Affiliate Program

The PrivacyPlan Affiliate Program is based on revenue sharing. The affiliate (you) drives qualified traffic to (us) in exchange for commissions. When your visitors click thru to our website and complete a purchase, you get a commission.

PrivacyPlan Affiliate Program

PrivacyPlan Advantages

First Cookie Attribution

If you are the first cookie on the client’s machine, you win the business if they sign up with PrivacyPlan. Our 999-day cookie life means you own that customer. Once they purchase a subscription, you get the commission for the lifetime for the customer. We will work hard to make sure you get credit for every sale you touch. That kind of commitment is hard to beat.

20% Commission Ongoing

You earn 20% of the subscription for the lifetime of the customer. As long as that customer keeps a subscription and you remain an affiliate in good standing, you receive the 20% commission! As a bonus, rack up at least 250 concurrent active customers, and we will pay you 25% on ALL of them, not just the new ones.

Quick Sign Up

All applications receive an instant pre-approval so you can start fast!

Regular Paychecks!

Once the sales start rolling in, you receive commission payments twice a month on the 10th and the 24th. Plan your life out with a steady income stream. We pay via PayPal or wire transfer.

Sell The Future

Data privacy issues are not going away. Businesses have to deal with them. PrivacyPlan has great services at great prices and more are on the way!

Raul - OwnerElite Automotive Repair - Stuart, FL

Breach Reporting is a member service. It works like insurance.
Privacy Certification is a quick way to reduce risk.

How It Works

Register & Agree to Terms

Register with us and agree to the terms of our affiliate agreement. It’s similar to most affiliate agreements.

Do Your Thing!

Market data privacy to your customer base or to other niches you understand. We will help with some approved logo and other materials.

Earn Real Money

We pay out 20% to 25% depending on your volume. This commission lasts for the lifetime of the customer if you remain an affiliate in good standing. As your volume increases, you can earn a greater percentage on your existing customers! View the payout scale.
250 sales of our Privacy Bundle can give you a $30K/yr rev stream.
At 2100 sales, your yearly income could over $250K!