Tracer Pricing

Effectively Monitor for Data Theft by Hackers, Employees & Vendors.

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Tracer Records: Effectively Monitor for Data Theft by Hackers, Employees & Vendors

Data Security Hidden In Your Data

Tracer Record Subscription Plans
  Tracer Count
Tracer Count Up to 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Generate Tracers Automatically
Generated Tracers
  Create Customized Tracers
  Monitored Email Tracers
Email Tracers: Monitoring
  Scanning for Email Tracers
  Monitored Phone Tracers
Phone Tracers: Monitoring
  Scanning for Phone Tracers
  Receive Breach Alerts
Breach Alerts
  Receive Forensic Incident Reports
  Document Your Tracers on the Blockchain
  Access an Executive Tracer Dashboard
  Use Self-Assist Page
Self-Assist Page
  Use Email Support
Email Support
  Receive Priority Support
Priority Support
  Limited Chat/Phone Support
Chat/Phone Support

All Tracer Record packages include:

  • Monitored email addresses and phone numbers
  • Complimentary forensic incident reports
  • Continuous Email support
  • Access to our Tracer Intelligence reports