Data Breach Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers have a lot to lose in a breach.

They store sensitive data and must comply with complex regualtions like HIPAA in addition to 300 other data breach regulations.

Meanwhile, they are under attack from inside and without.

Data Breach Survival Kit

How Breach Survival Kits Help Healthcare Providers

Tracer RecordHealthcare organizations have a big target on them. They need to do everything they can to protect PHI. 

Our Breach Survival Kit is designed to reduce the risk of a breach, to identity breaches faster, and to comply with breach reporting requirement effectively. We haven’t met a healthcare organizations that didn’t need at least one of our services. Many need 2. A lot need all 3.


Cut Risk

CSR Readiness reduces your data breach risk fast.

CSR Readiness is an award-winning online assessment that combines years of research with aritificial intelligence, prioritized remeditiation, and data privacy best practices. It’s a highly effective way to assess your organization and prove that you have taken action to protect client data.

Improve Compliance

Our Breach Reporting Service puts world-class data privacy experts in your camp.

When you have a suspected breach, a panel of certified experts gived you a written opinion on reportatbily of your event. If the event meets the harm threshhold, they file all necessary compliance reports for you.

Monitor Employees/Vendors

Our patented Tracer Records are the latest in Intrusion Detection.

Tracer Records not only protect you, they also catch data theft by employees and vendors. By acting like marked currency, Tracers can catch breaches other other security would miss. They hide INSIDE your data and protect in new ways.

Cut Breach Risk. Improve Privacy Compliance. Monitor Employees & Vendors. 

Breach Survival Kits secure businesses of ALL sizes.


0-5 Employees


includes 5-pack of Spikes


6-10 Employees


includes 10-pack of Spikes


11-25 Employees


includes 15-pack of Spikes


26-50 Employees


includes 20-pack of Spikes

More than 500 employees? Request a Call for pricing.
Organizations with 100+ employees can receive as many as 200 Spikes upon request.