Your data is under attack:

Hackers. Employees. Vendors.

Access battle-tested tools with over 100K businesses already enrolled. PrivacyPlan’s Breach Survival Kit.

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Data Breach Survival Kit

Our Breach Survival Kit includes three compelling services.


CSR Readiness®

Readiness | Rapid Risk Reduction for Data Breaches

Risk Reduction

  • Improve your data privacy practices
  • Online assessment + AI-analysis
  • Prioritized remediation with best practices
  • The best insight, the fastest risk reduction
  • Do it at your own speed, alone or together
  • Save your business from the storm

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ESX Awards for CSR Readiness


Tracer Records

Tracer Records | Use artificial data to catch bad actors

Intrusion Detection

  • Monitor for data theft
  • Detect unknown breaches
  • Identify data breaches earlier
  • Catch employee data theft
  • Track & prosecute bad actors
  • Monitor vendor systems & compliance

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Security Spikes are patent pending


Breach Reporting

Breach Reporting | A Panic Button for Your Compliance Needs


  • Fulfill legal obligations when breached
  • World-class IAPP-certified privacy experts
  • 24/7/365 hotline with 2 hour SLA
  • We handle your compliance reporting
  • Save thousands on lawyers, consultants
  • Trusted by 100k SMBs

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Awards for Breach Reporting

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Breach Survival Kits secure businesses of ALL sizes.


0-5 Employees


includes 5-pack of Spikes


6-10 Employees


includes 10-pack of Spikes


11-25 Employees


includes 15-pack of Spikes


26-50 Employees


includes 20-pack of Spikes

More than 500 employees? Request a Call for pricing.
Organizations with 100+ employees can receive as many as 200 Spikes upon request.
A Data Breach is Heading Your Way…
Half of small businesses will have a SERIOUS data breach this year.
Ponemon, Capterra
Data breaches of small companies rose 424% in 2018.
Identity Breach Report 2019
43% of all data breaches target Small Businesses.
It’s Going To Be Costly…
Small and medium-sized businesses lose on average $120,000 per cyberincident.
83% of SMBs LACK THE FUNDS to deal with the repercussions of a breach.
Half of all small businesses will be OUT OF BUSINESS a year after their data is breached.,
Consumers are much more likely to file a LAWSUIT against a breached business.
50 States, 50 different compliance regulations, plus Federal, International. FINES often per day and customer. Reporting compliance depends on WHERE each customer resides.
CSR Privacy Regs
Act Now. Avoid Pain.        Let’s Do it!

Rogues & Dupes: Data Breach Participants

Breach Survival Kits are designed for ease of use.

Easy Setup

Breach Reporting:
Requires no setup. Once you purchase, you are registered. Just call our toll-free hotline to report any suspected breaches.

Tracer Records:
Tracers can be implemented quickly and easily with no technical knowledge. Utilize Tracers in a variety of ways to increase your data security.
Tracer implementation guide.

CSR Readiness:
Readiness generates a prioritized list of remediation tasks based on your answers to a questionnaire on data handling. The process and best practices allow rapid risk reduction.

Stellar Support

Breach Reporting:
24/7/365 Call Center with a 3-hour guaranteed callback window.
Nights and holidays included.

Tracer Records:
24-hr Email support.
Phone and chat support available during limited weekday hours.

CSR Readiness:
An on-demand system with 99% uptime.
24-hr Email support.

PrivacyPlan will make every effort to support our customers and make them successful.

Need data privacy consulting? We have experts. From Readiness help to certified Data Privacy Officers.