About PrivacyPlan

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Data privacy may be the defining consumer issue of this decade. Data breaches are multiplying. The Internet of Things has arrived. Hackers are no longer just in the shadows. Customers who were complacent are becoming fed up with identity theft. Court precedents are shifting. Consumers are suing over breaches in record numbers, individually and in class actions.

Privacy isn’t an IT issue, it’s a strategic business issue. It affects every organization no matter the size. If you run a bank or own a hotdog stand, you should be thinking about privacy.

CSR LogoWe built PrivacyPlan to bring effective privacy solutions to business owners. Our first priority is to market offerings from CSR Privacy Services. They provide incredible value to organizations with Breach Reporting and Risk Reduction services.

CSR has impeccable credentials in the world of data privacy and certifications of every sort from IAPP. They routinely keynote at international conferences on privacy and consult on privacy for Fortune 500 brands you would recognize.

PrivacyPlan is an initiative of CWS Alliance, LLC.