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Privacy Spikes: Intrusion Detection
Spikes hide in your data. Keep them secret.

How Do I Insert My Spikes?

Spikes can be inserted in a variety of ways. It really doesn’t matter how they get into your files.

Insert the SpikeAdd Spikes to your Customer database, your Employee database, your newsletter email lists, etc. You can add Spikes by simply pretending to be a customer. Or get technical and insert them into a database at the table level.

Pick a Data Source

You can put Spikes anywhere. Here are a few data sources common to small businesses:

  • CRM
    • Salesforce
    • HubSpot
    • Zoho
    • Insightly
  • Email Marketing
    • MailChimp
    • Get Response
    • Constant Contact
    • Sendy
  • Lead Database
  • Employee Database
    • Gusto
    • Bamboo
    • Zenefits
    • Zoho People
  • Accounting Program
    • QuickBooks
    • FreshBooks
Data Source

You can also put Spikes directly into your Spreadsheets if you use them to store data locally or in the cloud. Spike can go anywhere you have data.

Pick an Entry Method

As a Customer

Insert the Spike like a New Record

      • If it’s a sales system, create a sale
      • If it’s a newsletter subscription, sign up for the newsletter
      • If it’s a membership system, add a member

Inserting a Spike into an employee database or accounting database can be more complex. Make sure you understand how they work.

As Customer Service

Insert records with an Add/Edit function
Depending on your software, you might be able to simply add a new record. For instance:

    • Add a new contact in Salesforce
    • Add a new supplier in Quickbooks
    • Add a new client in MailChimp

As a Developer

Insert Spikes on the Table level
If you have the knowledge, access, and resources, you can insert the Spikes directly into most databases.

Security Spike Best Practices

Tell As Few People As Possible About Spikes

If a data thief finds out about your spike they may be able to avoid it. It’s sad to think that some bad actors come from inside our organizations, but its a statistical fact.

Insert More Than One Spike In Each Data Source

When data is stolen, you never know what the thief is seeking. They may only be interested in certain segments of your customer base. Adding more Spikes increases your chance of a hit in these types of thefts.

When a Spike is created, we are creating an artificial identity. The goal is to make that identity appear real. Data thieves are not in general overly discerning; they look to grab big chunks of data containing personally identifiable data. Yet sometimes random identities can look a little ‘off.’ This might mean a data thief skips the record when selling it or marketing to it. Or a data cleansing program might delete it before a mass marketing attempt. While these scenarios are not likely, inserting more than one Spike increases your odds of catching a perpetrator.

Be Careful With HR and Accounting Data

A Spike could create a problem if you inserted it into a system you didn’t understand. Systems that affect legal and tax information, in particular, are a concern. If you don’t understand the intricacies of your accounting and/or HR system, DON’T insert Spikes into these systems without assistance. For instance:

  • When entering info in an accounting system, avoid adding any debits or credits related to the entry.
  • When entering into an HR system avoid entering EEOC data.
    • Other data points could also be problematic if they initiate your payroll system or background checks, etc.

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Flow Chart of Security Spikes™

Security Spike Flow Chart
Download a PDF of the Security Spikes™ Flow Chart

Sample 5-Spike Generation Sheet

 Spike 1  Spike 2  Spike 3  Spike 4  Spike 5
 Phone  206-528-5487  832-452-0643  315-273-5586 209-606-4738  914-379-5100
 First  Ariana  Bryson  Corrine  Derek  Emma
 Last  Searcy  Johnson  Marcellus  Barbosa  White
 Company  Ulbrich  Trak Auto  Flipside Records  Hamady Bros. Markets  Bresler
 Street  326 Beechwood Avenue  1132 Elliot Avenue  1601 Buckhannan Avenue  3986 Grasselli Street  1332 Pallet Street
 City  Piscataway  Seattle  Carthage  Dover  White Plains
 State  New Jersey  Washington  New York  New Hampshire  New York
 ZIP  08854  98115  13619  03820  10601
 Other  Taekwondo  SSN 125-26-9843  Married, with children  WU MTCN: 7399116037  Capricorn