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Certify your data privacy practices with CSR Readiness®. Our online assessment will help you reduce data breach risk with targeted recommendations and best practices. It's the simplest road to self-certification.

Privacy Certification: Risk Reduction

Why Use Our Risk Reduction Service?

Decreasing Your Risk of Breach Can be Easy

Many elements of risk reduction are cheap and easy – we just have to identify what those elements are for your business. CRS Readiness® does just that. It analyzes how you handle Personally Identifiable Information based on a comprehensive self-assessment. It then helps you decide where you can best focus your precious resources to decrease your risk.

Your Customers Want to Be Reassured

Customers today worry more and more about the privacy of their data. They may not leave because of your practices, but they are concerned. What’s crucial is being proactive so your customers know that you care. A thoughtful privacy policy, a plan for handling/storing/destroying PII, a certification that you have examined your privacy practices: each of these can go a long way toward reassuring customers and even dissuading lawsuits should you have a security incident.

You Will Save Money

Data breaches can be so expensive that they kill a business. So reducing your risk is crucial. Simple changes in how you run your business can cut your risk of a breach substantially. These changes can also improve your cybersecurity insurance rates. Readiness can help with proven strategies and best practices.

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Breach Reporting is a member service. It works like insurance.
Get on board now BEFORE your breach occurs.

Why Is It So Risky for Small Businesses Today?

Data Breaches Are Much More Likely

The number of breaches grows every year. Threats come from outside and from within. Many breaches are simply accidents – lost phones, emails sent to the wrong person, files left unprotected. Over 50% of small businesses will be breached this year.

82% of small businesses think they are not a target. Most believe they have no data of value to steal. They are almost always wrong. If you have customers, if you receive payments, if you have employees or contractors, you own valuable personal data known as PII and you should be protecting it from a breach.

Breach Trends Breaches Up 50+% Breached 82% Wrong

Consumer Privacy Rules are Getting Tougher

GDPR changed the privacy game in a fundamental way. California just passed CCPA. All 50 states have their own regulations statutes. Privacy is so hot an issue and so bipartisan, the Feds are contemplating another layer.

There are specific privacy rules for banking (Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act), healthcare (HIPAA), and children (COPPA).

GDPR CCPA All 50 States What’s Next?

Breach Lawsuits Are Getting Very, Very Easy

The threat of a lawsuit has always been a burden on businesses. Lawsuits about data breaches are particularly problematic today. Here’s why:

Lawsuits generally require proof of harm to proceed. Recent court rulings on data breaches have nullified this requirement. This means that if you have a breach, every person affected can file suit against you. It’s not a pleasant thought. This outcome would kill most small businesses.

Data Breach Litigation Trends Easier Standing is Here to Stay

CSR Readiness has been purchased by over 100,000 businesses.

It can reduce your risk of a data breach too.

How Does CSR Readiness® Work?

An online questionnaire is used to determine the current state of your business.

You answer a series of questions to determine your data privacy practices. We call this a gap analytic because our engine determines where you are compared to where the latest industry standards want you to be.

Questions come from five primary domains: Privacy, Security, Compliance, Incident Response, Governance.

Machine scoring is done with proprietary algorithms. Remediation tasks are then prioritized.

The algorithms are based on data life cycle management regulations – state, federal, and foreign.

Remediation tasks are designed to improve your position. Each task is scored in each domain and prioritized (high/medium/low) overall to show where you should put your attention to get the best impact. In addition, remediation tasks are always designed for the economically sensitive environment.

Once you complete all remediation tasks, your self-certification is complete.

You receive your Certificate of Completion, valid for one year, as well as code you may add to your website that enables an ID Stay Safe seal.

Flow Chart of CSR Readiness®

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