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Sign your Independent Contractor Form. You will need pre-approval and a password from us to access it.

Call Jeff at (772) 281-5360 discuss a partnership.

Verify Your Email

Until you verify your email, you are not an partner. This verification is required to proceed.

Submit Your Domains

Any website or social page you use that will host marketing materials linking back to PrivacyPlan needs to be registered with us. Submit them initially on your profile page.  If you have additional URLs later, email us.

Understand How To Link

Link to us by adding this code to the end out our URLs: /sid/<your ID>
If your PartnerID was “org11” your links would look like this:

  • Landing Page:
  • Breach Reporting Page:
  • Breach Reporting Checkout:
  • Pricing Page:

You may want to link to different pages on the PrivacyPlan website depending on what ad the visitor clicks and how qualified they are. In general, the Landing Page is the best destination as it assumes the least knowledge.

Raul - OwnerElite Automotive Repair - Stuart, FL

Breach Reporting is a member service. It works like insurance.
CSR Readiness is a quick way to reduce risk.


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