Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Purchase Breach Survival Kit
    Purchase bronze credits - /checkout-spike
  2. Enter Spike manually - /privacy-spike-generation
    Auto-generate Spikes - /privacy-spikes-assist - this batches five at a time (non-Trial)
  3. Download Spikes - /privacy-spikes-assist - and enter in your system

Common Operations/Tasks Here: /privacy-spikes-assist

This includes A. Checking available credits B. Retrieving your password

For anything else please email us at spike@privacyplan.net

Please note: The link prefix is https://privacyplan.net

Tracer records are artificial identities - personas created using unique identifiers that can be scanned for, monitored, and potentially traced. A Tracer is generated. This information is then inserted into your database.  Currently, you designated and then forward the tracer fields (email and/or phone) to PrivacyPlan for monitoring.  In the next major release of Tracer Records, generated email aliases will be available for you. 

If someone uses the unique identifier, we alert you. If we fnd the unqiue identifier in a scan, we alert you.

The alert can indicate a breach if the system you inserted it into was cold. Alternatively, if you inserted it into a live sales lead database, it may indicate legitimate marketing activity.

Tracers can be used to test how well data vendors are abiding by your contract terms.


Breach reporting is a member service.  Members can call a hotline staffed by certified privacy professionals anytime they suspect a data breach.
Certification is based on a specialized online risk assessment questionnaire. It generates a set of prioritized remediation tasks designed to reduce your risk of a breach. Best practices are available to help move you forward. Once you have completed the tasks, your certification is complete.



When you receive an alert you use the links to unsubscribe. To re-enable an alert use this screen. Enter the information from the original email, select 'turn on' and press submit.

The average cost of a breach to small business is over 100k. One in two businesses are hit. Most businesses go out of business within a year of being hit.

Our services are designed to be easy to use but the privacy issues they address are complex. We offer consulting to bridge the knowledge gap.