executive Tracer Dashboard
  Use Self-Assist Page
Self-Assist Page
  Use Email Support
Email Support
  Receive Priority Support
Priority Support
  Limited Chat/Phone Support
Chat/Phone Support

All Tracer Record packages include:

  • Monitored email addresses and phone numbers
  • Complimentary forensic incident reports
  • Continuous Email support
  • Access to our Tracer Intelligence reports